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Personality Development: Nourish, Fashion and Style by Amb Juan


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The Author personally conducts the Lecture-Workshop in your Country. She lives in Tagaytay City, Philippines. To Reserve a Workshop Date in your Venue, please call her directly: Local (Philippines): 09295197788 or International: (63) 9266787938.E-mail: E-mail:

Professional Fee: (Philippines):
P10,000 per talk provided the Organizer will fetch and bring back the Speaker in Tagaytay City.

For Companies Without Transportation Arrangement, Speaker's Fee is P15,000 for Private Companies

Hotel Accommodation and Plane Tickets c/o Organizer (for out-of-town)

INTERNATIONAL Professional Fee: $1,000 USD per talk
Hotel Accommodation and Plane Tickets c/o Organizer

FYI: Ambassador Zara Jane Juan conducts the Training herself to fund the Peace Missionary Programs of Sailing for Peace because she doesn’t receive donations to prevent corruption.

PEACE VIGIL Programs are:
Initiating Peace: Interfaith Interracial Intercultural Worldwide Prayers to End Terrorism
Educating Peace: Wellness for Peace Education on Climate Change Worldwide
Innovating Peace: Climate Change & Peace Building Eco Forum and Symposium

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Personality Development: Nourish, Fashion and Style by Amb Juan

  1. 1. BODY10 body power foods
  2. 2. Walnuts good for the brain Rich in unsaturated fats, shown to keep cholesterol levels healthy. Contain melatonin which may help sleep-wake cycles
  3. 3. Apricots good for the eyes Contain vitamin A to help maintain healthy eyes. Good source of iron and high in fibre
  4. 4. Linseed (flaxseed) good for the women’s breast full of omega 3 and 6, rich in lecithin to help digestion and fat metabolism. High source of lignans, helping support women’s health
  5. 5. Almonds good for the heart Naturally cholesterol free – to help maintain a healthy heart. High in protein and fibre, and packed with E and B vitamins, magnesium and calcium. May aid weight loss
  6. 6. Figs good for the intestines Full of fibre for good digestion and natural sugar champion to balance sugar levels in the blood to prevent cravings. Good source of calcium and iron
  7. 7. Prunes good for the kidney Maintain bowel regularity which can help ensure healthy digestion and bowel. Good for overall health
  8. 8. Pumpkin seeds good for the men’s sex organs Packed with zinc which help support men’s health. Rich in phosphorous and magnesium for bone health. High in iron and B vitamins
  9. 9. Sunflower seeds good for the cells (whole body) Rich in essential B vitamins which help release energy from our food. An abundant source of vitamin E which help protect cell membranes
  10. 10. Brazil nuts good for the bones (whole body) Selenium-rich, an important mineral to ensure healthy immune system and thyroid function. Full of phosphorous and magnesium for bone health
  11. 11. Cashews good for the joints (feet & hands) Contain heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and rich in vitamins and minerals that support bones and joints
  12. 12. Asparagus prevents bowel cancer Rich in folate and fibre
  13. 13. Salmon good for the brain -low in fat and high in omega oils and essential fatty acids needed for concentration and brain function, to keep cells, joints and heart healthy
  14. 14. FOOD FOR COMFORT Bananas, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes and vegetable soups
  15. 15. FOOD FOR COMFORT Porridge oats are sustaining to the nervous system, and celery and lettuce have a calming effect
  16. 16. FOOD FOR COMFORT Fruits, oily fish and steamed vegetables help the body to cope with stress
  17. 17. FOOD FOR COMFORT Eggs, whole grains, spinach, broccoli, avocado and dairy products
  18. 18. Posture
  19. 19. Different Body Shapes
  20. 20. Apple Shape – bigtop and small bottom
  21. 21. Apple Shape Cut -go straight -avoid frothy blouses because they add bulk -wear tops w/ V-neck or asymmetric (irregular) colors -straight knee-length skirts -straight cut jeans
  22. 22. Apple Shape Do not use skin-tight fabrics for gown use silk & satin use capes to draw attention to your back instead to your tummy colors for men: deep khakis & muted (pale) pink
  23. 23. Pear Shape – smalltop & big bottom
  24. 24. Pear Shape A-cut skirts use tops that ends in the hipline concentrate on accessories from waist up use big earrings, necklaces or shawl or hats to steer focus on top
  25. 25. Pear Shape wear stretch fabrics that hold don’t wear printed or high gloss fabrics as bottom stay away from all white, pencil skirts or flat shoes
  26. 26. Tall Shape –straight all the way
  27. 27. Tall Shape -beware of fit -use long scarves for women -use oversized tweeds (fabrics made of wool) -use big floral prints -use light hues on top and dark colors on bottom for gown: use chiffon
  28. 28. Tall Shape try long loose tops use glitzy sandals for women use boots for men stay away from jumpers stay away from ultra short dresses stay away from ultra short shorts for men
  29. 29. Petite Shape –small top and smallbottom
  30. 30. Petite Shape -For long skirts - show at least 3-4 inches of legs -use zip front jackets -use monochromatic hue -limit prints to tops
  31. 31. Petite Shape -stay away from large multi-color prints -stay away from maxi (big) skirts or big pants -stay away from big jackets
  36. 36. Fashion
  37. 37. …is Stylish Dressing
  38. 38. explore
  39. 39. create…
  40. 40. discover…
  41. 41. Your artistry within…
  42. 42. COLORS
  43. 43. 6am-11am white / blue(light shades)
  44. 44. 11am-2pmyellow, light brown, pink (light shades)
  45. 45. 3pm-5pmorange, gold, dark brown
  46. 46. 6pm-8pm purple
  47. 47. 8pm onwards black
  48. 48. 3pm-5pmorange, gold, dark brown
  49. 49. 6pm-8pm purple
  50. 50. 8pm onwards black