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Ethics of Reality TV

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Reality tv - ZK

  2. 2. CONTENTSMedia EthicsReality TVEffects Of Reality TVImpact On The ContestantsResponsibilitiesSolutionsConclusion
  3. 3. MEDIA ETHICS Deals with ethicalprinciples and standards of media including broadcastmedia, film, theatre, art , print media and
  4. 4. Broadcasting Media- Reality TV– Genre Presenting: • Unscripted dramatics: talk shows or interviews (Maachis) • Humorous situations: candid cameras or game shows (Tariq Aziz Show) • Documenting actual events: investigation programs (Crime Scene, F.I.R) • Job oriented: beneficial for future (Master Chef)– Features Ordinary People: • exotic locations or abnormal situations– Sometimes Contest: Prize Awarded • Fear Factor • Nachle • Bigg Boss etc.
  5. 5. Reality TV Effects – CHILDREN• Children following reality shows – Risking lives for adventures/suicides• Explicit language adoption• Brain development issues• Fear and trauma– isolation, sleeping and psychological problems• Negative behavior templates -> High crime rates• Aggressive behavior• No physical outdoor activities
  6. 6. Reality TV Effects – ADULTS • No interest in watching dance shows. • Stunt or Paranormal activity programs can lead to health issues. • Aversion on humiliating programs – candid camera. • Explicit language and exposed clips can be disliked. • Disregard to decency can result in bad opinions.
  7. 7. IMPACT ON THE CONTESTANTS• Acts are distressing or humiliating.• Refusal may lead to eviction, criticism by fellow contestants or losing a privilege.• Repute and career at stake. Prospect of fame, celebrity interviews, pictures in glossy magazines and invitations to glamorous parties may lure them towards risking their lives!• Loss of their beloved or special occasions are missed• Fights after the whole show ends are usual.
  8. 8. Responsibility Of Reality TV Advertisers and Producers Advertisers should NOT underwrite or support any program that would promote humiliation, embarrassment, sufferings or harm to people. Producers and editors should work professional considering ethical standards of media and NOT MONEY OR POWER!
  9. 9. Responsibility Of Reality TV Contestants• No signing for any release that would risk their life for fun or profit• Children are sensitive/emotional – not to be sent till 15• Contestants participate at their own risk: – Reality Show Became Cruelty Show: Clear Men Reality Show • Saad Khan dies in a water stunt task. • Life jackets made optional for the task. • Body found: 30 mins after drowning. • Unilever took no responsibility.
  10. 10. Responsibility Of Reality TV Viewers• Watch shows that give a positive impact on people like quiz shows, game shows etc. (Are You Smarter Than 5th Grade) PROMOTE LEARNING AND EDUCATING SHOWS OTHER THAN RISKY, UNETHICAL AND DANGEROUS SHOWS.• Children must be sent away if adults watching Reality TV show.
  11. 11. Strict Actions On Humiliation Not As Showing Bizarre Entertainment Criminal Actions Or BehaviorsChannels That GlorifySuch Activities Should Parental Control Is Must Refrain From Being Aired Promotion Of Pro-social Penalty And Reality TV Shows LikePunishments For Such Merriam WebmasterReality TV Shows That And National Spelling Promote Violence Bee Competition.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION• Where is the REALITY? – Criticism: Situations altered to make them attractive and interesting• Moral Responsibility Care• Its high time for Reality TV CODE OF ETHICS!
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