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Major Challenges in Russian Translation Faced By Translators


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There a number of challenges in Russian language translation. Thus, translators are haunted by this translation. Read more at

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Major Challenges in Russian Translation Faced By Translators

  1. 1. The translation of marketing collaterals into/from Russian language has become a key strategy of the marketers today, in order to attract a number of niches. But, only few of the marketers succeed in such activities. Actually, to translate advertisements, brochures etc, is not an easy task. It requires special translation skills.
  2. 2. So, if you are a translator and planning to enter the world of marketing Russian translation, then you might face the following challenges:
  3. 3. Almost every word in Russian has 10 direct synonyms. Thus, it becomes difficult for the translator to find out the word that suits the source text most precisely. Due to the diverse nature of the language, it is important for the translation team to research on the languages. 1. Diversity
  4. 4. An authentic Russian Language Translation is the one that has a blend of apt terminologies, as per the target sector. A number of terminologies are used in hospitality, legal and various other sectors. So, any translator involved in this translation, must keep tandem with terminologies. 2. Terminology
  5. 5. The grammar part is also something that haunts translators. Learning a language is easy, but ensuring that you are well-versed in each and every grammatical aspect, is a matter of concern. 3. Grammar
  6. 6. Since there are no special regulations for translating the documents in marketing field in Russia, therefore, it becomes a challenging task for the translators to keep in line with the quality parameters of translation. Sometimes even the client and the translator work in close coordination to create glossaries and guidelines for the translation. 4. Quality
  7. 7. Last but not the least, if you are tech savvy, then you can easily work over translation memories and MS- office. This strictly does not refer to machine translation. 5. Technology Savvy
  8. 8. To shine brightly in the sky of translation industry, keep hold of such tips. It may be possible that in the course of translation, you come across various tips as well, but make sure that you align with these basic tips for sure. Conclusion
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