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TLS a new era to control defective product production


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TLS a new era to control defective product production

  1. 1. A. QC Responsibility(number8 sewingline TL responsibilityaswell whenoperation having RED boxas per followup visitguideline) 1. Ensure each machine hasthe trafficlightchart 2. Write all processname carriesout by that machine 3. Write operatorsname and employee number 4. Change operatorsname whentheychange theirworkplace. 5. Use AQL 1.5 todetermine processcapability 6. Each box will represent5garmentscheckedasa minimumforlotsize upto 25 parts/component.If the machine haslessthan5 part/componentwaittogetat least5 part/component. 7. Use defectscode giveninthe form andspecifyall defects 8. Use colorfollowingway a. Green- Nodefectsfound b. Yellow- 1defectsfound c. Red- More than1 defectandsuspend(Stop) the operationandgetTL/GTL involve 9. Showall defectstoOperators 10. Get operatorssignature 11. Picktop 3 defectsfromthe day 12. Assistandprovide the informationtoTL/GTL to talk withrespectiveoperatorstoknow theirproblems and resolve forimprovementat4.00 pm everyday. 13. Summarize the findingsdailybasisandsubmittoQA office weekly. B. Followup visit(QC, Operator, Team Leader/ GroupTeam Leader) 1. OperationhavingGreenbox during1st visitcan visittwice aday (Morning/Afternoonafterlunch) 2. OperationhavingYellowbox QCisresponsible toreduce the defect togetthe box green and systemof checking1 in 5/10 garmentsbyoperatorwill automatically effective until board showsgreenbyQC. 3. OperationhavingREDbox OPERATORis responsible andsystemof checking100% parts/components will be automaticallyeffective. CallTeamLeader( sewingline) tocheckherprocesswhenconfidant - Team Leader(sewingline) isresponsible to checkthose operationrandomlyandfill the boxesas perabove guidelinetill the box turnstoyellow/green.QCisnotresponsible forREDhighlighted operation. - WhenTL find1 defectoutof 5 box will be filledwithYellow andhandoverthe processtoQC for furtherfollowupandif there isno defectbox will be filledwithgreen. (Note Sewingline TLcan be providedaset of highlighterpenorcan share withQC) - Team Leaderisresponsible toinformQCwhenoperatorchange for surveillance 4. Group TeamLeader/Line in-charge (Sewingline) isresponsibletoensure all the processhighlighted withYellow/RedturnstoGreenendof day. If it isnot - InformQC TL/GTL forthe reasonof whyline QCcouldnot reduce the defecttomake the box green - Work withTeamleader(Sewingline) forthe reasonwhyTL couldnot reduce the defecttomake the box Yellow/Green. C. Data Analysis 1. QC isresponsible tocompare Inlinefindingsagainstendline findingshourlybasisandbe more vigilanttothe processendline checkersfinds more defect 2. Share your findingswithEndline checkertoensure thatdefectdoesnotslipthroughtheir inspectionprocess 3. QC isresponsible toworkwithGroupTeamLeader(Sewingline) tofindthe rootcause of repeated problem. 4. Keepfollowingupthe processresponsible forhigherdefectsuntil hourly/Dailydefectsrate comes downto 5%.