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World view october_18_2012


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Mapping the earth (Sharing knowledge)

Published in: Technology
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World view october_18_2012

  1. 1. WORLD VIEW October 18, 2012 Vol. 1, No. 7Non-commercial, non-media use only
  2. 2. 7 8 3 9 2 1 5 6 4Unless otherwise noted, all WorldView content is copyrighted by DigitalGlobe. Copyright © DigitalGlobe, Inc. 2012 CONTENTS 1 Endeavour moves to permanent home Los Angeles, California, U.S. 1 2 Red Bull Rampage attracts top mountain bikers Virgin, Utah, U.S. 3 Famous farm known for fall foliage Reading, Vermont, U.S. 4 Observatory helps explore deep space Atacama Desert, Chile World’s largest radio telescope soon to be outdone 2 5 Arecibo, Puerto Rico 6 Ghana detains Argentine training ship Tema, Ghana 7 Airbus Deutschland tests A380 aircraft Hamburg, Germany 8 Zubr class LCAC for China Feodosiya, Ukraine 5 9 9 “Clear Sky 2012” exercise Kant Air Base, KyrgyzstanOn the cover: Fall foliage near Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont. Non-commercial, non-media use only
  3. 3. N Utility vehicles Support caravan Onlookers Scale = .25 kilometersEndeavour moves to permanent homeLos Angeles, California, U.S., October 13, 201233°57’42”N, 118°19’52”WThis image shows the space shuttle Endeavour and the cara- utility poles. At certain points, the entire procession had tovan that followed moving through the tight streets of south- be stopped in order to maneuver around obstacles. Accord-ern Los Angeles. When this image was taken, the shuttle ing to organizers, Endeavour’s wings came within incheswas moving at 2 miles per hour through Inglewood. At this of structures along the route. In preparation for the move,point, it was still 4.5 miles from the California Science Cen- some 400 trees had to be cut down, but many could not beter, where it will be put on permanent display. Endeavour’s removed because they were old or treasured for historical12-mile journey began before dawn on October 12, 2012, at reasons. The cost to transport the shuttle is estimated atLos Angeles International Airport. It was expected to reach USD $10 million to be paid for by the science center andthe science center by the evening of October 13, 2012, but private donations. The 77-tonne spacecraft, which measureslogistical issues delayed its arrival by 16 hours. Thousands 37 meters long, 24 meters wide and five stories tall at theof onlookers witnessed the daunting task of moving the tail, arrived at its new home on October 14, 2012, withoutspacecraft, which included dodging trees and weaving past any damage.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 1
  4. 4. Support vehicles N Finish Ladder bridge and finish Start Scale = .25 kilometersRed Bull Rampage attracts top mountain bikersVirgin, Utah, U.S., October 6, 201237°09’56”N, 113°10’27”WThe appropriately named Red Bull Rampage event in Virgin, which they build in the days leading up to the competition.Utah, came to a close on October 7, 2012, with Kurt Sorge, of Wooden structures, including the intimidating Oakley IconCanada, winning the competition. The world’s top free-ride Sender where a ramp leads to a 12-meter drop, add to themountain bikers competed for three days on steep and unfor- difficulty. Cameron Zink landed a 360-degree maneuver atgiving technical terrain near Zion National Park. Just sur- this ramp in 2012 in what was probably the most memorableviving the course, which some riders describe as terrifying, trick in the event’s history. New this year is a 46-meter longis cause for jubilation. The invite-only event was held from ladder bridge that leads to a quarter-pipe near the end of the2001-04 and then canceled because of the risks associated course, seen in this image. Another notable element is an 18-with competing in such a merciless environment. The contest meter gap; Cam McCaul was the only rider to clear this jumpresumed in 2008 and has occurred every two years since. Rid- in qualifying rounds. Judging for the event is based on style,ers begin their descent of the 457-meter course on the knife- fluidity, amplitude and difficulty of line choice, according toedged ridges with drops on either side, seen in this image. competition judges. Antoine Bizet, of France, placed second,From here, riders choose their own lines of descent, many of and Logan Binggeli, of the U.S., finished third.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 2
  5. 5. N Jenne Farm Scale =.5 kilometersFamous farm known for fall foliageReading, Vermont, U.S., October 5, 201243°31’28”N, 72°33’34”WFall has arrived and stunning colors have taken over the land- colors. Peak viewing is somewhat subjective but usually refersscape near Reading, Vermont. The area is famous for its fall to the time when 75 to 80 percent of the leaves have changedfoliage, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Jenne color. This varies based on location because of changes inFarm (1813), perhaps one of the world’s most photographed elevation, temperature, soil moisture and wind conditions.farms, is shown in this image. The farm has appeared on the Although most of the leaves in this image have changed color,cover of magazines, in photography books, in advertising it will probably be a week or two before they finish changingcommercials (e.g. Budweiser) and films (e.g. Forrest Gump). and fall to the ground. Green pastures and evergreens makeShades of orange, yellow and red are visible here as the leaves for a sharp contrast to the leaves shown here. Evergreensreach their peak for viewing. Yellow birch and sugar maples maintain their needles year-round and have evolved to sur-are among the tree species that contribute to these vibrant vive extreme temperatures.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 3
  6. 6. N Operations Support Facility Scale = .25 kilometersObservatory helps explore deep spaceAtacama Desert, Chile, October 3, 201223°04’22”S, 67°58’50”WALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array) the radio wavelength signatures, molecules glow, providingObservatory, located in the Chilean Atacama Desert, hous- information from extreme distances not visible in the optices a worldwide collaboration of scientists and engineers range. According to National Radio Astronomy Observa-seeking to expand the frontiers of knowledge in space. tory reports, an initial data set obtained by ALMA enabledBeginning in March 2013, astronomers will use ALMA to scientists at the Ohio State University to detect chemicals instudy first stars and galaxies, star and planet formation, space. Each time a molecule rotates or vibrates between aand giant gas clouds that create planetary systems. ALMA pattern, it emits or absorbs a specific wavelength, accordingworks by simultaneously directing 66 single long wave- to scientists. Reading the signature patterns of these mole-length radio and infrared radio wave antennas to a specific cules in small batches can be extremely difficult; therefore,region. A central computer, located at the Operations Sup- ALMA’s large, single images allow scientists to analyze theport Facility (OSF), seen here, combines the information molecules in a broad swath of space. Knowing the chem-into a single image after scientists have compensated for ical makeup of a dust cloud allows them to determineinterference, including weather, atmosphere and antenna conditions in that area. “This is going to change the waycondition. This process is far more efficient than building astrochemists do business,” Anthony Remijan, part of thea single massive array. When viewing images created from scientific team from Ohio State, said in a report.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 4
  7. 7. N Control room Support cables Gregorian sub-reflector Visitor center Triangular platform Tower Scale = .25 kilometersWorld’s largest radio telescope soon to be outdoneArecibo, Puerto Rico, October 11, 201218°20’39”N, 66°45’10”WThe Arecibo Observatory, located 13.5 kilometers south of panel of judges. This image shows the collection dish madeArecibo, Puerto Rico, is the world’s largest and most sensi- of 38,778 perforated aluminum panels and the beam steer-tive radio telescope. The Arecibo Observatory is part of the ing mechanism, which is held aloft by cables that measureNational Astronomy Ionosphere Center (NAIC), a national 300 to 350 meters. The image also shows the Gregorianresearch center operated by Cornell University in agree- sub-reflector under the fixed triangular platform. Thement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). The observatory employs approximately 140 people, 16 of themobservatory was designed by William E. Gordon, a former being scientific staff who conduct research and provide as-Cornell electrical engineer, to study the Earth’s ionosphere. sistance to visiting scientists. A new radio telescope, whichConstruction occurred 1960-63 on the 305-meter diameter will be bigger than the one in Arecibo, is already undercollection dish that was placed inside a depression left by a construction in the Guizhou Province of southern China.karst sinkhole. Scientists can gain access to pursue research The 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST)in radio astronomy, radar astronomy and atmospheric is expected to be completed in 2016 and will be able to seesciences after submitting proposals that are evaluated by a three times farther than Arecibo’s telescope.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 5
  8. 8. N Por t of Te ma ARA Libertad Te ma Harbour Scale = .25 kilometersGhana detains Argentine training shipTema, Ghana, October 15, 201205°37’47”N, 00°00’32”WThe Argentinean naval cadet training ship the ARA Lib- 2012, as part of a goodwill tour. It was scheduled to returnertad, seen in this image, was seized by Ghana on orders to Buenos Aires on December 8, 2012, but will remain infrom a United States court. According to the Ghana Ports Ghana after the court rejected Argentina’s appeal of theand Harbours Authority, the vessel was kept because of order detaining the vessel. Creditors have been chasing afteran injunction placed on it for debts owed. An Accra High debts owed by Argentina since the country’s USD $100-bil-Court dismissed Argentina’s request for the vessel’s release lion default in 2001. Argentina restructured approximatelybased on a U.S. court judgment that Argentine property 93 percent of its defaulted bonds in debt exchanges in 2005could be seized as a result of the country’s debt, according and 2010, bringing investors to approximately 33 centsto reports. The 103-meter long vessel left Buenos Aires on to the dollar. In 1966, the ARA Libertad set an unbrokenJune 2, 2012, with a crew of 320, including 69 members of world record for a transatlantic crossing using only sailthe Argentine Navy, 110 students, 15 Chilean sailors and navigation. It completed the 3,225-kilometer journey fromseveral Uruguayans. The USD $15-million triple-masted Cape Race, Canada, to Dursey Island, Ireland, in 6 days andsail training ship (AXS) arrived in Ghana on October 8, four hours.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 6
  9. 9. N Paint building Possible Emirate Airlines aircraft Test area Assembly hallProbable Thai Airlines aircraft Main parking apron Elbe R iv e r Main entrance Scale = 1 kilometerAirbus Deutschland tests A380 aircraftHamburg, Germany, October 13, 201253°32’24”N, 09°49’33”EAirbus Deutschland in Hamburg, Germany, is the head- ing to the purchasing airlines custom paint scheme. Oncequarters and final assembly center for the A320 series of the aircraft is complete, a representative from the purchas-aircraft, which include the A318, A319 and A321. The ing airline views the aircraft at the headquarters facilityA380 is assembled and delivered to European and Middle for acceptance and delivery. Of note on this October 13,Eastern Customers at this location as well. The Airbus 2012, image are two A380s on the main parking apron andplant is equipped with a massive assembly hall, a paint one in the test area. One aircraft on the parking apron isbuilding, a testing area, a parking apron and a 3,200-meter probably a Thai Airlines aircraft. The second A380 on thelong runway. Airbus employs more than 10,000 people parking apron is not identifiable, as its paint scheme hasat the Airbus headquarters alone, as well as hundreds of not been applied. The aircraft in the test area is possiblyothers at various other parts manufacturing locations painted for Emirate Airlines, Airbus’ biggest A380 custom-throughout Germany. After a plane is assembled in Ham- er with a total order of 90 aircraft. In all, 257 A380s haveburg, the plane is quality tested and then painted accord- been ordered worldwide, 87 of which have been delivered.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 7
  10. 10. N Feod o siy a shipy ard Kaffa B ay Scale = .25 kilometersZubr class LCAC for ChinaFeodosiya, Ukraine, October 12, 201245°07’02”N, 35°29’50”EThis image shows the Zubr Landing Craft Air Cushion operational. The hovercraft in this image is the first of four(LCAC), which was built for China, moored in the Black Sea ordered by China. It was badly damaged in a constructionoff the coast of Ukraine at Feodosiya Shipyard. Originally accident in 2011. Two of the hovercraft China ordered will bedesigned by the former Soviet Union, Zubr is the world’s larg- built in Ukraine, and the other two will be built in China withest class of hovercraft. There are nine vessels of this class in the help of Ukrainian experts, according to reports. Chinaactive service around the world used by Russia, Ukraine and is paying an estimated USD $80 million for each Zubr classGreece. When Greece purchased four Zubr class hovercraft, it LCAC. The Zubr hovercraft has a range of 483 kilometerswas the first time a Russian-built ship was owned by the navy at 55 knots and is capable of carrying 136 tonnes, includingof a NATO member. The hovercraft turned out to be more up to three medium tanks or 500 marines. Its top speed isexpensive to maintain than expected, and Greece retired two more than 60 knots on land, water and ice, and it is capable ofof them early so the parts could be used to keep the other two clearing obstacles 1.5 meters high.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 9
  11. 11. N MiG-31s Beriev A-50U “Mainstay” AWACS Scale = .5 kilometers“Clear Sky 2012” exercisesKant Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, October 8, 201242°51’37”N, 74°50’27”EThe “Clear Sky 2012” military exercises, which ran October according to military personnel. This image shows MiG-315-16, 2012, were held at Kant Air Base, located in northern long-range interceptors and a Russian Beriev A-50U “Main-Kyrgyzstan near the border with Kazakhstan. Joint operations stay” airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) aircraft.involved Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. For In addition, helicopters and surface-to-air missile systemsthe first time in the event’s history, exercises were held in air- were employed during the training exercises. The exercise wasspace of the four participating countries, which are members meant to help improve the exchange of information beforeof the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The op- and during military action in an effort to be better preparederations included exercises to repel cruise missile strikes over to defend against strikes by conventional aircraft and cruisethe region with surface-to-air and ground-to-air operations, missiles, according to the radio network Voice of Russia.H Non-commercial, non-media use only 8
  12. 12. ABOUT THE ANALYSIS CENTERDigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center helps customers by kilometers of sub-meter resolution imagery. The Analysisfocusing on what’s most important—changes that directly Center keeps a constant eye on the world to provide earlyimpact their organizations. Our team of professional insights into the business, market, military, environmentalimagery, geospatial and open source research analysts are and political changes that impact people around thebacked by direct access to the entire DigitalGlobe satellite world.imagery constellation, including the industry-leading Images in WorldView may be color-corrected for theImageLibrary, which holds more than 2.7 billion square purpose of publication. Questions or comments concerning WorldView can be sent to, Publishing Editor Katelyn Amen or Senior Analyst Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. DigitalGlobe’s WorldView is not for public distribution (i.e. websites) and is for non-commercial, non-media use only. If you would like to use the report for media or commercial use, purchase the entire report here. To purchase individual images, contact us at You will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless DigitalGlobe the Product for any purpose; (2) Your actual or alleged breach of any pro-and its subsidiaries, affiliates and subcontractors, and their respective vision of this Agreement; or (3) damage to property or injury to or death ofowners, officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and any person directly or indirectly caused by You. DigitalGlobe will provideall direct or indirect claims, damages, losses, liabilities, expenses, and costs You with notice of any such claim or allegation, and DigitalGlobe has the(including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from or out of: (1) Your use of right to participate in the defense of any such claim at its expense.