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Creative media local scene powerpoint(2)


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Creative media local scene powerpoint(2)

  1. 1. The creative and media industry is promoting young artists, it’s promoting music, art work, the performing arts and creative writing. The creative and media industries in our local area’s are the infamous Rich-Mix Centre in Bethnal Green, well known for it’s exhibition galleries and concerts. Also the Chisenhale Dance Studio, in Roman Road that allows students from local schools to use their studio’s to perform the best of their ability. There are other famous places in East London known for their contribution to the Creative and Media industry in our local area. Creative & Media
  2. 2. Whitechapel Gallery Whitechapel arts gallery was found in 1901 to bring great art work to the people of East London. Whitechapel Arts Gallery is known for holding its modern and contemporary art and its public events. Whitechapel Arts Gallery has hosted exhibitions for international artists such as Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock and many more. East London being multi-cultural, Whitechapel is known for its vibrant contemporary art. Contact Us: Whitechapel Gallery 77-82 Whitechapel High Street London E1 7QX
  3. 3. Talks & Discussions Saturday 24 October, 2pm This is an event where members of the public come and discuss how to live life with a low budget. People attending are allowed to bring their own work in and discuss them. Mr Solo 9 th October 2009, 8pm Former lead vocalist from an old mid-90’s band. £7.00 Events Exhibitions & Sophie Calle: Talking to strangers Faisal Abdu’Allah: White (Why have I told you everything)
  4. 4. Bow Arts Trust is an educational arts charity in 1995 by Marcel Baetting, Ryan Durrant and also Marc Schimmel. Bow Arts Trust gives over 100 or so artists the opportunity to an affordable and comfortable workspace they deserve so they can put their talents into use. Bow arts trust also holds many events and also educational projects for those youngsters with hidden gifts. They teach those who want an education in the arts how to be professional and use their talents for good. Bow arts trust has helped many talented young artists to come forward and express themselves even if they haven’t got the money and background to do so. They have proudly gained an international reputation by helping those with a ‘flair’ for the creative industry. Bow arts trust also holds exciting exhibitions which are highly popular for local residents and also others from around the country. Bow Arts Trust
  5. 5. The Nunnery The nunnery is a contemporary project, it is part of the Bow Arts Trust. The gallery is developing for projects based on contemporary art. The gallery works with a range of artists, curators, writers and many art organisations. Their gallery consists of art work for all visual arts.
  6. 6. The education programme at the bow arts trust works in partnership with a wide range of community groups and also many housing associations. Their education programme includes many of the primary schools and also secondary schools around the borough but also young adults and trainee teachers and adults themselves. Education Programme: The Programme includes: <ul><li>Action Research -After School Programmes -Community Programmes. -Gallery Talks and Workshops -Inset and Twilight Programmes. -Training Artists. </li></ul>Contact Us: Bow Arts Trust: Address: 183 Bow Road London E3 2SJ Telephone: 020 7538 1719 Fax: 020 8980 7770 Bow Arts Trust
  7. 7. Chisenhale Dance Space Chisenhale Dance Space has be open for the last 25 years as a dance space for children and adults. They hold educational projects throughout the year. Chisenhale has dance classes for children under sixteen and over sixteen’s. They have street dancing lessons for 7-11 year olds on a weekly basis. They have ballet lessons for adults weekly as well but adults have to pay. They also have festivals that support the more artistic youths. Chisenhale is a producing house, they create their own workshops and hold them in their studios. Educational Projects Believe to achieve: a yeah long, learning and trust funded project in Hackney for Primary and Secondary schools. Using dance they explore the problems arriving the transition . Healthy borough programme: this is a project that teaches 2-8 year olds about healthy lifestyles through creative workshops and dancing.
  8. 8. The Rich-Mix Centre is based in Bethnal Green, it is known for its famous art exhibitions and the wide range of artists that perform there. It has a wide range of activities for both adults and young adults. It also holds a lot of performances from dancing to drama to musical theatres. Rich mix allows people to hire their halls and hold exhibitions. It also has cinema screens that holds films. It also has a young journalist’s club called ‘Headliners’ which allows young people to write stories about the area they live in. Rich mix is widely known, it is also known for it’s links between different creative and media industries. Rich mix is a receiving house, they hold performances and also are a producing house, they also create performances and workshops for their members and public. Rich Mix Centre
  9. 9. Rich mix allows young people with rare talent to have the opportunity to perform in front of people their own age and with similar talents. It gives them the chance to show what they really can do giving everyone a chance to prove them, from dancing, singing, acting or art.
  10. 10. RICH MIX 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA BOX OFFICE: 020 7613 7498 OFFICE/ADMIN: 020 7613 7490 FAX: 020 7613 7499 [email_address]
  11. 11. Brady Arts Centre Brady Arts Centre holds many workshops and projects, it also holds performances. It is a receiving house, which means that it has people coming in and performing in their halls. It also holds exhibitions in small spacious rooms. It holds exhibitions for schools and also has many clubs, they have studios that hold rehearsals. They are also a producing house as sometimes they create their own shows and allow the public to come and view it. They also hold concerts for all music types. Brady Art Brady Art Brady Art 192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU Contact Us:
  12. 12. Theatre royal is a receiving house and a producing house, they don’t just create their performances but also organise it themselves. They also hold shows such as Aladin, who has actors touring. They hold many other performance's made up of students and schools. Theatre Royal is based in Stratford, they run a traditional pantomime every year and also hold musical theatre workshops. They also hold artistic trainings and educational work which is all part of their scheme for new audiences. Contact Us: Theatre Royal Stratford East Gerry Raffles Square Stratford London E15 1BN
  13. 13. Oxford House Oxford house is a community organisation based in East London. They host drama performances and musical concerts. They have an inside café and also a theatre. They are a receiving and a producing house, they have performers from outside coming in and using their space to perform and also create their own production with members of the public. They also hold dance classes and drama workshops also hold exhibitions for young artists. They also hold training groups for the young and talented people and have professionals come in to lead the workshops.
  14. 14. LIFRA Hall Some performances take place in multi-purpose venues from small spaces such as community centres to huge sports arenas. Some performance events may even be staged out of doors. Other Venues. Oxford House Concert halls generally host music events such as rock/pop gigs and classical concerts. Some concert halls are subsided but some operate in the commercial sector. Concert Hall Rich-mix Centre An arts centre will host a large variety of performance events than a theatre it may buy in theatre, dance production, gigs. Many hold events that involve the public participation e.g. drama workshops or dance workshops. An arts centre may also screen films and have a gallery for exhibiting the visual arts. Most arts centre are subsided. Arts Centre Cambridge Theatre A receiving theatre ‘buys in’ production from production companies and/or touring theatre companies rather than producing it’s own shows. Most receiving theatres operate in the commercial sector. Receiving Theatre Theatre Royal This is a theatre that has a company of performers and production team who produce number of shows a year. Many producing theatres are subsided Producing Theatre Examples Description Type Of Venue