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  1. 1. In The Name Of Allah,the most Beneficent,the most Gracious, themost Merciful!
  2. 2. Rasulullah S.A.W. said,"Jannat lies under thefeet of your mother.“
  3. 3. Rasulullah S.A.W. said,"If you read the kalimawith conviction justonce, Jannah becomesupon you."
  4. 4. Rasulullah S.A.W. said,"A women who revealsher body or even wearstight fitting clothes wontcome within 500 yearsof the smell of Jannah.“
  5. 5. Rasulullah S.A.W. said,"The dust which settles ona man while he is out in thepath of Allah; not only thefire, but the smoke ofJahannam is haraam forthose parts of the body.“
  6. 6. Rasulullah S.A.W. said,"I only curse 3 types ofpeople;
  7. 7. 1. Those people who do not look after their parents when they are in old age.
  8. 8. 2. Those people who do not take full advantage of the blessed month of Ramadan.
  9. 9. 3. Those people who donot say,Salallahu -Alayhay- Wa-Aalahay Wasallamwhen my name ismentioned.“
  10. 10. Rasulullah S.A.W said,"An intelligent person isone who is constantlythinking about andpreparing for death.“
  11. 11. Rasulullah S.A.W. said,"It is better for a manthat a steel nail bedriven through thecentre of his headrather than if hetouches the palm of astrange women.“
  12. 12. PLEASE TAKE 2MINUTES OF YOUR TIMETO READ THIS.Imagine this happeningto you...
  13. 13. One day during JummahSalah, a 1,000 membercongregation wassurprised to see two menenter, both covered fromhead to toe in black andcarrying sub-machineguns.
  14. 14. One of the menproclaimed,
  15. 15. "Anyone willing to take abullet for Allah remainwhere you are.“
  16. 16. Immediately, thecongregation fled, andout of the 1,000 thereonly remained around20.
  17. 17. The man who hadspoken took off hishood, looked at theImaam and said,
  18. 18. "Okay Maulana, I got ridof all the hypocrites.Now you may begin yoursermon.“
  19. 19. The two men thenturned and walked out.“
  20. 20. Too deep not to passon?
  21. 21. "Funny how simple it isfor people to trash Allah... and then wonder whythe worlds going tohell.“
  22. 22. "Funny how we believewhat the newspaperssay ... but question whatthe Quran says.“
  23. 23. "Funny how everyonewants to go toheaven ... provided theydo not have to believe,think, say, or doanything the Quransays.“
  24. 24. "Funny how someonecan say I believe inAllah ... but still followShaitaan (who, by theway, also believes inAllah).“
  25. 25. "Funny how you can senda thousand jokes throughe-mail and they spreadlike wildfire ... but whenyou start sendingmessages regarding Allah,people think twice aboutsharing.“
  26. 26. "Funny how the lewd,crude, vulgar and obscenepass freely throughcyberspace ... but thepublic discussion of Allahis suppressed in theschool and workplace.“
  27. 27. Funny, isnt it?
  28. 28. "Funny how someonecan be so fired up forAllah on Friday ... but bean invisible Muslim therest of the week.“
  29. 29. Are you laughing?
  30. 30. "Funny how when you goto forward this message will not send it tomany on your address listbecause youre not surewhat they believe, or whatthey will think of you forsending it to them."
  31. 31. "Funny how I can bemore worried about whatother people think ofme ... than what Allahthinks of me.“
  32. 32. Are you thinking?
  33. 33. Will you share this withpeople you care about?
  34. 34. Or not?
  35. 35. Reliquary containing the tooth ofProphet Muhammad(Dendan-i Saadet).
  36. 36. Lock of Kaaba
  37. 37. The footprint of the ProphetMuhammad
  38. 38. Some hairs from the beard of theProphet Muhammad (Lihye-iSaadet).
  39. 39. Swords belonging to the ProphetMuhammad.
  40. 40. Letter of the Prophet Muhammad(Name-i Saadet)
  41. 41. The Golden gate of ProphetMuhammads tomb.
  42. 42. Prophet Muhammads tomb frominside
  43. 43. ALLAHU AKBARAllah is great
  44. 44. During the next 60 seconds, stopwhatever you are doing, and takethis opportunity. (Literally it isonly 1 minute) All you have to dois the following: You simply say"A prayer" for the person thatsent you this message. Next, yousend this message to everyoneyou know.
  45. 45. In a while, more people will haveprayed for you and you wouldhave obtained a lot of peoplepraying for others. Next, stopand think and appreciate Allahspower in your life, for doing whatyou know is pleasing to him. Ifyou are not ashamed to do this,follow the instructions.
  46. 46. Allah said, "If you areashamed of me, I will beashamed of you.“
  47. 47. If you are not ashamed,send thismessage...only if youbelieve.
  48. 48. "Yes, I love Allah. Allah ismy fountain of Life and MySavior. Allah keeps megoing day and night.Without Allah, I am no one.But with Allah, I can doeverything. Allah is mystrength.“
  49. 49. This is a simple test. Ifyou love Allah and you arenot ashamed of all thegreat things that he hasdone for you, send this toeveryone you know,andthe person that sent it toyou.