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Guest speaker biography


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Guest speaker biography

  1. 1. Zane Van Rooyen has accomplished 14 years So that brands may sustain in an ever swiftly changing experience in the brand marketing industry in the landscape. UK, Kenya and South Africa, starting in rag trade “ And so now, the writing is on the wall. By our own retail in the early 1990‟s proceeding to hospitality, doing we have conditioned consumers not to trust us, partnerships and then on to successfully starting in fact, this has peaked so prevalently of late, we find his first sales promotions company by age 28, and bastions of our industry like AC Nielsen and Golin/ then Jigsaw Experiential in 2001. Harris Research having to release findings of the He has led successful experiential marketing Consumer-Generated Media Index and The campaigns across a spectrum of industries from Consumer Trust Index (yes Trust Index—and adver- Pharmaceuticals to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, tisers and marketers rate in the minus 30 to 40 % at and written on marketing and business-related last count) as consumers start taking things into their issues for relevant web listings. Similarly, designs own hands by using their own “broadcasting stu- 083 400 2240 training tutorials relating to the changing modern dios” (as Martin Lindstrom refers to our web connec- marketplace, and the increasingly intuitive tivity in his workshops and book—Brand Sense) and consumer (prosumer); and is called upon to guest are fighting back. 76% of consumers don‟t believe that Zane Van Rooyen lecture at various learning institutes. companies tell the truth in advertising—so says re- Strategic Director search conducted by Yankelovich.” Brand Ambient Marketing These workshops include how to communicate a BAM vivid and unique brand experience and ultimately And so; what next . . . .? South Africa creator of build long-term advocacy for your brand. Unlocking the Power of XM From Ideas to Actions „In an age where consumer reaction to traditional messaging methods is reaping dismal rewards, Experiential Marketing practise focuses Playing the Emotional on building a relationship with consumers by managing the consumer experience and interaction with the brand at every and any touch- Game point. With consumer insight, clients are provided with the option of a holistic approach to building brand equity, whilst creating an emo- tional bond with consumers. Non-traditional interactive marketing practice enhances the consumer‟s personal and emotional association with the brand. This increases advocacy, loyalty and ultimately creates a long-term brand adorer.”