Zara mathwin graphic design portfolio 2012


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Zara Mathwin Graphic Design - Work Portfolio
If you're looking for a high quality graphic designer at a rate that doesn't cost the earth take a look at this design portfolio to see if we're right for you.

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Zara mathwin graphic design portfolio 2012

  1. 1. home portfolio recommendations contactdesign portfolio
  2. 2. home portfolio recommendations contact annual reports publications advertising flyers business cards web banners1 2GEORGIOU: Corporate Report
  3. 3. home portfolio recommendations contact annual reports publications advertising flyers business cards web banners1 2GESB: Corporate Report Corporate Overview Annual Report 2007/08 Organisational structure Annual Report Chief Executive Officer Michele Dolin Compliance requirements 2007/2008 General Manager General Manager General General Manager Chief Chief Marketing & Services & Manager Risk Distribution Investment Officer Financial Officer Strategy Technology & Governance Greg Newman Sharon Hicks Larry Rudman Collene Hansen Lance Brockway Michelle Ahearn Heads of Government Agreement Manager Retail Manager Manager Senior Investment Manager The Western Australian Government is a signatory to a Heads of Government Agreement with the General Counsel Sales & Service Marketing Administration Strategist Tax & Accounting Commonwealth in respect to GESB’s superannuation schemes. Under the agreement GESB’s schemes are exempt from the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act), the Commonwealth governing legislation for superannuation funds. The SIS Act gives effect to this agreement by providing that GESB’s schemes are complying superannuation funds for superannuation guarantee and income tax purposes. In return for these exemptions, the State Government ensures that members’ accrued benefits are fully Manager Trustee protected and that GESB’s schemes conform to the principles of the Commonwealth’s retirement income Manager Investment Head of Manager Investment Services & policy. The major objective of the Federal Government’s retirement income policy is to ensure an adequate Technology Administration Financial Advice Brand & Customer Strategist Government Development Manager income for all retired Australians. Relations Freedom of information GESB provides members with access to all of their personal and account information. An information statement that provides background on the operations of GESB, a description of the documents held and the way in which the public can access the information is readily available on the website and at reception. Manager Manager Manager Business Manager GESB’s designated freedom of information officer is Ms Irene Albion c/ GESB, Central Park Level 4, Head of Strategy Technology Performance Development Risk & Compliance 152 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000. Services Management Compliance with the public sector standard GESB has complied with the Public Sector Standards in Human Resource Management and the Western Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics. GESB regularly assesses its current practices and processes against the Office of the Public Standards Commissioner Breach Claims Agency Guide. One compliance matter Manager Manager regarding the Public Sector Standards in Human Resource Management arose during the year. A claim was Human Resources Finance Systems lodged by a job applicant in respect of the recruitment, appointment and selection standard. The matter is currently under review by an independent reviewer. GESB continues to monitor and ensure compliance with the code of conduct through: actively monitoring email activity and preventing certain material from being received and/or sent using GESB’s IT systems; making the code of conduct available to all employees from the home page of the GESB intranet; and ensuring that GESB’s code of conduct and internal policies are provided to all new staff during induction. Manager Manager Procurement Number of Full Time Employees as at 30 June 2008 Information Security & Premises Permanent Public Service Officers 97 Fixed Term Public Service Officers 1 GESB Employees 141 GESB Total 239 24 ABN 43 418 292 917 25
  4. 4. home portfolio recommendations contact annual reports publications advertising flyers business cards web banners 1 2 3Murdoch Institute of Technology: Prospectus The MIT Advantage Murdoch Institute of Technology Prospectus for International Students The integration of world class educational • Guaranteed entry* into Bachelor degree courses at Murdoch University at first or second year level upon successful facilities and high quality courses makes completion of MUPC or Diploma courses Murdoch Institute of Technology one of • Packaged offers with university • Study on a university campus with access to all facilities the leading higher education institutes • Study with students from Australia and other countries in Australia. • Fast-tracking of studies through the trimester system • Commence your course in February, June or October • Flexible study options where students can vary the number of units studied each trimester 5 • Highly qualified and dedicated academic staff • Multilingual staff to assist international students • Extensive academic and personal support services • Small lecture and tutorial groups to provide every opportunity for success • Extended contact hours for Diploma students – one additional hour per week of tuition for each unit than in the equivalent university courses for each unit * Entry to specific Bachelor degree courses may be limited where special entry requirements and/or quotas apply. Successful Students • 85% of June 2006 MUPC graduates are studying Bachelor degree courses at Murdoch University • 91% of April 2007 MUPC graduates are eligible to study Bachelor degree courses at Murdoch University • Data from Murdoch University indicates that 2006 MIT graduates have achieved a similar level of passes in their University studies when compared to other students
  5. 5. home portfolio recommendations contact annual reports publications advertising flyers business cards web banners 1 2 3City of Belmont: Business Profile Creating opportunities City of Belmont – Westralia Airports Corporation Business Profile Perth Airport is conservatively estimated to contribute spent each year on monitoring, re-vegetation and around $2.5 billion to the Western Australian economy. protection of the environment. All development is guided The airport is situated on a 2,105 hectare estate. Around by a long-term blueprint, the Perth Airport Master Plan 1,000 hectares have been set aside for non-aviation 2004, which divides the land into various uses so that purposes, with 310 hectares preserved for conservation similarly themed operations are grouped together. and around 700 hectares for commercial and industrial Perth Airport fast facts: development. Commercial vacancy rates in Perth’s CBD and surrounds are at record lows, so unlocking • In 2006/07 processed 8,089,423 passengers. the potential of surplus land around Perth Airport can • More than 20 airlines operate services to and from Perth give WA business more room to expand. Airport, reaching 15 international and 35 domestic and At the end of 2007 the airport will announce the results regional destinations. On average, there are more than of a review of the domestic and international terminals. 1,900 arriving and departing flights each week. The review has been examining the options of continuing • The airport has a two runway system capable of to develop independent terminals or to commence handling both existing and planned intercontinental a consolidation at the international terminal campus. commercial aircraft, including the A380. An additional This decision will have a large impact on future plans parallel runway is part of the airport’s long-term on airport land. Master Plan. Pivotal to responsible management of the airport is • More than 6,000 people work on the airport estate. environmental stewardship, with more than $1 million Does your business need a large land holding and access to logistics specialists? Contact Westralia itie s Airports Corporation. or tun p g op a tin e Cr 12 City of Belmont Business ProfileBELPROD000357 1 21/8/07 7:10:13 PM BELPROD000357 12 21/8/07 7:12:31 PM BELPROD000357 13 21/8/07 7:12:40 PM
  6. 6. home portfolio recommendations contact annual reports publications advertising flyers business cards web banners1 2 3City of Belmont: Leisure, Art & Cultural Guide Major Recreation parks City of Belmont 7 1. Adachi Park – Japanese gardens, dual use path, good picnic spot 2. Hardey Park (coming soon!) – River foreshore, BBQs, up lighting of trees, toilets, reflexology Walking Trails and path, car parking, boat trailer parking, lookout Walking Groups Fa deck over shoreline, fishing, bird watching, un tle ro y good picnic spot. Av e y 3. Arlunya Park – Dog exercise area & 8 n Hw Brearle t er y Ave playground The City of Belmont has 4 designated Walking while you enjoy the scenery of the Swan River, a s REDCLIFFE tE 4. Cracknell Park – River, fishing jetty, Trails among pristine surrounds. “Find Thirty” Tomato Lake or the secluded Severin Walk. ea Gr Ep playground, dual use path, toilets, so dog exercise area m To Distance: 7.1km Be Av nk 2 e 5. Faulkner Park – Garden Lakes, Skate Park, Garvey Park lg BELMONT in ra Average Time: 1 hour 20 mins Hw via Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre, café, toilets, Ab 1 3 y er ne 10 easy parking Garvey Park is a Regional St th 4 11 St y o 6. Faulkner Park Feature Playground Recreational Reserve of Rd isc a nc – BBQ areas, playground, toilets natural beauty that is largely Fr Fa Garvey un 7. Garvey park – River, bird watching, easy unexplored by many residents Park tle RIVERVALE ro yA 5 parking, BBQ areas, café, toilets, kayak ve d 6 CLOVERDALE of the City of Belmont. This rR boat ramp, picnic area de RIVER t St Walking Trail extends from an tS e lex gh Ke an 8. Gould Park – River, bird watching, BBQ area, Garvey Park past Ascot A ri To W n picnic area kin 13 Racecourse in a South Easterly Hig hw 9. Peachey Park – Playground, dual use path, ay direction, and into the City of y y bicycle rider training track, dog exercise Hw w O Ab H er Bayswater before crossing the ste rn rro St 12 The h ne Ascot at Ea area, BBQ & gazebo ng t hy R SWAN at s 9 ac d Tonkin Highway bridge back Inn Gre Le Rd O Epsom Rd 10. Severin Walk – Dual use path & quiet Ave KEWDALE into Garvey Park. Math ieson Ascot (WATC) Racecourse lunch area 11. Signal Hill – Walk trail 12. Tomato Lake – Lakes, bird watching, cafe & playground, BBQ areas, picnic area, toilets 13. Wicca Park – Playground & dog exercise area Faulkner Park to Distance: 4.5km Average Time: 50 minutes Severin Walk Faulkner Park is another of the City’s premier R VE RI wy parks, suitable for weddings, major events nH AN SW r ste Ea and of course recreational activities such as at 2008 e Gr walking and running. The Park is used as a G uide base to access walking routes such as Severin Ab al e rn Walk. The return walking trail to Severin Walk eth ur St y Rd o isc is approximately 4.5km. The circular route of Ro nc ult Fra bin so n Faulkner Park is approximately 1.5km. Be Av lm e C on Rd t er Faulkner Park is located in Cloverdale, nd t& xa Av Ab Ale e er ne with main access being Alexander Road. th Ar y Rd Bri nd ley e, St r i su Le 20 City of Belmont BELPROD000353 19 29/2/08 2:33:32 PM BELPROD000353 20 29/2/08 2:33:40 PMBELPROD000353 1 29/2/08 2:30:45 PM