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Article writing (structure) M.Ahmad Sheikh


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Article writing (structure) M.Ahmad Sheikh

  2. 2. B ASIC C OMPONENTS Title- First Opportunity To Grab Attention. Hook- Most Important Part That Reels The Reader. Summary- Concise Facts About The Article. Body- Strong/Weak Points In Detail. Conclusion- Crux Of The Article. Sting- Abstract/Short Sentence/Punch That Describes The Purpose Of The Article.
  3. 3. MEDIA Media- Plural Of Medium. News Gathering And Publishing Organizations .
  4. 4. JOURNALISM Investigating & Reporting Events. Purpose: inform the citizens. Covers organization, institutions, government and their cultural aspects etc. Jobs: editing, photojournalism and documentary.
  5. 5. GUIDELINES OF JOURNALISM ( BILL KOVACH AND TOM ROSENSTIEL ) Truth  Public criticism and compromise Loyalty to citizens  Make news significant, Discipline of verification interesting and relevant Independence  Comprehensive and proportional Power  Sense of right and wrong for journalists and citizens both.
  6. 6. T YPES OF JOURNALISM•Collection, •Broadcasted instead preparation and of printed. News is publishing of news reported and through various distributed using sources. (newspapers electronic media and magazines). (Radio, internet and tv). PRINT BROADCAST JOURNALISM JOURNALISM DEVELOPMENT NEWS JOURNALISM JOURNALISM•Developing nations and • Reporting news direct improving them. and straight forward. Influence by government. concise and precise. Overlooked issues are Cross checked facts. covered. (economic, Authentic facts with no social issues) media biasness. (political suppression, social change etc.).
  7. 7. •Particular sport •Unearthing facts and event. Accurate facts study of cases. and statistics for that Create headlines event. In-depth exposing scandals. details are captured. Uncovering hitherto (interviews with sport unsolved cases. In- stars or features depth research is related to them). required with evidence. SPORTS INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM JOURNALISM ON- CITIZEN LINE/CYBER JOURNALISM JOURNALISM•Participation of •Reporting facts via citizens. Reporting internet. Updated news media as news by minutes. volunteers. Issues Captures implicit faith missed by media are of people. (Advertising covered. and public relation tools for media).
  8. 8. •Articles and reports •Coveys message related to fashion and about science related trends. Covers latest issues and topics to development and interested public. changes in lifestyles. Requires specialization Good opportunity for in scientific fashion lovers. knowledge. Builds relation between science and mass FASHION SCIENCE media. JOURNALISM JOURNALISM BUSINESS/ ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM FINANCE JOURNALISM•Covers issue related •Deals with in-depth to environment and business activities its protection. Work related to business on causes can be a and organizations. form of (launch or marketing environmental of products, stock journalism. exchange etc.).
  9. 9. C OMMUNICATION - OVERVIEW Most esoteric of sciences: difficult to understand. Effective communication is two way process of interaction. Poor communication leads to numerous bad effects. Powerful communication is active listening.
  10. 10. DEVELOPMENT JOURNLAISMConditions within a country. Includes : travelling to remote areasalong with interacting the respective citizens and reporting back. Influence from government of the nation. Powerful tool for education and empowerment. Can also suppress or restrict journalists. Proposed government projects to improve country’s conditionsand analyze their effectiveness. Useful for local and international markets. Suggestions and solutions are also accumulated. Covers: economic, social, religious and political issues of a system.
  11. 11. D EVELOPMENT C OMMUNICATION  Dissemination of public opinion research to promote social development while helping to improve the capacity of the society to fulfill its aspirations.  Development journalist deals with investigative reporting,  Inform the community about important issues within developed and developing countries.  Strengths and weakness of issues in country are solved as it is a tool for empowerment.  Effective to bring social and economic tool for a society.