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Global Food Chain (Contemporary Issues) -ZK


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Global Food Chain (Contemporary Issues) -ZK

  1. 1. Global Food Chain Before the introduction of McDonald’s overseas “fast food was almost unknown. - William Gould (1996)
  2. 2. HOW GLOBALIZATION? • weight of developing economies in the world food economy is increasing • trade in agriculture and food is likely to be opened up • trade in fast food products is gaining importance over agricultural raw produce • internationalization strategies other than trade are gaining importance over trade (tax, interest).
  3. 3. Concept of Global Food World URBAN DEVELEPMENT • Fast Food Restaurants – Quick Food Service • Trend - No seating or shelter • United States - Take out or Take Away • Pre-Modern Europe – Pan Cakes, waffles etc • UK – introduced the concepts of Pizza
  4. 4. Food Demand Agriculture Sector V/S Fast Food or Drinks
  5. 5. FAST FOOD CHAINS McDonald’s : California May 15, 1940 KFC: 1930 Subway: US August 20, 1965 Dunkin Donuts: 1950 Pizza Hut: US 1958 Hardee’s: 1960 Burger King: Florida July 28, 1953 Domino’s Pizza: US July 10, 1960
  6. 6. WHY GLOBALIZATION? Effect the Culture, Trade, employment and much more
  7. 7. Effect on Economy by Global Fast Food Chain E f f e c t o n t h e L o c a l F o o d C h a i n : Trade liberalisation will not bring the expected benefits when agricultural markets do not function competitively.
  8. 8. Effect on International Relation by Global Food Chain • Economic Security • Food Security • Environmental Security • Community Security • Political Security
  9. 9. E f f e c t o n E m p l o y m e n t b y G l o b a l F o o d C h a i n Informal Worker • Employer or Owners • Self-Employed • Wage Workers
  10. 10. Effect on Culture and Society by Global Food Chain • Loss of traditional values • International Food Trend • Positive aspect: Advancement of technology and communication
  11. 11. Should Global Food Chain be limited? NO !! • International Relations • Developing Countries needs to have Global Interaction
  12. 12. Alternative Solutions to Global Food Chain BUY FRESH, BUY LOCAL • Alternative to Global Food • In-approach to everyone • Farmer selling directly to consumer • Balance between price and cost of producing
  13. 13. Hidden Dangers • Obesity • Food trends are changing • Illuminati Symbols (Starbucks) • Making us forget our culture • Psychological Effect
  14. 14. Credits Presented To: Ma’am Nighat Naureen Presented By: Sidra Arshad Chaudhary Huriyah Khalid Butt Zareen Anees Khan Mushayada Abdul Rauf COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS