Orangutan facts


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Orangutan facts

  1. 1. Orangutan Facts found in Indonesia and Malaysia on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. two species of orangutan – o the Sumatran orangutan ( Pongo abelii) o the Bornean orangutan ( Pongo pygmaeus). The easiest way to distinguish between monkeys and apes is to look for a tail. Apes don‟t have tails where as most monkey species do. In the wild, orangutans may live up to 45 years or more. Orangutan means „person of the forest‟. It comes from the Malay words „orang‟ meaning people and „hutan‟ meaning forest. The orangutan is the largest arboreal animal in the world and is well adapted for life in the trees. The orangutan can grasp branches with both its hands and feet and has very mobile shoulder and hip joints. Both these features help the orangutan to travel through the forest canopy. Orangutans make and sleep in a new nest every night. orangutans do not live in large social or family groups.Adult males are usually found alone and adult females are usually accompanied by one or two offspring. Orangutans are what we call „sexually dimorphic‟ – that is there are visible differences between males and females. Adult males can reach 1.5m in height and weigh as much as 120kg. Females are much smaller. They grow up to 1m tall and weigh about 45kg. Male orangutans develop large cheek pads and a throat pouch when mature. The male inflates his throat pouch to make a loud sound called a “long call” which alerts other orangutans to his presence and attract females. Orangutans are principally frugivorous (fruit eating). Ninety per cent of their diet consists of fruit but orangutans also eat nectar, honey, bark, leaves, insects and fungi. An orangutans‟ favourite fruit is the durian. Durians are renowned for their horrible smell but orangutans love them! Female orangutans have their first baby at about 14-15 years old. Pregnancy lasts for 8½ months. Young orangutans have a lot to learn to survive in the forest and will stay with their mother until they are about 7 or 8 years old. This period of dependency is longer than any other primate apart from humans.
  2. 2. Female orangutans only have one baby approximately every 8 years and will have3 or 4 young in their lifetime.the Bornean orangutan is classified as endangeredRehabilitation centres are set up to treat and care for sick, injured or orphanedorangutans with the ultimate aim of returning them back to the wild.When extended, orangutans‟ arms are longer than their bodies - over 2m fromfingertip to fingertip!Orangutans cover their heads with large leaves to shelter from the rain!When orangutans are annoyed they will smack their lips together to produce asound called a kiss squeak!Can visit Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary and Semenggoh Orang utan sanctuary