Deconstructing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer


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Deconstructing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

  1. 1. Deconstructing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer<br />28536901206500<br /><ul><li>Certificate shown for 6 seconds at the start of the trailer</li></ul>324802563500<br />Production Company – Warner Bros, shown for 3 seconds – zoomed in on slowly, fades out – background is dark, grey clouds<br />5 scenes (roughly 2 seconds long) shown from the previous Harry Potter films that has led to this one – from 0:18-0:25 seconds<br />225679014643100017081514681200022574251384300042862501543050019050012573000<br />Voldermort narrating scenes, voice over. “Harry Potter…” – 0:21 seconds. “You have fought validly.. Now join me Harry, and confront your fate.” – 0:31-0:41 seconds.<br />Fast paced cuts used to create suspense, roughly 7/8 cuts used in the space of 2 seconds – 0:41-0:43<br />Slow, calm theme/sound track (sounds chaotic) up till 0:41 seconds – keeps you in suspense, then gets faster and louder when fast, paced cuts are used. Non-digetic sound – sounds adventurous<br />Mixture of slow paced and fast paced cuts<br />Dark lightening throughout – creates suspense, represents dark personalities<br />Story as voice over throughout the trailer – digetic sound of characters speaking<br />463867528956000Genre – Fantasy – Use of magic, wands, broomsticks, dragon and set in a castle <br />302133011747500134302511874500-41910011874500<br />Shows release date – 01:00<br />5473709017000<br />Highlights of important scenes – 01:52-01:55 – Ariel shot of Harry and Voldermort standing at the edge of the building, Harry says to Voldermort (Tom) “Come on Tom, Lets finish this the way we started it, together” – Harry jumps off and take Voldermort with him – At that point you think both of them will die<br />283845057785004286255778500<br />Important information pops out at the screen throughout the trailer – grabs your attention – makes the audience eager to watch it to see what the end result is<br />-80708524352250042291001298575001685290129857500-809625129794000423164016065500167894014922500-80708514859000The cloudy background shows dark times lay ahead. The white clouds represent purity and goodness which contrasts against the black clouds and show evilness and danger. This also shows contrast between the protagonists and antagonists. <br />The close ups and medium clos ups of main characters shows their emotion:<br />37401511239500<br />Shows that they are worried and hiding from someone<br />37147514287500 <br />Shows their mixed emotions, they are scared and have no idea as to what will happen next<br />3238509588500<br />01:20-01:20 – “The boy who lived, come to die” Close up of Voldermort (antagonist) – shows how he eager he is to finally be able to destroy Harry<br />02:13-02:15 – Voldermort’s voice over scene (voice over) – “Only I can live forever”<br />1371600984250038576259525000<br />Slow paced scene of Voldermort and Harry reaching out for the Elder Wand, which will destroy one of them forever.<br />0:28-0:29 – Quidditch pitch is shown how it used to be<br />4667253429000<br />36099759715500<br />0:30-0:33 – Quidditch pitch – shown how it has become now: burnt down/destroyed – slowly zoomed in on<br />360997511303000<br />Harry Potter – Hero (typical male hero) – protagonist – young, masculine, confident, assertive, determined and on a mission<br />359092511366500Voldermort – typical villain – antagonist – older than Harry, ugly, and dark cloak represents danger<br />3609975762000Ron – another main male character – young and strong<br />392430010731500<br />Hermione – another min character – female, young, pretty, strong, main female heroine<br />-381000-7620000Casting of youthful and ‘pretty’ protagonists is in contrast to the dark, dirty and scruffy appearance of the antagonists to represent who the hero is and who the villain is<br />381002476500<br />“Harry be safe, be strong” , close up of Lily Potter (Harry’s mum) saying it to Harry – shows that something dangerous is going to happen soon<br />295211558420003905255905500<br />29908509461500<br />0:29 – Information about the film, production company in the corner and website<br />Ends with main Harry Potter theme tune used throughout all the films<br />