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How to Use Google Forms


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Everything you need to know about using Google Forms, a fully featured, free data collection app. Make surveys, checkout pages, and more.

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How to Use Google Forms

  1. 1. Google Forms is a fully featured data collection app, Make Your First Form Go to Collaboration Give specific people permission to edit. Allow anyone with a link to edit. Publish to the web. Quiz Mode Google Form offers simple design options for the forms color and themes. Choose from the templates, or a start from a blank slate. 1 2 Or you can create a form within a spreadsheet where you want to save the data. Tools > Create a Form Begin by playing with Google Form’s intuitive editor. Fill in the title, add a description if necessary, then start adding questions. Editing Your Form Add new section Add new title Add picture Add video Add section divider Use the floating sidebar to add more questions or media. Through the top right menu, you can: • Change the color scheme • Preview the form as visitors would see it • Share the form • Add collaborators • Include custom scripts Note: Quizzes only work with multiple choice, checkbox, and drop-down questions. Form Design Pick one of 15 colors. This color fills the header, and the background and accents change to complementary shades. Header Image Pick an image or upload from your computer. Sharing Your Form Prepare for Promotion Write a custom confirmation message. Settings > Presentation You can allow users to: • Submit another response • Edit their responses • See a summary of all responses Integrate Google Forms with 600+ 3rd Party Apps With Zapier integrations, you can connect your forms with over 600 3rd party apps. Connect your form with Google Sheets Connect it to Zapier Build the integrations you need Easy Automation for Busy People Use them for checkout pages, surveys, or directories, and much more. Trello Google Calendar JIRA Asana Get Notifications Popular Integrations Google Sheets (to save entries in multiple sheets) MySQL Airtable Text files in Dropbox HubSpot Salesforce Google Contacts MailChimp ActiveCampaign Aweber Email SMS Slack Save Entries in a Database Grow Your Mailing List Save New Contacts to Your CRM Turn Form Entries Into Tasks New form fields or edits to existing fields is immedately updated on the spreadsheet. New form changes won’t affect data already entered into the spreadsheet. Collecting Responses All responses are automatically stored in the Responses tab. For more analytical potential, link the form to Google Sheets. Link to a new spreadsheet Link to an existing spreadsheet free with any Google account. Multiple Choice • “Which do you prefer” questions • “Yes/No/Maybe” questions Field Options Logic Jumps Send people to specific sections based on their answer. Paragraph • Detailed Notes • Free-form Feedback Checkboxes • “Which do you agree with?” questions • “Select any that are correct” questions Dropdown • Questions like country you live in • Use to keep your form compact when you have many answer options Multiple Choice Grid Add questions to rows. Add options about these questions to columns. Date • Log activity • Schedule an event or appointment Time • Tracking activity duration Sections Long surveys can be overwhelming for users. If you have more than 5 questions, consider splitting your form up into sections. Short Answer • Names • Email addresses • URLs Linear Scale • Rank your experience • “How likely are you to…” questions 1 2 3 4 5 Note: 6+ columns require scrolling on desktop 3+ columns require scrolling on mobile. Long-answer text Question ...................................................................................... Option 1 Question Option 2 Option 1 Question Option 2 Descriptions: URLs in the description are clickable, even in a shortened format… Data Validation: Use in any form field to keep some control over the answers given. For example: URL – Ensures a valid URL is entered. Email – Ensures a valid email is entered. Text length – Keeps users more succinct. Number – Requires the answer is within certain ranges. For example: Email Embed the form into the email itself. Gmail users can fill it out within the email. Other email clients don’t support this feature. Include a short message with a link to the online form for non-Gmail users. Embed Add your form to your site with the HTML embed code. Share Social Get a Shortened linkto share easily on social networks. Learn online (no email required) or get it sent to your inbox in a variety of formats. Become an Expert in Forms & Surveys See more Visit our website: or read more here: Create a Template 1 2 3 4 Make a form Select Make a copy Save the URL of the copy Share with your team Make sure everyone makes their own copy to edit Choose when quiz-takers receive their results: a. Immediately b. Don’t release (requiring you to review the answers first) 1 2 3 Assign “credit” to each question Turn your form into a quiz Settings > Quizzes > Make this a quiz mUJI