How to Achieve Peace through Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Retreat by Amb Juan


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The Author personally conducts the Lecture-Workshop in your Country. She lives in Tagaytay City, Philippines. To Reserve a Workshop Date in your Venue, please call her directly: Local (Philippines): 09295197788 or International: (63) 9266787938.E-mail: E-mail:

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FYI: Ambassador Zara Jane Juan conducts the Training herself to fund the Peace Missionary Programs of Sailing for Peace because she doesn’t receive donations to prevent corruption.

PEACE VIGIL Programs are:
Initiating Peace: Interfaith Interracial Intercultural Worldwide Prayers to End Terrorism
Educating Peace: Wellness for Peace Education on Climate Change Worldwide
Innovating Peace: Climate Change & Peace Building Eco Forum and Symposium

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How to Achieve Peace through Meditative Prayer for Spiritual Retreat by Amb Juan

  1. 1. How to achieve Peace through Prayer?
  2. 2. First know all your uncertainties that prevents you to be peaceful
  3. 3. When we are in doubt of something that is uncertainty
  4. 4. When we have qualms on someone that is an uncertainty
  5. 5. When we worry just about anything, those are uncertainties
  6. 6. When we have reservations on our decisions, those are uncertainties
  7. 7. When we fear something that is unknown to us, that is an uncertainty
  8. 8. When we are suspicious of people and situations, that’s uncertainty
  9. 9. Uncertainties are doubts, qualms, worries, reservations, fears and suspicions
  10. 10. Now, take the time of uncertainties as your moment to pray
  11. 11. Why pray during time of uncertainties?
  12. 12. Because Prayer provides the enlightenment in our mind to solve our uncertainties
  13. 13. Prayer settles all the issues that makes us unpeaceful
  14. 14. Prayer does not give instant solution but it gives the way on how to clear doubts
  15. 15. Prayer does not solve problems but it teaches us how to deal with worries to settle problems
  16. 16. Prayer encourages us to be brave to face our fears
  17. 17. Prayer push us to talk to people to clear out suspicions
  18. 18. Prayer explains our reservations on certain matters we do not know
  19. 19. Prayers will heal our qualms on people and situations
  20. 20. Ordinary prayers are okay for everyday blessings and protections
  21. 21. But Meditative Prayer is the one that explains everything about life.
  22. 22. Meditative Prayer is the one-on-one dialogue with God
  23. 23. Meditative Prayer is a regular meeting with God everyday
  24. 24. How to do the Meditative Prayer?
  25. 25. First, you must believe that you feel God whenever you pray
  26. 26. Second, you have faith that Prayer is good for your body and soul
  27. 27. Third, you acknowledge that God is your boss
  28. 28. Because when you know that God rules you, you give time to Pray
  29. 29. To pray meditatively is to have the conviction to be faithful to God
  30. 30. Because in faithfulness everything flows naturally
  31. 31. As you go on with your prayer, you will learn how to be faithful
  32. 32. When you are faithful, you become a devotee
  33. 33. How to become a devotee of Meditative Prayer?
  34. 34. Allot at least an hour a day to pray in a quiet space
  35. 35. Stay quiet and be still in prayer until you feel God speak in silence
  36. 36. Quiet the mind by letting the power of meditative prayer leads you
  37. 37. Let go and let God rule your mind, body and soul
  38. 38. Continue the stillness and silence in meditative prayer until you feel free
  39. 39. Be free in the arms of God holding you as you go deep in your prayer
  40. 40. Meditative Prayer is letting God take you, hold you and keep you safe
  41. 41. Tears will be shed as you do your meditative prayer, let it go, it will refresh you!
  42. 42. Continue praying meditatively until you feel that you are God’s little baby
  43. 43. When you are God’s baby already, God will explain everything to you in your meditative prayer
  44. 44. Enlightenmen t on your issues comes when you let God be God in your existence
  45. 45. You do not dictate God what you want but you let God tell you what is best for you!
  46. 46. Do the Meditative Prayer daily until you find all the answers to your your questions
  47. 47. When you find the answers, you solve your uncertainties
  48. 48. When you solve your uncertainties, you enter the gateway to Peace!
  49. 49. So, worry no more and enjoy your journey to the process of Meditative Prayer
  50. 50. God bless you!