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Cultivation Theory -ZK


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Cultivation Theory by George Gerbner

Cultivation Theory -ZK

  1. 1. CULTIVATION THEORY A Social Theory by George Gerbner ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  2. 2. DEFINITIONS T H EO RY: Set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena S O C I A L T H EO RY: Frameworks of practical evidence used to study and interpret social phenomena C U LT I VAT I O N T H E O R Y: Social theory which examines the long-term effects of television. ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  3. 3. CULTIVATION THEORY Primary Proposition: “living in the television world”. Hypothesis: Cultivation effect occurs only after long-term, cumulative exposure to television. TV set is a key member of the household ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT with virtually unlimited access to every person in the family
  4. 4. Cultivation Theory is often applied to people’s perceptions of reality.For Example: A person who watches alot of crime shows on television will eventually believe that there is a lot of violent crime in the city he resides in. ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  5. 5. Viewers Who Watch More Television Will BeMore Influenced Than Those Who Watch Less. Categorized Television Viewers : – Heavy viewers (watch TV more than 4 hours) – Light viewers (watch TV less than 4 hours) ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  6. 6. CULTIVATION WORKS WITH THE ATTITUDES 1. Chances of Involvement with Violence: Light viewers gave a 1/100 chance. Heavy viewers gave 1/10 chance of being victims. 2. Fear of Walking Alone at Night: More women than men said they were worried about walking alone at night. Light viewers had less fear. Heavy viewers were more afraid. 3. Perceived Activity of Police: Light viewers held the idea that only 1% of the nations population worked in law enforcement (a realistic percentage). Heavy viewers were under the impression that 5% of the nations population worked in law enforcement. They were under the impression that officers had to use gun holsters in everyday pursuits. 4. General Mistrust of People: Heavy viewers were more suspicious of others than the light viewers. E.g. Star Plus. ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  7. 7. CULTIVATION THEORY: CRITICISMS AND LIMITATIONS• Simplistic: – Ignores complexity of human nature. – Society’s views can also be affected by other variables.• Other Studies: – No casual relation between societal news and TV.• Positive Effects Not Analyzed. – Light viewers also have impact because of TV. Heavy viewer’s impact has an impact on our society.• Audience Is Passive/Reactive. ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  8. 8. ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  9. 9. TWO NEW ADD-ONS MAINSTREAMING: Television – “Cultural Construct” (Responsible for mainstream in our culture).Mainstream: The common current thought of the majority.• Blurring – Constant exposure to the same images and labels, commonality of viewpoint.• Blending – Mixing of fiction and real world.• Bending – Reflection of TV fiction. ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT
  10. 10. RESONANCE (Enhancing `Viewer’s Belief) Events on TV coincide actual realities of the viewer’s life. For Example: Violence in Pakistan creates resonance in other countries who watch TV for news update.SOCIAL REALITY →OBJECTIVE REALITY → NO BETTER LIFE! ZAREEN KHAN 090303003-UMT