Colors of Wellness Stress Management and Personality Development by Amb Juan


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The Author personally conducts the Lecture-Workshop in your Country. She lives in Tagaytay City, Philippines. To Reserve a Workshop Date in your Venue, please call her directly: Local (Philippines): 09295197788 or International: (63) 9266787938.E-mail: E-mail:

Professional Fee: (Philippines):
P10,000 per talk provided the Organizer will fetch and bring back the Speaker in Tagaytay City.

For Companies Without Transportation Arrangement, Speaker's Fee is P15,000 for Private Companies

Hotel Accommodation and Plane Tickets c/o Organizer (for out-of-town)

INTERNATIONAL Professional Fee: $1,000 USD per talk
Hotel Accommodation and Plane Tickets c/o Organizer

FYI: Ambassador Zara Jane Juan conducts the Training herself to fund the Peace Missionary Programs of Sailing for Peace because she doesn’t receive donations to prevent corruption.

PEACE VIGIL Programs are:
Initiating Peace: Interfaith Interracial Intercultural Worldwide Prayers to End Terrorism
Educating Peace: Wellness for Peace Education on Climate Change Worldwide
Innovating Peace: Climate Change & Peace Building Eco Forum and Symposium

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Colors of Wellness Stress Management and Personality Development by Amb Juan

  1. 1. WellnessMind + Body + Spirit + Environment___________________________ = Good Economics = Peace
  2. 2. StressManagement
  3. 3. In the recent report of the World Health Organization, Lifestyle diseases such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, Obesity & hypertension claimed the lives of men and women at their prime age leaving their family behind and a fruitful career that suppose to bring a big difference in the development of the economy worldwide. It is in this call that Wellness Series on Tour was born in 2008 with the aim of educating & inspiring everyone to protect one’s own health through the host’s formula of wellness in mind, body, environment & economics as tools for peace & nation building Supported by wellness practitioners & health advocates now aptly called ZARA (Zone of Advocates for Refinement Anywhere), it received citations and endorsements from The Office of the President NCRFW, NCDA,Philippine Heart Center, Philippine Lung Center, Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine, businesses & civic clubs Wellness Tour became a regular need of private offices, government agencies, civic organizations nationwide.
  4. 4. • Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health • WHO > Programmes and projects > Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity & Health• Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity are two of the main risk factors for raised blood pressure, raised blood glucose, abnormal blood lipids, overweight/obesity, and for the major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. • Overall, 2.7 million deaths are attributable to low fruit and vegetable intake . • Overall, 1.9 million deaths are attributable to physical inactivity.
  5. 5. Purpose of Stress &Ways to Manage it
  6. 6. • Body’s Stress Response • The stress response is • the body’s way of protecting you.• When working properly, it helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert.
  7. 7. • When you perceive a threat, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones rouse the body for emergency action.
  8. 8. • Your heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and your senses become sharper. These physical changes increase your strength and stamina, speed your reaction time, and enhance your focus – preparing you to either fight or flee from the danger at hand.
  9. 9. health problems caused by stress • Pain of any kind • Heart disease • Digestive problems • Sleep problems • Depression • Obesity • Autoimmune diseases • Skin conditions
  10. 10. Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms Cognitive Symptoms • Memory problems • Inability to concentrate • Poor judgment • Seeing only the negative • Anxious or racing thoughts • Constant worrying
  11. 11. Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms Physical Symptoms • Aches and pains • Diarrhea or constipation • Nausea, dizziness • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat • Loss of sex drive • Frequent colds
  12. 12. Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms Emotional Symptoms • Moodiness • Irritability or short temper • Agitation, inability to relax • Feeling overwhelmed • Sense of loneliness and isolation • Depression or general unhappiness
  13. 13. Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms Behavioral Symptoms • Eating more or less • Sleeping too much or too little • Isolating yourself from others • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities • Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax • Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting)
  14. 14. How do you respond to stress?• Foot on the gas – An angry or agitated stress response. You’re heated, keyed up, overly emotional, and unable to sit still. • Foot on both – A tense and frozen stress response. You “freeze” under pressure and can’t do anything. You look paralyzed, but under the surface you’re extremely agitated. • Foot on the brake – A withdrawn or depressed stress response. You shut down, space out, and show very little energy or emotion.
  15. 15. Factors that Result in Job StressJob stress could be as a result of a number of factors, which can be broadly classified into (1) external factors relating to organization and work-family conflicts, and (2) internal factors.
  16. 16. • Common external causes of stress• Major life changes• Work• Relationship difficulties• Financial problems• Being too busy• Children and family• Stress can also be self- generated:• Inability to accept uncertainty• Pessimism• Negative self-talk• Unrealistic expectations• Perfectionism• Lack of assertiveness
  17. 17. Wellness in Mind & Body Focusing & Breathing exercises
  18. 18. Breath…detox…focus… Nourish…. …..relax…
  19. 19. Wellness in MindDetoxifying the mind Workshop (Storyboarding)
  20. 20. Group Dynamics Out of the Box
  21. 21. Wellness in MindDetoxifying the mind Workshop (Storyboarding 2)
  22. 22. STRESS MANAGEMENT sound mind healthy body nurtured spirit
  23. 23. Healthy BodyWellness Food
  24. 24. Sound mind PersonalityEnhancement
  25. 25. How can our Personality contributes to Stress? Personalitiesconsist of our emotions, memory, thoughts, physical look, dreams,imaginations, reactions, attitude, habit, etc.
  26. 26. Personalities= given by birth= acquired
  27. 27. •To manage stress is to find your Voice Personality•Think, what it is
  28. 28. •What is that Personality that you want to develop…
  29. 29. … the Personalitythat you wantother people tosee in you…
  30. 30. For Proper Nourishment check out this Food Pyramid as our Nutrition Guide per day
  31. 31. And we need to eat or drinkFresh fruits & vegetables@ 2-5 servings per day.
  32. 32. • It is important to consume fruits and vegetables everyday in big dosage to provide the fiber to flush out dirt and toxins in our body.• The more we eat carbo & meat, its double and triple more needs of fiber in our body to digest and keep our colons clean, making us safer to cancer and other diseases
  33. 33. For effective dailyDetoxification, try out the Rainbow Diet
  34. 34. • Rainbow Diet is eating and drinking fresh fruits and vegetables of a variety of different colors everyday to get the best all-around health benefits coz each one contains unique health components that are essential to our health.
  35. 35. FRUIT & VEGETABLE HEALTHY LIFE CHART Protects Prevents Blocks Improves CushionsAPPLES your heart constipation diarrhea lung capacity jointsAVOCADOS Battles Lowers Helps stop Controls Smoothes diabetes cholesterol strokes blood skin pressureGARLIC Lowers Controls Combats Kills bacteria Fights cholesterol blood cancer fungus pressureBEANS Prevents Helps Lowers Combats Stabilizes constipation hemorrhoids cholesterol cancer blood sugar
  36. 36. Mga Pagkain na may Taglay na Anti-Oxidant
  37. 37. CABBAGE Combats Prevents Promotes Protects your Helps cancer constipation weight loss heart hemorrhoidsCARROTS Saves Protects Prevents Combats Promotes eyesight your heart constipation cancer weight lossCAULIFLO Protects Combats Strengthen Banishes GuardsWER against breast s bones bruises against prostate cancer heart cancer diseaseBANANAS Protects Quiets Strengthen Controls Blocks your cough bones blood diarrhea heart pressureCHILI Aids Soothes Clears Combats BoostsPEPPERS digestion sore throat sinuses cancer immune system
  38. 38. Mga Pagkain na may Taglay na Anti-Oxidant
  39. 39. GRAPE Protects Promotes Helps Combats LowersFRUIT against heart weight loss stops prostate cholesterol attack strokes cancerGREEN Combats Protects Helps Promotes KillsTEA cancer your heart stops weight loss bacteria strokesMANGOES Combats Boosts Regulates Aids digestion Shields cancer memory thyroid against Alzheimer’sMUSHROOM Controls Lowers Kills Combats StrengthenS blood cholesterol bacteria caner bones pressureOATS Lowers Combats Battles Prevents Smoothes cholesterol cancer diabetes constipation skin
  40. 40. Mga Pagkain na may Taglay na Anti-Oxidant
  41. 41. ONIONS Reduced Combats Kills Lowers Fights risks of heart cancer bacteria cholesterol fungus attackPEANUTS Protects Promotes Combats Lowers against weight loss prostate cholesterol heart cancer diseasePINEAPPLE Strengthen Relieves Aids Dissolves bones colds digestion wartsTOMATOES Protects Combats Lowers Protects your prostate cancer cholesterol heartWATER Promotes Combats Conquers Smoothes weight loss cancer kidney skin stones
  42. 42. Wellness in Environment
  43. 43. FYI: The Philippines as an archipelago is considered aclimate hotspot and is ranked4th in the Global Climate Risk Index, with 20 out of 80provinces vulnerable to one- meter rise in sea level. Source: International Alert Report 2007
  44. 44. Poverty and mismanagement face a high risk of violentconflict with domino effect on: Political Instability Economic Weakness Food Insecurity Large Scale Migration
  45. 45. Wellness in Environment Peace Building
  46. 46. PEACE BUILDING engaging everyone’s energies wherever you are in a social process to work outon how to adapt to the changing climateand how to handle conflicts as they arise so that it will not lead to violence.
  47. 47. PEACE BUILDINGHowtoStartPeaceThoughts?
  48. 48. PEACE BUILDINGHowtoWorkforHoliness?
  49. 49. Focusing ExercisePersonal Vision & Mission
  50. 50. Grounding ExerciseCompany’s Vision & Mission
  51. 51. (Reconciliation ofPersonal Mission & Vision toCompanys Vision & Mission)
  52. 52. Anti-Stress Exercisesfloat, glide, slash, wring, punch, dab, flick
  54. 54. WellnessMind + Body + Spirit + Environment___________________________ = Good Economics = Peace