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Internet Community, Home, Schools and Workplaces TEAM BUILDING by Amb Juan

  1. 1. How are you?INTERNET AGE 101
  2. 2. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. .
  3. 3. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.
  4. 4. Public places to use the Internet includelibraries and Internet cafes. There are Internet accesspoints in many publicplaces such as airport halls and coffee shops,"Webpayphone”, etc
  5. 5. Wi-Fi provides wireless accessHotspots where users bring their own wireless-enabled laptop or PDA. Theseservices may be free to all, free to customers only, or fee-based. Awhole campus or park, or even an entire city can be enabled.
  6. 6. Commercial Wi-Fi services covering large city areas are in place in London, Vienna, Toronto, San Francisco,Philadelphia, Chicago and Pittsburgh. The Internet can be accessed from such places as a park bench
  7. 7. T How did it start?
  8. 8. T1960s started as a research to build a robust, fault- tolerant, and distributed computer networks funded by US government.
  9. 9. T1980s National Science Foundation led worldwide participation in the development of new networking technologies and the merger of many networks.
  10. 10. T1990s commercialization resulted in its popularization and incorporation into every aspect of modern human life
  11. 11. T2009 a quarter of Earths population used the services of the Internet
  12. 12. Most Requested Language on worldwideweb English (27%) Chinese (23%) Spanish (8%) Japanese (5%) Portuguese German (4% each) Arabic, French and Russian (3% each) Korean (2%).[
  13. 13. Internet Users by Region 42% Asia 24% Europe 14% North America 10% Latin America & Carribean 6% in Africa 3% in the Middle East 1% in Australia
  14. 14. To best describe the politics of the Internet (or why do people use it & overuse it?) “Its about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes.”
  15. 15. T Reason to worry
  16. 16. The Internet has no centralized governance in either technological implementation or policies for access and usage; each constituent network sets its own standards.
  17. 17. Only theInternet Protocol address space and theDomain Name System, are directed by a maintainer organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
  18. 18. The technical foundation and standardization of the core protocols of the internet (IPv4 and IPv6) is an activity of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),a non-profit organization ofloosely affiliated international participants that anyone mayassociate with by contributing technical expertise.
  19. 19. T Another reason to worry
  20. 20. T Another reason to worry
  21. 21.  Social networking sites have worried many educators (and parents) because they often bring with them outcomes that are not positive:
  22. 22.  narcissism, gossip, wasted time, friending, hurt feelings, ruined reputations, and sometimes unsavory, even dangerous activities are common problems and side effects to internet users
  23. 23. T But consider this:
  24. 24. Internet gives:InformationConversationInteraction
  25. 25. resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of theWorld Wide Web (www) and the infrastructure to support electronic mail
  26. 26.  Newspaper, book and other print publishing are adapting to Web site technology, or are reshaped into blogging and web feeds.
  27. 27. InstantmessagingInternet forumsSocialnetworking.
  28. 28. Transaction via internet including: payment of bills, research, booking, shopping, etcboomed both for major retail outlets, establishment, agencies, etc wherever we are
  29. 29. Business-to- business and financialservices on the Internet affect supply chains across entire industries.
  30. 30. Traditionalcommunications media including telephone, music, film, andtelevision are reshaped or redefined by the Internet.
  31. 31. T To deny the internet is to live alone with nature
  32. 32. T … and we cannot yet afford to be alone while we are in the core of competition
  33. 33. What should bedone is to learnhow thecomplexities ofthe Internetwork for usto further ourhumandevelopment&civilization
  34. 34. Internet is acreation and we,humans are nowin the process oflearning how tobe its responsiblecaretakers…
  35. 35. So let’s start to develop the Innovative Personality for the Internet Age
  36. 36. How are you? MIND BODY SPIRIT
  37. 37. MIND(inside theboxworkshop)
  38. 38. GroupDynamics
  39. 39. MIND(outsidethe boxworkshop)
  40. 40. Socialeffects ofinternet
  41. 41. Cyberslacking(work delay)An average UK employee spent 57 minutes a day surfing the Web while at work
  42. 42.  Internet addiction disorder or excessive computer use interferes with daily life.
  43. 43.  Internet Addiction Interfere to One’s Deep Thinking Capability thus limiting a person’s true creativity
  44. 44.  Loneliness Internet as an outlet for lonely feelings
  45. 45.  Men logged in more often, spend more time online, and are more likely to be broadband users
  46. 46.  Men were more likely to use the Internet to pay bills and for recreation such as downloading music and videos, while women tend to make use of opportunities to communicate such as email & FB
  47. 47.  In 2008, women significantly outnumbered men on most social networking as Facebook and Myspace, although the ratios varied with age
  48. 48.  Men were more likely to have a professional blog, whereas women were more likely to have a personal blog
  49. 49.  Internet usage has seen tremendous growth. From 2000 to 2009, the number of Internet users globally rose from 394 million to 1.858 billion
  50. 50. How Internetworks in ourMindmaking itpart of ourLifestyle?
  51. 51.  Internet as a living thing and non-living thing in person’s mind, habit and lifestyle
  52. 52.  As Non-living thing, internet becomes a: Planner, Virtual Office, Working Table, Storage Cabinet, Folder, TV, Radio, Vehicle, etc to access news, weather, sports, plan, research, pay bills, check hobbies, make inquiries, etc
  53. 53. As Living Thing internet become a: Virtual Guide to make friends, find friends, stay in touch with friends platonic, romantic or otherwise… Virtual Family & community thru social networking sites
  54. 54. Psychology of the Internet
  55. 55. There are two basic ways the internet tends to create division in ones life and identity. First, people tend to separate their online lives from their offline lives.
  56. 56. A faulty or pathological psychic system is almost always described with terms that connote division and fragmentation, such as "repression," "dissociation," and splitting."
  57. 57. AchievingInnovativePersonality onlineand offline
  58. 58. Believe in the Value of Integration:Meaning the fittingtogether andbalancing of thevarious elements ofthe psyche to make acomplete,harmonious whole.
  59. 59. Ways to integrateonline life to offlinelife and vice versaaccording tointernet experts andinternet psychiatrist
  60. 60. Telling offlinefriends & family about ones online life If a person lets family and friends know about her online activities, she may be allowing them to see parts of her identity that she otherwise did not fully express in- person.
  61. 61. Meeting online companions in-person. To get a chance to fix misconceptions that mayhave developed online abouteach other. That, in turn, will help them understand each other better.
  62. 62. . Meeting offline companions online. If a person encourages family, friends, and colleagues to connectwith him in cyberspace,he is opening a different channel of communication with them.
  63. 63. . Bringing online behavior offline For a person to better understand online behaviors and why those behaviors wereunable to develop in the f2f world
  64. 64. . Bringing offline behavior online In order totranslate an aspect of ones identity from one realm to another and strengthen it
  65. 65.  The lack of participation in a traditional classroom stems more from the fact that students receive better feedback online.
  66. 66.  Traditional classrooms have students do assignments and when they are completed, they are just that, finished.
  67. 67.  Teachers are no longer in control of the discussions. Integrating technology into instruction tends to move classrooms from teacher-dominated environments to ones that are more student- centered.
  68. 68.  While it is still important for teachers to monitor what students are discussing, the actual topics of learning are being guided by the students themselves.
  69. 69.  Weblogs give students a public space to interact with one another and the content of the class. As long as the students are invested in the project, the need to see the blog progress acts as motivation as the blog itself becomes an entity that can demand interaction.
  70. 70. General Characteristics:- Imitating those around them- Absorbs everything & blend themselves in the environment- Move & play
  71. 71. 1-3 yrs old- Imitative play; mimicking actions3-5 yrs old- Transformative play- (real objects into fantasy)5-7 yrs old- Imaginative play- (how something will look like & plan how will it become)
  72. 72. General Characteristics:- picture thinking- They love storytelling from adults
  73. 73. 8-11 yrs old- Notices that she /he is different from the rest- A lot physical & psychological changes12-14 yrs old- Interested in cause & effect relationships- Beginning of logical thinking
  74. 74. General Characteristics:- upsurge of sexual drives- Aggressive impulses- Acting out tendencies- Become capable of abstract reasoning (hypothetical situation)- Focus of interaction from family to peer
  75. 75.  12-14 yrs old Concern: Body Image 15-17 yrs old Concern: Establishing peer group identity 18-20 yrs old Concern: Vocational & Romantic identity
  76. 76. How are you? MIND BODY SPIRIT
  77. 77. BODYWellness Food Tips
  78. 78.  Close your eyes for 5 seconds. Memorize the color or colors you visualize Get the Colors of Your Personality with Healthy Food as Wellness Tips aired on cableTV!
  79. 79.  Tips: Create a Group for the Subject Matter (see internet guideline) Make the Virtual Community Work (see internet guideline) Create a Mailing List (see internet guide)
  80. 80. Internet Guideline Source: Amy Jo Kim 9 Principles for Creating a Community1. Define the purpose of the community2. Create distinct gathering places3. Create member profiles that evolve over time4. Promote effective leadership5. Define a clear-yet-flexible code of conduct6. Organize and promote cyclic events7. Provide a range of roles that couple power with responsibility8. Facilitate member-created subgroups9. Integrate the online environment with the "real" world
  81. 81. Internet Guideline Source: HotWired! By Mike Godwin1. Use software that promotes good discussions2. Dont impose a length limitation on postings3. Front-load your system with talkative, diverse people4. Let the users resolve their own disputes5. Provide institutional memory6. Promote continuity7. Be host to a particular interest group8. Provide places for children9. Confront the users with a crisis
  82. 82. Internet Guide: The Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists Kat NagelInitial enthusiasm (people introduce themselves, and gush a lot about how wonderful it is to find kindred souls).Evangelism (people moan about how few folks are posting to the list, and brainstorm recruitment strategies).Growth (more and more people join, more and more lengthy threads develop, occasional off- topic threads pop up).
  83. 83. Internet Guide: The Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists Kat NagelCommunity (lots of threads, some more relevant than others; lots of information and advice is exchanged; experts help other experts as well as less experienced colleagues; friendships develop; people tease each other; newcomers are welcomed with generosity and patience; everyone -- newbie and expert alike -- feels comfortable asking questions, suggesting answers, and sharing opinions).
  84. 84. Internet Guide: The Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists Kat NagelDiscomfort with diversity (the number of messages increases dramatically; not every thread is fascinating to every reader; people start complaining about the signal-to-noise ratio;).
  85. 85. Internet Guide: The Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists Kat NagelSmug complacency and stagnation (the purists flame everyone who asks an old question or responds with humor to a serious post; newbies are rebuffed; traffic drops to a doze-producing level of a few minor issues; all interesting discussions happen by private email and are limited to a few participants; the purists spend lots of time self-righteously congratulating each other on keeping off-topic threads off the list).Maturity (a few people quit in a huff; the rest of the participants stay near stage 4, with stage 5 popping up briefly every few weeks; many people wear out their second or third delete key, but the list lives contentedly ever after).
  86. 86. Example on facebook:
  87. 87.  Choose your friends wisely because it is considered rude to delete someone as a friend. If youre unsure, its more acceptable not to accept initial invitation.
  88. 88.  Poke carefully because it means different things to different people. It can be used as a business tool to build rapport with colleagues and clients, but it is more famous for having a sexual connotation.
  89. 89.  Respect peoples privacy, especially if you are a parent and your teenager is on Facebook.Instead of asking to be your teenagers friend using FB (which could be perceived as an invasion of privacy), tell them you set up an account and let them decide whether they want to become your FB friend.
  90. 90.  Be aware of what you post because a message posted on the "wall" section at the bottom of a profile page can be read by anyone.A general rule is that if its not appropriate for someones boss to read, then dont post it.(FYI: If someone posts something questionable on YOUR wall, you can delete it.)
  91. 91.  Upload a photo of yourself as this really helps people to connect a face with a name
  92. 92.  You can adjust your privacy settings if you want to limit who can and cannot see certain photos and posts, etc
  93. 93.  Dont overdo friend requests. Even though Facebook makes it easy to upload your contacts (and automatically issue friend requests to a whole address list) its not meant to be misused.
  94. 94.  Do not make friend requests of strangers (especially ones who are significantly younger than you). Even if you know them, its a better idea to wait and let young people take the lead.
  95. 95.  People use a lot of acronyms & text message shorthand on FB. In case you dont know what the jargon means, check the word at for the meaning of the word before you respond
  96. 96. To keepyour children safe on-line
  97. 97. You can check sites w/ kid safe contents
  98. 98. Why conflict may be heightened online?
  99. 99. Due to the absence ofvisual and auditory cues to define our emotion. When we talk to someone in person, we see their facial expressions, their body language, and heartheir tone of voice, thus, we react accordingly.
  100. 100. To work on settling conflict on-lineis to acknowledge our own projection and disinhibition
  101. 101. What is Projection?
  102. 102.  It’s when we perceive the world through our expectations, needs, desires, fantasies, and feelings, and we project those onto other people. For example, if we expect people to be critical of us, we perceive other peoples communication as being critical - it sounds critical to us even though it may not be.
  103. 103.  We are more likely to project when we are online because we dont have the visual or auditory cues to guide us in our interpretations. How we hear an email or post is how we hear it in our own heads, which may or may not reflect the tone or attitude of the sender.
  104. 104. What is Disinhibition?
  105. 105.  People say and do things in cyberspace that they wouldnt ordinarily say or do in the face-to-face world. People loosen up, feel more uninhibited and express self more openly.
  106. 106. In any fights, remember to solve conflict is to know your Virtue and be firm to it no matter what happens, for it will be your only “torch” that will light your way as you seek for peace
  107. 107. With your virtues inplace, seek peace… pursue it.
  108. 108. Tips for ResolvingConflict Online(with theother fellow)
  109. 109. Start your post or e-mail with positive, affirming, and validating statements.
  110. 110.  If you receive an annoying e-mail or post, dont respond right away Re-read the post or e-mail again without judgment Assume that people does not intend to cause you harm Basic Rule: A person will not hurt us, if we do not hurt them
  111. 111. Think about why do you want to communicateTake time to respond ASAP so as not to give space for speculationSay sorry on your insensitivity to their needs and ask them sincerely to tell you how you hurt them
  112. 112.  Give them space to tell you how they feel so you can best understand them When they are done opening their emotions to you, that’s the only time you will tell them how you were hurt too. Let them exhaust themselves first. When you are given the space to speak, use "I" statements to share your feelings or thoughts, e.g. "I feel"... versus... "You made me feel”
  113. 113. Choose your words carefully and thoughtfully, particularly when you’re upset.You are not physically or virtually present with them to clarify what you meant, and they cant see the kindness in your eyes. They must rely entirely on your words to interpret your meaning, intent, and tone.
  114. 114. Use emotions to express your tone In online communication, visual and auditory cues are replaced by emoticons, for example, smiles, winks, and laughter
  115. 115. After everything is said, respect the silence & give space for the person to contemplateAlways give a positive note to your post or e- mailRemember not to say goodbye. All relationship starts with simple acquaintance and ends with true friendship
  116. 116. Those are guidelines forsettling conflict to theother fellow.Now, let’s go back totake those guide to firstsettle the conflict toyourself.First & foremost isfinding ways to settleconflict within self tobetter settle conflict toothers.
  117. 117. Tips for ResolvingConflict Online(with yourself)
  118. 118. With yourintegrated onlineself and off lineself, start your postor e-mail withpositive, affirming,and validatingstatements.
  119. 119.  If you receive an annoying e-mail or post, dont respond right away to the way your mind dictates you to do so Re-read the post or e-mail again without judgment from the way you perceived it Assume that people does not intend to cause you harm because you did not harm them Basic Rule: A person will not hurt us, if we do not hurt them . But be honest to yourself, on how many times you hurt them before they reacted
  120. 120.  Think about why do you want to communicate, really, Is it for financial, emotional, material gain? Be real. Take time to respond ASAP so as not to give space for speculation to your pride actually, not to inflate any further your ego and take you to the moon. Say sorry on your insensitivity to their needs and ask them sincerely to tell you how you hurt them because you are not being polite, you are just trying so hard to maintain the social order as a responsible teacher & adult on earth!
  121. 121.  Give them space to tell you how they feel so you can best understand them and in truth, for you to be given a sermon on how to improve your personality When they are done opening their emotions to you, that’s the only time you will tell them how you were hurt too. Let them exhaust themselves first. Because when they are tired, your given a short time to be heard. Grab it! When you are given the space to speak, use "I" statements to share your feelings or thoughts, e.g. "I feel"... versus... "You made me feel” so you can be true to your hurts and feel being human again.
  122. 122. Choose your words carefully and thoughtfully, particularly when you’re upset so they will not shut off forever. That is the worst conflict negotiation, when you are just talking to a blank wall.
  123. 123. Use emotions to express your tone, to make them feel you are real. But do this if you are in to it, smiley’s & all that stuff, otherwise, don’t. Just be sincere with thoughts coming from your sacred heart which is non-toxic, bio- degradable & nature- friendly
  124. 124. After everything is said,respect the silence & give space for the person to contemplate & this willprevent you from being a cry-babyAlways give a positive note to your post or e- mail. Good blessings are given for all to enjoy for in karma it gives us back a hundredfold
  125. 125. Remember not to say goodbye. All relationship starts with simple acquaintance and ends with true friendship. Your meeting is not coincidental. You are both given a “chance” to enjoy it at this lifetime even if they are not on the terms you wanted.
  126. 126. Indications that Conflicts areSettled:To yourself, you can already“smile” without regret &without malice in pure heart(not black heart)To the other fellow, has theurge to be with you againsincerely in good intention,even if you stop making theeffort to reconcile differences.
  127. 127. The internet isan ideal place topracticecommunicationand conflictresolution skills.
  128. 128. Just like in the off lineworld, we can take thelimitations of on-linecommunication e.g. absenceof visual and auditory cues,anonymity, invisibility,delayed reactions, etc as ourtest on how strong we canhold on to our Virtue and beconsistent with it in handlingany conflict wherever we areand however we exist onearth at the moment.
  129. 129. How are you? MIND BODY SPIRIT
  130. 130. SPIRITMeditative PrayerHow to start peace thoughts?
  131. 131. T Reason to address our worries
  132. 132. Internet why do people use it & overuse it? As a Teacher true to our Vocation, let’s help one another in instilling & keeping the Values Formation alive in the worldwidewebWith our Virtues of Faith, Hope, Love, Respect, Courtesy, Politeness, etc, let’s patiently keep “Nature’s Balance” while we stand in the core competition of material world Why? Because we care.
  133. 133. T To be true to our Vocation as an “Educator” in the Internet Age
  134. 134. Internet Age 101 Innovative Personality Preparing Teachers for the Internet Age Seminar-Workshop DIWA Learning Systems, Inc. Resource Speaker Ms. Zara Jane Juan Personality Development: WELLNESS FOR PEACE: Philippines: www.wellnesspilipinas.blogspot.comUN World Peace Conflict Zone: International: Wellness Series Thank you & God bless you whatever your mood maybe…
  135. 135. Book Author & Resource Speaker (2005-present):1. Innovative Mind & Body (Personality Development 12 volumes)2. Integrity in The Workplace (Leadership);3. Colors of Wellness (Stress Management);4. The Art of Leadership (Peace Leadership)5. Coaching Kids & Mentoring Teens to Become Young Leaders;6. Innovative Styles In Teaching;7. Vocation @ Work (Personality Development))8. Bridging the Gap to Productivity (Corporate Communication);9. Artistic Exploration (Team-Building);10. Public Speaking, a breakthrough approach!;11. Rudiments of Theater (Acting-Music-Dance)Proponent and Advocate Wellness for Peace:Philippines: www.wellnesspilipinas.blogspot.comInternational: Wellness Series: www.zarajanejuan.blogspot.comUN World Peace Conflict Zone: www.peaceadvocates.blogspot.comList of Citations as Author & Resource Speaker:1. Plaque of Appreciation from Philippine Heart Center on "Colors of Wellness"2. Plaque of Appreciation from Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) on “Innovative Mind & Body”3. Plaque of Appreciation from Office of the President NCDA on “Innovative Mind & Body”4. Certificate of Appreciation from Roman Catholic Bishop of Novaliches Educational System (RCBN-ES) on “Innovative Mind & Body”5. Certificate of Appreciation on “Colors of Wellness” from De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila6. Plaque of Appreciation from St. Mary’s Pasay “On Mentoring Kids & Teens to Become Young Leaders”7. Plaque of Appreciation on “Integrity in the Workplace” by San Lorenzo School, San Pedro Laguna8. Plaque of Appreciation from San Roque Catholic School on “Corporate Communication”9. Plaque of Appreciation on “Innovative Styles in Teaching” & “Vocation @ Work” from Treasury of the Golden Word School10. Plaque of Appreciation on “Innovative Styles in Teaching” from Assoc of Private Schools in Batangas City11. Plaque of Appreciation on “Colors of Wellness” from Assoc of Private Schools in Baguio City12. Plaque of Recognition on “Innovative Mind & Body” from Dr. Carlos Lanting College, QC13. Plaque of Appreciation on Leadership Training from Recoletos Academy, Antipolo, Rizal14. Plaque of Appreciation on Public Speaking-A Breakthrough Approach! from University of Perpetual Help Cavite15. Plaque of Appreciation on Artistic Exploration from Elizabeth Seton School, Las Piñas & Cavite16. Plaque of Appreciation on Developing Positive Mental Attitude from Informatics17. Plaque of Appreciation on “The Art of Leadership” from Philippine Cultural High School Manila18. Certificate of Appreciation on "Balik-Bata"Workshop from Philippine Cultural High School, Mla19. Certificate of Appreciation on “Innovative Mind & Body” from St. Matthew’s College, San Mateo20. Certificate of Recognition on Personality Development from Sto. Niño School, Muntinlupa21. Certificate of Recognition on Theatre Arts from Good Shepherd Cathedral School, QCPast Work:Producer Creative Productions Box Media Production industryJanuary 2000 – January 2006 (6 years 1 month)Concept Maker, Host & Producer, Artistic ExploProducer Visualminds Media Production industryJuly 1995 – January 2006 (10 years 7 months)Producer, Associate Director & Performing Artist at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC); Philamlife Theater;RCBC Theater, Cultural Center of the PhilippinesAccount Manager ABC 5 (Team Image & Maxi-Media International)Media Production industry May 1995 – October 1995 (6 months)Account Manager Prime Advertising AgencyMedia Production industry January 1994 – December 1994 (1 year)Public Relations Associate Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Agency PhilippinesMedia Production industry April 1993 – January 1994Performing Artist FREELANCEMedia Production industry Documentary Film Actress to International Films & RPN 9Social Development Artists & Trainor of Women & WorkersNonprofit Organization Management industry April 1990 – April 1992Assistant Photo Journalist Time MagazineMedia Production industry , Public Company; TWX; Publishing industry June 1989 – December 1990 (1 year 7 months)Education:Development Communications (MassComm), Ateneo de Manila University,QCPolitical Science, PUP Sta Mesa ManilaOther Data: Binibining Pilipinas Awardee
  136. 136.  List of Global Internet Social Networking Sites
  137. 137.  InternetSocial Networking Sites Social networking for September 2008 211,000[2] Open 9,294[3] academics/resea rchers Free and open source Advogato software develop 1999 13,575[4] Open 139,873[5] ers aNobii Books 2006 Open 11,992[6] European jetaSmallWorld set and social March 2004 550,000[7] Invite-only 5,978[8] elite world-wide
  138. 138.  Internet Social Networking Sites A social network for AsianAvenue the Asian 1997 Open American com munity Running, Athlinks Swimming 2001 139,458 Open 75,362[10] music 2010 Open 486,598[11]Avatars United Online games March 2008 Open 9,641,523[12]
  139. 139.  Internet Social Networking Sites General, Meet new people, Open to Badoo Popular in Europe and Latin 2006 86,000,000[13] people 18 128[14] America and older Open to Bebo General July 2005 117,000,000[15] people 13 2,148[16] and older Open to Bigadda Indian Social Networking Site August 2007 3,000,000[17] people 16 11,684[18] and older Requires Norwegian Norwegian community June 1, 2005 430,000[19] 65,176[20] phone number
  140. 140.  Internet Social Networking Sites September BlackPlanet African-Americans 20,000,000[21] Open 2,350[22] 1, 1999 Anyone who wants to tell Open to Blauk something about a stranger or 2010 people 13 937,454[23] acquaintance. and older. November Blogster Blogging community 85,579[24] Open 23,485[25] 24, 2005 General 1996 Open 111,069[26]
  141. 141.  Internet Social Networking Sites Buzznet Music and pop-culture 2005 10,000,000[27] Open 1,132[28] Open to December CafeMom Mothers 1,250,000[29] moms and 4,333[30] 2006 moms-to-be 17 Cake Financial Investing September Open 481,922[31] 2007 Care2 Green living and social activism 1998 9,961,947[32] Open 2,594[33]
  142. 142.  Internet Social Networking Sites Not for profit providing free websites that connect family Open to CaringBridge and friends during a serious 9,500,000[35] people 18 4,198[37] health event, care and and older[36] recovery.[34] Open to Mobile social game network, Cellufun 2007 3,000,000[39] people 14 46,773[40] Number 8 US mobile website[38] and older Open to School, college, work and the 1995 50,000,000[41] people 18 2,961[43] military and older[42] Cloob General. Popular in Iran Open 914[44]
  143. 143.  Internet Social Networking Sites Worldwide network for making connections between travelers CouchSurfing 1,560,459[45] Open 3,711[46] and the local communities they visit. East Asian and Southeast CozyCot 2001 150,000[47] Open 3,711[48] Asian women Faith Based social network for Christian believers from around 2008 450,000[49] Open 30,741[50] the world Crunchyroll Anime and forums. Open 2,328[51]
  144. 144.  Internet Social Networking Sites General. Popular in South Cyworld 24,000,000[52] Open 1,027[53] Korea. Photo-blogging site where users February 13, DailyBooth Open 5,460[54] upload a photo every day 2009 Medical & emotional support November 4, DailyStrength community - Physical health, Open 22,054[55] 2007 Mental health, Support groups European and American social Decayenne 2001 Invite-only 154,733[56] elite
  145. 145.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social bookmarking allowing September delicious users to locate and save websites 8,822,921[57] Open 239[58] 2003 that match their own interests August 7, deviantART Art community 9,040,962[59] Open 126[60] 2000 People with disabilities Disaboom (Amputee, cerebral palsy, MS, Open 112,712[61] and other disabilities) Politic community, Social Dol2day network, Internet radio (German- 40,200[62] Open 554,616[63] speaking countries)
  146. 146.  Internet Social Networking Sites DontStayIn Clubbing (primarily UK) Open 19,022[64] Invitation General (primarily LV, LT, HU) 2,600,466[24] 2,272[65] only Chinese Web 2.0 website providing user review and recommendation services for movies, books, and music. It is douban 2005 46,850,000[66] Open 139[67] also the largest online Chinese language book, movie and music database and one of the largest online communities in China. Open, Community and wiki Elftown 185,000[68] approval 17,681[69] around Fantasy and sci-fi. needed
  147. 147.  Internet Social Networking Sites Epernicus For research scientists Open 293,955[70] Open to For baby boomers people 13 27,320[71] and older Experience Project Life experiences Open 3,452[72] Exploroo Travel Social Networking. Open 209,868[73]
  148. 148.  Internet Social Networking Sites Open to February Facebook General. 640,000,000+[74] people 13 2[75] 2004 and older Invitation only to Faceparty General. Popular UK. 200,000[76] 28,760[77] people 18 and older Open to British teens people 13 120,665[78] and older Open to people "of Fetlife People who are into BDSM 500,000[79] [legal] age 5,513[80] to see adult content"
  149. 149.  Internet Social Networking Sites FilmAffinity Movies and TV Series 2002 250,000[81] Open 3,916[82] Entrepreneural community Open to FledgeWing targeted towards worldwide university 1,793,990[83] university students students Open to Flixster Movies 2007 63,000,000[84] people 13 1,018[85] and older Open to 33[87] Photo sharing, commenting, people 13 February Flickr photography related networking, 32,000,000[86] and older 2004 worldwide (Yahoo!Logi n) -
  150. 150.  Internet Social Networking Sites Open to Business to Business, worldwide 2005 850,000[88] people 13 11,495[89] and older Open to Folkdirect General June 2010 80,000[90] people 16 19,932[91] and older Photo sharing, video hosting, 5,367[92] photo contests, journals, forums, flexible privacy protection, October Fotki 1,632,565 Open friends feed, audio comments and 1998 unlimited custom design - integration. Photoblogging. Popular in South Fotolog 20,000,000[93] Open 1,194[94] America and Spain
  151. 151.  Internet Social Networking Sites Location based mobile social Foursquare 2,000,000[95] Open 4,539[96] network Open to UK based. School, college, work, Friends Reunited 19,000,000[97] people 13 10,231[98] sport and streets and older General. Popular in Southeast Open to Friendster Asia. No longer popular in 2002 90,000,000[99] people 16 979[100] thewestern world and older. 1,253,155[10 Frühstückstreff General July 2001 14,800[citation needed] Open 1]
  152. 152.  Internet Social Networking Sites dating, an "online bar" for 18 October Open to Fubar 1,200,000[102] 9,476[103] and older 2007 people 18+ Anime and games. Popular in Open to Gaia Online USA, Canada and Europe. 23,523,663[104] people 13 1,071[105] Moderately popular around Asia. and older September GamerDNA Computer and video games 310,000[106] Open 22,887[107] 21, 2006 Article, picture, and video sharing, as well as group 465,000[108] Open 3,974[109] discussions
  153. 153.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social network for LGBT community, Guide May 16, Open, 100,000[110] 74,664[111] for LGBT bars, restaurants, 2008 Global clubs, shopping January 16, Families, genealogy 15,000,000[112] Open 5,815[113] 2007 Fair play in Music - Social Invite only Gogoyoko networking site for musicians and 119,272[114] while in beta music lovers December Goodreads Library cataloging, book lovers Open 2,543[115] 2006
  154. 154.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social network with matchmaking and personality October Goodwizz 60,000[116][117] Open 214,214[118] games to find new contacts. 2010 Global, based in France. NA (Alexa only records data Google Buzz General Open for second- level domains) for people in and around GovLoop government Poland 2,000,000[citation needed] Open 2,958[119]
  155. 155.  Internet Social Networking Sites General for teens. Over 31 Open to Habbo communities worldwide. Chat 200,000,000[120][121][122] people 13 6,545[123] Room and user profiles. and older General. Popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Ro Open to mania,Jamaica, Central hi5 2003 80,000,000[124] people 13 265[125] Africa, Portugal and Latin and older. America. Not very popular in the USA. Hospitality Club Hospitality 328,629[126] Open 38,258[127] Geo-Social Aggregator rooted in the concept of knowing where Hotlist 80,000[128] Open 28,241[129] your friends are, were, and will be.
  156. 156.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social networking site for 1999 194,000[130] Open 60,048[131] Human Resources professionals Global influencers focused on November Hub Culture 20,000[132] Invite-only 515,308[133] worth creation 2002 General, Most popular in the Hyves 10,097,000[134] Open 225[135] Netherlands. Talent based social networking site that allows to promote ones Ibibo 3,500,000[136] Open 695[137] self and also discover new talent. Most popular in India.
  157. 157.  Internet Social Networking Sites Twitter-like service popular with hackers and software 395,695[citation needed] Open 3,822[138] freedom advocates. Online collaboration for Open, Indaba Music musicians, remix contests, and 350,000[139] 55,062[140] Global networking. Open to Finnish IRC-Galleria Finland 505,000[141] speaking 3,302[142] people 12 and older Language learning social Open, 500,000[143] 29,939[144] network. 100+ languages. Global
  158. 158.  Internet Social Networking Sites InterNations International community Invite-only 25,604[145] Mobile community worldwide, Itsmy blogging, friends, personal TV- 2,500,000[146] 206,437[147] shows iWiW Hungary 4,000,000[148] Invite-only 532[149] Open to General. Microblogging. Owned February Jaiku people 13 15,661[150] by Google 2006 and older
  159. 159.  Internet Social Networking Sites November kaioo General, nonprofit 30,000[151] 386,200[152] 2007 Open to the General. In Simplified Chinese; Kaixin001 General 61[153] caters for mainland China users Public General. For the users, by the Open to Kiwibox users, a social network that is 1999 2,400,000[154] people 13 104,563[155] more than a community. and older Open, Lafango Talent-Focused media sharing site 35,810[156] Global
  160. 160.  Internet Social Networking Sites Music 2002 30,000,000[157] Open 310[158] Open to LibraryThing Book lovers 400,000[159] people 13 4,529[160] and older Open to Lifeknot Shared interests, hobbies people 18 602,117[161] and older Open to Business and professional LinkedIn May 2003 100,000,000[162] people 18 17[163] networking and older
  161. 161.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social networking website for Open, 1,668,484[16 LinkExpats expatriates. 100+ countries. Global 4] Listography Lists. Autobiography Open 197,009[165] Blogging. Popular in Russia and April 15, Open LiveJournal among the Russian-speaking 17,564,977[166] 81[167] 1999 (OpenID) diaspora abroad. Online language learning - dynamic online courses in 35 Livemocha languages - worlds largest 5,000,000[168] Open 4,079[169] community of native language speakers.
  162. 162.  Internet Social Networking Sites LunarStorm Sweden 1,200,000[ Open 65,874[171] MEETin General Open 173,717[172] General. Used to plan offline Open to meetings for people interested in people 18 739[173] various activities and older
  163. 163.  Internet Social Networking Sites October 25, Mixi Japan 24,323,160[175] Invite-only 85[176] 2000 Open to mobikade mobile community, UK only people 18 1,851,728[177] and older Open to MocoSpace mobile community, worldwide 3,000,000[178] people 14 3,685[179] and older Open to MOG Music people 14 4,221[180] and older
  164. 164.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social Network, social media, Open 2,545[181] consumer reviews Mubi (website) Auteur cinema 200,000 Open 25,648[182] Open to "Real world" relationships. Multiply 10,000,000[183] people 13 246[184] Popular in primarily in Asia. and older. Open to Muxlim Muslim portal site 2006 50,000[185] people 13 59,099[186] and older
  165. 165.  InternetSocial Networking Sites Open to Anime themed socialMyAnimeList community 160,000[187] people 13 and older 6,096[188] family-oriented social networkMyHeritage service 30,000,000 [189] Open 2,953[190] Locating friends and family, MyLife keeping in touch ( 51,000,000[191] Open 1,481[192] NA (Alexa Blogging, mobile blogging, photo only records sharing, connecting with data My Opera friends, Opera Link and Opera Unite. Global 5,500,000[193] Open for second- level domains)
  166. 166.  Internet Social Networking Sites Open to Myspace General August 2003 100,000,000+[194][195] ages 13 and 46[196] older. Open to age 13 and up & myYearbook General, Charity 20,000,000[197] 851[198] Grades 9 and up School, college and friends. 11,000,000[199] Open 110[200] Popular in Poland General. Popular in Europe, Turkey, the Arab World and Open to Netlog Canadas Québec province. 70,000,000[202] people 13 130[203] Formerly known as Facebox and and older Redbox.[201]
  167. 167.  Internet Social Networking Sites September Nettby Norwegian Community Open 2,719[204] 14, 2006 Open to people 13 Nexopia Canada 1,400,000[205] 24,071[207] and older [206] Non-Profit news sharing and NGO Post 15,000[208] Open 70,134[209] networking, mainly in India Open to Users create their own social Ning people 13 132[210] websites and social networks and older
  168. 168.  Internet Social Networking Sites Connect with old classmates. Odnoklassniki Popular in Russia and former 45,000,000[211] Open 92[212] Soviet republics Open to Not for Profit Social networking People of all OneClimate 307,773[213] and Climate Change ages and locations Not for Profit Video sharing and social networking aimed at people 27,434,227[214 OneWorldTV Open ] interested in social issues, development, environment, etc. Open to First online blogging community, Open Diary 1998 5,000,000[215] people 13 39,290[216] founded in 1998 and older
  169. 169.  Internet Social Networking Sites Open to people 18 General. Owned by Google Inc. January 22, Orkut 100,000,000[218] and older, 43[219] Popular in India andBrazil.[217] 2004 (Googlelogi n) OUTeverywhere Gay/LGBTQ Community Open 329,887[220] Passportstamp Travel Open 366,598[221] Dutch virtual community for people interested in house music and other electronic dance music. 10th Open to Partyflock Since 2001, Partyflock has November 321,125 people 18 7,226[222] evolved into the biggest online 2001 years and up community for the dance scene in the Netherlands
  170. 170.  Internet Social Networking Sites Invite-only, Collaborative platform for the only Pingsta worlds Internetwork Experts Internet 1,668,955[223] Experts Plaxo Aggregator 15,000,000[224] Open 1,533[225] Playahead Swedish, Danish teenagers Closed 63,081[226] Open General, Music people over 13
  171. 171.  Internet Social Networking Sites Micro-blogging, RSS, updates. Plurk Open 1,072[227] Very popular in Taiwan Enterprise social networking and Open 4,893,711[228] micro-blogging A a business-oriented social Open to Qapacity networking site and a business people 16 96,847[229] directory and older Open to Quechup General, friendship, dating 2007 those over 150,757[230] 16
  172. 172.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social network for scientific ResearchGate 400,000[237] Open 23,095[238] researchers Open to Social network for musician and 500,000[239] people 16 4,422[240] bands and older Ryze Business 500,000[241] Open 19,839[242] Science-oriented multimedia ScienceStage platform and network for Open 26,804[243] scientists
  173. 173.  InternetSocial Networking SitesScispace.n Collaborative network site for scientists By invitation, but can 1,231,795[244] request an et invitationShareThe Music Community. Sharing and listening to music for free and Open 471,712[245] legally Music Shelfari Books October 11, 2006 Open 19,681[246] Skyrock Social Network in French- speaking world 22,000,000[247] Open 111[248]
  174. 174.  Internet Social Networking SitesSocial_Life_ Brazilian jet set and social elite 2008 550,000[249] Invite-only 154,533[250] world-wide (website)SocialVibe Social Network for Charity 435,000[citation needed] Open 41,927[251] General. Popular in Latin Open America and Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions. 17,000,000[252][253] people 13 and older 507[254] Stickam Live video streaming and chat. 2,000,000[255] Open 2,742[256]
  175. 175.  Internet Social Networking Sites University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries. StudiVZ School students and those out of 17,000,000[257] Open 316[258] education sign up via its partner sites schülerVZ and meinVZ. Stumble through websites that StumbleUpon 10,600,000[259] Open 185[260] match your selected interests General. Subject to quite Tagged some controversy about its e-mail 100,000,000[261] Open 117[262] marketing and privacy policy TalentTrove Online Talent Network Open 21,177[263]
  176. 176.  Internet Social Networking Sites Talkbiznow Business networking Open 283,770[264] Taltopia Online artistic community Open 52,759[265] Open to Taringa! General 350,000[266] people 13 126[267] and older Education / Learning / Teaching - TeachStreet Open 61,492[268] More than 400 subjects
  177. 177.  Internet Social Networking Sites Learning / Languages / TermWiki Translation - 1.2m terms in May 2010 Open 16,182[269] more than 1300 subjects Open to Travel 2005 1,588,000[270] people 18 11,789[271] and older Travellerspoint Travel 2002 310,000[272] Open 11,486[273] General Open 5,706[274]
  178. 178.  Internet Social Networking Sites French subsidiary of 4,400,000[275] 7,283[276] Spanish-based university and Tuenti High School social network. Very 4,500,000[citation needed] Invite-only 291[277] Popular in Spain Tumblr General. Micro-blogging, RSS 2007 Open 245[278] General. Micro-blogging, RSS, July 15, Twitter 175,000,000[279][280] Open 10[281] updates 2006
  179. 179.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social Network for Russian- speaking world including September Vkontakte 110,578,500[282] Open 37[283] former Soviet republics. Biggest 2006 site in Russia Open to Gothic and industrial subculture 1999 1,931,049[284] users 13 and 7,577[285] over Global Social Networking and Campus Networking available in Viadeo 35,000,000[286] Open 710[287] English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Social network that focuses Virb heavily on artists, including 2007 Open 22,474[288] musicians and photographers
  180. 180.  Internet Social Networking Sites Vox Blogging Open 1,319[289] For computer fans that want to Wakoopa 100,000[citation needed] Open 9,420[290] discover new software and games For readers and authors to interact Wattpad Open 11,008[291] & e-book sharing Wasabi General. UK-based. Open 95,188[292]
  181. 181.  Internet Social Networking Sites Open to WAYN Travel and lifestyle May 2003 10,000,000[293] people 18 2,974[294] and older WebBiographies Genealogy and biography Open 734,214[295] Open to ages WeeWorld Teenagers - 10 to 17 30,000,000[296] 8,729[297] 13 and older. Open, General with emphasis on privacy WeOurFamily subscription- 685,337[298] and security based
  182. 182.  InternetSocial Networking SitesWer-kennt- General General 441[299] wen 4,000,000[citati weRead Books June 2007 on needed] Open 80,233[300] Windows Blogging NA (Alexa 120,000,000[3 only records data (formerly 01] Open for second-Live Spaces MSN Spaces) level domains) Online community space for the Open toWiserEarth social justice 45,000[303] people 16 and older 77,143[304] and environmental movement[302]
  183. 183.  Internet Social Networking SitesWriteA Site networking Open toPrisoner inmates, friends, family September 2000 66,000[305] people 18 years and older 252,188[306] .com Blogs andXanga "metro" areas Unknown 27,000,000[307] Open 768[308] Business (primarily Europe XING (Germany, Austria, 8,000,000[309] Open 269[310] Switzerland) and China) Catholic social networking, Xt3 created after World Youth Open 459,914[311] Day 2008
  184. 184.  Internet Social Networking Sites Social Must haveYammer networking for company email 32,993[312] office colleagues Local BusinessYelp, Inc. Review and Talk Open 343[313] UK Social Network (focusYoumeo on data Open 1,680,191[314] portability) Greek Web Meeting point 2004 890,000[315] Open 8,057[316]
  185. 185.  Internet Social Networking Sites Online Community for Creative Open to Talent (host Zooppa of brand 60,000[317] people 14 and older[318] 88,555[319] sponsored advertising contests)