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The 35 Best CRM Apps


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Whether you're looking for your first CRM (customer relationship management) app or in search of a replacement system, this slideshow shows you the top software available today. Each comes with a unique offering, a relatively quick setup process and a Zapier integration, meaning you can easily connect your CRM to the other apps in your workflow.

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  • Hey @Matthew Guay @maguay @Danny Screiber @Bryan Landers, it was nice presentation indeed with lots of insights. It helps us getting to know more about CRM’s available in the market with unique features. I would like to introduce CRM to this list which is now most awaited and promising CRM in its category. Although the product was launched after this presentation list was prepared, but now it is becoming first choice for the Sales people for CRM globally. Since launch it has given a fresh breath to CRM industry with it’s over the top line features at the best price available with numerous farsighted features. Hope you will enlist Salesmate too in the top list of CRM’s.
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The 35 Best CRM Apps

  1. 1. The 35 Best CRMs @maguay
  2. 2. The 35 Best CRMs Choosing a CRM is like choosing toothpaste.
  3. 3. The 35 Best CRMs
  4. 4. The 35 Best CRMs There are so many to choose from.
  5. 5. The 35 Best CRMs And they all promise to do the job.
  6. 6. The 35 Best CRMs
  7. 7. The 35 Best CRMs But some are better at one thing.
  8. 8. The 35 Best CRMs
  9. 9. The 35 Best CRMs So you pick what matters most.
  10. 10. The 35 Best CRMs 5 Types of CRMs
  11. 11. The 35 Best CRMs Contacts
  12. 12. The 35 Best CRMs • Gather info about your contacts • Log interactions and notes • Surface related internal connections Contact CRMs…
  13. 13. The 35 Best CRMs Conversations
  14. 14. The 35 Best CRMs • Pull out contact interactions • Group conversations by those involved • Show where to reply and follow up Conversation CRMs…
  15. 15. The 35 Best CRMs Leads & Deals
  16. 16. The 35 Best CRMs • Track potential customers as "leads" • Add info as you work • Turn that lead into a "deal" Lead & Deal CRMs…
  17. 17. The 35 Best CRMs Marketing Automation
  18. 18. The 35 Best CRMs • Tie directly into your site or app • Help you personalize your marketing • Communicate with contacts Marketing Automation CRMs…
  19. 19. The 35 Best CRMs Multipurpose
  20. 20. The 35 Best CRMs • CRM is one feature of a broader app • Let you select a number of apps and use them together in one place • Consolidate your work in one place Multipurpose CRMs…
  21. 21. The 35 Best CRMs The Best CRMs
  22. 22. The 35 Best CRMs • Unique features • Little installation or setup time • Works with Zapier for easy integrations Best CRM Criteria
  23. 23. The 35 Best CRMs 10 CRMs that focus on Conacts
  24. 24. The 35 Best CRMs Google Contacts Free; Google Apps for Work starts at $5/user/month The most basic CRM available; already available to Gmail users Read a Google Contacts review
  25. 25. The 35 Best CRMs See App Features and Pricing
  26. 26. The 35 Best CRMs Highrise Free for 2 users; Around $4/user/month Helps you know everything possible about your contacts Read a Highrise Review
  27. 27. The 35 Best CRMs See Highrise Features and Pricing
  28. 28. The 35 Best CRMs Clevertim Free for 2 users; Around $4/user/month A quick overview of your contacts' info Read a Clevertim Review
  29. 29. The 35 Best CRMs See Clevertim Features and Pricing
  30. 30. The 35 Best CRMs Insightly Free for 3 users; $9/user/month Google Apps-styled CRM that automatically finds contact info Read an Insightly Review
  31. 31. The 35 Best CRMs See Inightly Features and Pricing
  32. 32. The 35 Best CRMs OnePageCRM Around $10/user/month Keeps everything on one page Read a OnePageCRM Review
  33. 33. The 35 Best CRMs See OnePageCRM Features and Pricing
  34. 34. The 35 Best CRMs Act! Cloud $10/user/month An advanced, social network-powered address book Read an Act! Cloud Review
  35. 35. The 35 Best CRMs See Act! Cloud Features and Pricing
  36. 36. The 35 Best CRMs Capsule Free for 2 users; $12/user/month Organize your contacts into lists Read a Capsule Review
  37. 37. The 35 Best CRMs See Capsule Features and Pricing
  38. 38. The 35 Best CRMs Solve Around $13/user/month (min. 3 users) A deeply customizable CRM that's integrated with Google Docs Read a Solve Review
  39. 39. The 35 Best CRMs See Solve Features and Pricing
  40. 40. The 35 Best CRMs Nimble $15/user/month An address book that'll tell you who to contact Read a Nimble Review
  41. 41. The 35 Best CRMs See Nimble Features and Pricing
  42. 42. The 35 Best CRMs Batchbook $55/month for unlimited users Quickly import your contacts and work the way you want Read a Batchbook Review
  43. 43. The 35 Best CRMs See Batchbook Features and Pricing
  44. 44. The 35 Best CRMs 5 CRMs that focus on Conversations
  45. 45. The 35 Best CRMs Nutshell $15/user/month A CRM that's fun and tells you more about your contacts Read a Nutshell Review
  46. 46. The 35 Best CRMs See Nutshell Features and Pricing
  47. 47. The 35 Best CRMs Contactually $18/user/month Quickly send bulk emails with customizable templates Read a Contactually Review
  48. 48. The 35 Best CRMs See Contactually Features and Pricing
  49. 49. The 35 Best CRMs Streak Free up to 5 users; $19/user/month A CRM that's built into Gmail Read a Streak Review
  50. 50. The 35 Best CRMs See Streak Features and Pricing
  51. 51. The 35 Best CRMs RelateIQ $49/user/month Easily share all of your team's email conversations Read a RelateIQ Review
  52. 52. The 35 Best CRMs See RelateIQ Features and Pricing
  53. 53. The 35 Best CRMs $59/user/month Track emails and phone conversations together Read a Review
  54. 54. The 35 Best CRMs See Features and Pricing
  55. 55. The 35 Best CRMs 8 CRMs that focus on Leads & Deals
  56. 56. The 35 Best CRMs ProsperWorks Free in beta A mix of contact, conversation, and deal management Read a ProsperWorks Review
  57. 57. The 35 Best CRMs See ProsperWorks Features and Pricing
  58. 58. The 35 Best CRMs Pipedrive $9/user/month A Kanban board-driven CRM that shows everything at a glance Read a Pipedrive Review
  59. 59. The 35 Best CRMs See Pipedrive Features and Pricing
  60. 60. The 35 Best CRMs Zoho CRM Free up to 3 users; $12/user/month Manage your leads and deals in a suite of apps Read a Zoho CRM Review
  61. 61. The 35 Best CRMs See Zoho CRM Features and Pricing
  62. 62. The 35 Best CRMs Base $15/user/month Helps you know exactly what you need to do next Read a Base Review
  63. 63. The 35 Best CRMs See Base Features and Pricing
  64. 64. The 35 Best CRMs PipelineDeals $24/user/month A dashboard that shows you everything that's going on Read a PipelineDeals Review
  65. 65. The 35 Best CRMs See PipelineDeals Features and Pricing
  66. 66. The 35 Best CRMs Pipeliner $35/user/month Link your contacts and their relationships graphically Read a Pipeliner Review
  67. 67. The 35 Best CRMs See Pipeliner Features and Pricing
  68. 68. The 35 Best CRMs SugarCRM $35/user/month; Free Community Edition to run on your own servers Know everything possible about the people you're selling to Read a SugarCRM Review
  69. 69. The 35 Best CRMs See SugarCRM Features and Pricing
  70. 70. The 35 Best CRMs Salesforce $65/user/month A powerful CRM platform that lets you customize everything Read a Salesforce Review
  71. 71. The 35 Best CRMs See Salesforce Features and Pricing
  72. 72. The 35 Best CRMs 10 CRMs that focus on Marking Automation
  73. 73. The 35 Best CRMs Intercom Free event tracking and customer profiles; around $20 per 1k customers for full features Read an Intercom Review Talk to customers directly through your web or mobile app for either marketing or support
  74. 74. The 35 Best CRMs See Intercom Features and Pricing
  75. 75. The 35 Best CRMs Inbound Now Free basic features; add extra features starting at $9.99 per plugin or $149.99/year for unlimited plugins and support A WordPress-powered, self-hosted marketing engine and CRM Read an Inbound Now Review
  76. 76. The 35 Best CRMs See Inbound Now Features and Pricing
  77. 77. The 35 Best CRMs Interakt Around $10/user/month (beta pricing) Rich analytics about your customers Read an Interakt Review
  78. 78. The 35 Best CRMs See Interakt Features and Pricing
  79. 79. The 35 Best CRMs Instant Customer Around $10/user/month with 2 phone numbers and a point system for call, SMS, and other usage pricing Keep up with leads from calls, business cards, lead pages, email, SMS, and more Read an Instant Customer Review
  80. 80. The 35 Best CRMs See Instant Customer Features and Pricing
  81. 81. The 35 Best CRMs Agile CRM From $14.99/user/month See simple ways to engage customers and real- time notifications to know who you could contact Read an Agile CRM Review
  82. 82. The 35 Best CRMs See Agile CRM Features and Pricing
  83. 83. The 35 Best CRMs CallTrackingMetrics $29/month for unlimited users; Phone numbers start at $2.25/ month, calls at 4.2¢/minute, and SMS at 1.75¢/message Phone call tracking and SMS marketing Read a CallTrackingMetrics Review
  84. 84. The 35 Best CRMs See CallTrackingMetrics Features and Pricing
  85. 85. The 35 Best CRMs Jumplead Free for 1 user and up to 100 customers; around $16/user/month for basic plans Know exactly where your customers come from, geographically and on the internet Read a Jumplead Review
  86. 86. The 35 Best CRMs See Jumplead Features and Pricing
  87. 87. The 35 Best CRMs Infusionsoft Around $75/user/month Know what you need to work on plus a suite of eCommerce features Read an Infusionsoft Review
  88. 88. The 35 Best CRMs See Infusionsoft Features and Pricing
  89. 89. The 35 Best CRMs Hatchbuck Starts at $99/month for 1 user and up to 2.5k customers; $299/month for unlimited users and customers Focus on your individual contacts and their actions on your site Read a Hatchbuck Review
  90. 90. The 35 Best CRMs See Hatchbuck Features and Pricing
  91. 91. The 35 Best CRMs HubSpot $200/month for 3 users and up to 100 customers; $100/month per additional 1k customers Make your content marketing work for you Read a HubSpot Review
  92. 92. The 35 Best CRMs See HubSpot Features and Pricing
  93. 93. The 35 Best CRMs 3 CRMs that focus on being Multipurpose
  94. 94. The 35 Best CRMs Podio Free up to 5 users; $9/user/month Combine all of your team's data in one app Read a Podio Review
  95. 95. The 35 Best CRMs See Podio Features and Pricing
  96. 96. The 35 Best CRMs Odoo $15/user/month for each app; free to install on your own server A self-hosted suite of apps Read an Odoo Review
  97. 97. The 35 Best CRMs See Odoo Features and Pricing
  98. 98. The 35 Best CRMs TrackVia $19/user/month (min. 10 users) Build a CRM that works the way you want Read a TrackVia Review
  99. 99. The 35 Best CRMs See TrackVia Features and Pricing
  100. 100. The 35 Best CRMs 2 CRM Resources
  101. 101. The 35 Best CRMs Get the Best CRM Cheat Sheet Everything in this presentation in a printable PDF document! Get the cheat sheet now!
  102. 102. The 35 Best CRMs Learn more about CRM apps with this definitive free eBook from Zapier. Learn more >
  103. 103. The 35 Best CRMs • “The 35 Best CRMs” is a free resource from Zapier, the easiest way to integrate your apps and automate your workflow. • App descriptions written by Matthew Guay, marketer at Zapier. Slides by Danny Schreiber, marketer at Zapier, and Bryan Landers, . • App screenshots and pricing information pulled from apps in September 2014. • Photos: Toothpaste aisle courtesy Kevin McShane. Brushing teeth courtesy The Buried Life. Line of toothpaste courtesy Waltarrrrr. Conversation courtesy Todd Fong. Leads & Deals courtesy Bruno Covas. Contacts courtesy Myles Grant. Marketing Automation courtesy Stefan W. Multipurpose courtesy Jim Pennucci. Credits
  104. 104. The end. @maguay