Be the Change - In Your Education


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I presented this at TEDxYouth@ISB in Belgrade on November 17th, 2012.

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Be the Change - In Your Education

  1. 1. Be the Change in Your Education Vuk Visnjic November 17, 2012 TEDxYouth@ISB Belgrade
  2. 2. What is education to you? EducationKNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY EXPERIENCE
  3. 3. What are your interests & talents?
  4. 4. Traditional school is BORINGWhy are some subjects more supportedthan others?Art is valuable and fun, but its leftbehind.Someone might drop out because ofthis!Sports are important too, but theyshouldnt be too emphasized.Lots of classes are BORING.Learning is FUN! It all doesn’t make sense.
  5. 5. Find out!
  6. 6. Self-learningUse sources Focus Network• Books • Follow your • Find people• Websites interests who share your• Films/Videos • Research interests• Experts • Share and• Search engines exchange By the way, you informationBy the way, they’re can still do allall on the Internet! this on the Yup, still on Internet! the Internet 
  7. 7. My Favorites
  8. 8. From Self-learning to ActivismWhere it begins Google it! Check sources Take Me, my action! interests and causes Talk to parents, friends, experts Research
  9. 9. Take Action, Make A Change!1. Blogging & Social Networks2. Fundraiser #decinadar3. Lectures & Media4. More fundraising & Projects
  10. 10. What Is Activism?1D Croatia #JankoUp ACTA #twittersindikat•Personal • Charity • Global • Social interest society responsibility
  11. 11. What Can You Do?1. Learn, talk, share2. Every little bit counts3. Take the online offline4. Make it a habit
  12. 12. Kids Can Be Leaders Don’t tell us we “can’t” Listen and talk to us No fear! Let us play with our ideasLet us make our Success own mistakes means failing 1000 times
  13. 13. So you say you want a revolution? Well, we all want to change the World“Be the change.” - Gandhi
  14. 14. Thanks for letting me share! Vuk Visnjic Blog: Twitter: @ZaljubjenoDeteEmail: