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GPS Driver Tracker - Brochure

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GPS Driver Tracker - Brochure

  1. 1. GPS Driver Tracker Winning A Bigger Slice Of Your Competitive Market
  2. 2. Teletrac Navman’s GPS Driver Tracker has helped Domino’s stores all over the world to harness the power of telematics and improve fleet operations. This makes sure deliveries run as smoothly as possible, drivers stay safe on the roads and, most importantly, customers enjoy a reliable experience. Happy customers equals more orders in a very competitive market. With the ability to follow the route of their pizza delivery in real-time, Domino’s customers know exactly when their order is leaving the store and how long it will take to arrive on their doorstep. At the same time, our technology gathers the vast amounts of information and turns it into actionable insights. Store managers can now record and measure previously unseen data, including routes travelled, exact delivery times, the number of breaks a driver takes and the wear and tear on each vehicle. The GPS Driver Tracker has also helped Domino’s stores ensure the safety of their drivers, by tracking whether they’re exceeding speed limits or driving too harshly on the roads. WHAT IT IS “The GPS Driver Tracker has opened the door for Domino’s to streamline processes, improve the customer experience and boost revenue.”
  3. 3. Australia 619 stores NZ 105 stores Netherlands 160 stores Japan 420 stores Belgium Germany France We’ve tracked over 13 million orders for Domino’s stores around the world, working closely with each store to make sure the solution is a success. THE STORY SO FAR Using GPS Driver Tracker we have helped reduce driver incidents on the road by 50 per cent • Stores: 1200 and counting • Vehicles: 11,600 and counting • Tracked Orders: 13 million and counting Existing Stores Coming Soon
  4. 4. THE STORY SO FAR The GPS Driver Tracker has: Reduced delivery times to an average of 8 minutes Reduced post-job ‘hustle’ time to less than 3 minutes Contributed to a 15% revenue increase in Australia Helped to enable more than 95% of orders to be delivered within 20 minutes
  5. 5. GPS TRACKING BENEFITS Easily Locate Drivers Improve the timing of delivery and cooking to ensure the freshest products possible for your customers. Assigning deliveries to a driver will mean you can reach customers more quickly, while GPS tracking will allow you to keep an eye on employees and make sure workplace health & safety policies are being followed. Monitor Driver Behaviour Receive an alert straight away if an employee speeds or drives too harshly, like accelerating quickly or braking heavily. This means you can deal with the issue immediately, rather than being kept in the dark or addressing problems retrospectively. View Routes In Real-Time Optimise routes from the store to delivery address with real-time footage of traffic congestion or other obstacles, making sure each pizza order is as fresh as possible when it arrives. Track Your Fleet Engage With Entertainment Allow customers to follow the delivery route and provide entertainment along the way with polls and fun facts about their driver. This also gives your store the chance to gain customer insights by asking your own questions, or drive additional revenue by partnering with online retailers like iTunes and local sports franchises. Better Delivery Process Make the experience with your brand a positive one, by reducing delays and customer frustrations. Faster deliveries and the ability to track the product to their door will mean customers are more likely to order again, driving greater revenue. Improve Customer Experience
  6. 6. GPS TRACKING BENEFITS Vehicle Maintenance Boost Store Performance Track Maintenance Schedules Maintenance schedules can be determined based on your different vehicles and the specific regulations in your region. Use the data from your vehicles to automatically alert you when they need a service, keeping track of required, completed and overdue maintenance. Set Achievable Goals An easy to use business intelligence (BI) portal will help you monitor how you’re tracking against different targets, such as the number of deliveries and average delivery time. Add custom goals for your specific store and compare with historical trends and regional or country-wide store performance. Set Reminders Set reminders based on either the distance your vehicles have driven, or pre-determined schedules, so you never miss a service. Ongoing maintenance will ensure your vehicles are regularly tuned and remain productive assets for your stores. Simple Reporting Tools The BI dashboard and reporting suite are quick and easy to use. Colour codes will draw immediate attention to what matters most, with the ability to drill down for more detail if required. A data feed every 30 minutes will help you track key metrics, while a daily data schedule can be used to manage less critical targets.
  7. 7. REPORTING BENEFITS Easy To Use Your store managers are busy helping with the day-to-day running of the store and managing a team. They may have basic computer skills and don’t have the time to learn a complicated system. The GPS Driver Tracker offers simple reporting tools that make it easy to assign a job, track a vehicle and analyse performance based on achievable targets. Actionable Insight The reporting platform makes it easy for store managers to take action based on results, with visibility into every aspect of the delivery process. For example, you can take immediate steps to improve long delivery times by reviewing relevant factors like the routes your drivers are taking or the ‘hustle time’ between leaving the store and beginning the delivery. Benchmarking Goals and targets are built into the reporting platform. Each store will see its areas of strength and weakness every day, offering the visibility needed to improve performance. Create your own customisable targets based on what matters most to your business, and compare against your own historical performance or other stores in the region. Manage Perspectives The GPS platform presents a single version of the truth from which multiple reporting perspectives can be formed – from franchisees to corporate management teams. Save time historically spent pulling together different reports or searching for data, with one simple tool that can be used to track a range of metrics.
  8. 8. ABOUT TELETRAC NAVMAN Teletrac Navman has 25 years’ experience in helping customers enhance business performance and lower operating costs through telematics solutions that improve fleet management. With 40,000 customers globally and 900 employees across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by fleet managers worldwide. Over the years, we’ve continually developed our fleet management technologies to help businesses meet these challenges. From early mobile navigation devices to ruggedised tracking solutions, electronic work diaries and fleet intelligence systems, our solutions have been at the forefront of telematics since we launched our first integrated tracking unit as Navman Wireless in 2006. Contact Us: Zane Thomson Global Account Director Phone: +61 (0) 424 157 538 Email: