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Duties of a Sub-editor (Media and Communication) -ZK


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Duties of a Sub-editor (Media and Communication) -ZK

  1. 1.  Sub-editor, copy-editor or sub  “Rolls Royce mechanics”  Corporate all rounder
  2. 2. Professional presentation of your own work
  3. 3.  Responsible for ensuring that the tone, style and layout of final copy matches the publication's house style and suits the target market.  Processing all the copy before it is published to ensure that it is grammatically and factually correct and readable well.
  4. 4.  They lay out the story on the page, write headings and may be involved with overall page design.  Gives finishing touch to the to-be-published material.
  5. 5.  He dresses the news and the information that it contains to make it attractive and interesting to the readers.  He turns the dry dull facts or information into attention-grabbing and readable one.
  6. 6.  Ensures accountability, responsibility and professionalism in the organization and furnishes accurate news.  Great command over language and is very diplomatic.
  7. 7.  Editing copy, written by reporters or features writers, to remove spelling mistakes and grammatical errors;  Rewriting material so that it flows or reads better and adheres to the house style of a particular publication;  Ensuring that a story fits a particular word count by cutting or expanding material as necessary;  Writing headlines that capture the essence of the story or are intellectual or amusing;  Writing stand firsts or 'sells' (brief introductions which sum up the story, underneath the headline);
  8. 8.  Liaising/communicating with reporters or journalists to clarify facts and details about a story;  Checking facts and stories to ensure they are accurate, adhere to copyright laws, are not libelous or go against the publication's policy;  Cropping photos and deciding where to use them for best effect;  Writing picture captions;  Discussing concerns with editors;  Proofreading complete pages produced by other sub-editors using the main basic proofing subbing symbols;
  9. 9.  Working to a page plan to ensure that the right stories appear in the correct place on each page;  Laying out pages and, depending on the nature of the role, playing a part in page design;  Manipulating on-screen copy using appropriate desktop publishing software;  Adding last minute news stories;  Keeping up to date with sector issues, e.g. By reading related publications;  Editing press releases or reports;  Compiling routine information, e.g. tables of sports results or financial data.
  10. 10.  Patient  Qualified & learned person  Skillful  “Tips and tricks”  Awareness of universal and specific issues  Good memory  Good knowledge of his work national & international  Good communicator  Hardworking  Avoid stress mood  Interest in work