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Mobile Testing Challenges at Zalando Tech


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This July we teamed up with TestObject to host a Mobile Quality Crew Meetup at the Zalando Technology building in Berlin.

Presentations included:

Mobile Testing Challenges @ZalandoTech
Dmitry Bespalov, iOS Engineer
and Hendrik Seffler, Delivery Lead Engineering Productivity at Zalando

Efforts of automation @6Wunderkinder
Justin Ison is a QA Lead at 6Wunderkinder

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Mobile Testing Challenges at Zalando Tech

  1. 1. Mobile Quality Challenges At Zalando Dmitry Bespalov <> Hendrik Seffler <>
  2. 2. Zalando facts
  3. 3. Zalando facts
  4. 4. Zalando mobile apps facts
  5. 5. Zalandos mobile offerings Developed by dedicated team Developed across multiple teams Developed by dedicated team iOS Android Mobile site
  6. 6. Team setup Each team is autonomous and responsible for its deliverables. Slightly different development and testing approaches everywhere
  7. 7. Mobile Testing Pyramid Source:
  8. 8. iOS Dmitry Bespalov • iOS Engineer
  9. 9. ● Objective-C & Swift project ● 7 developers ● Giflow workflow Setup
  10. 10. Testing
  11. 11. ● Unit tests (TDD) ● End to end integration tests ● Continuous integration ○ Jenkins ○ Xcode server ○ TravisCI ● Testing of iOS beta SDKs Testing
  12. 12. ● Code review ● Bug bashing ● Post-release monitoring ○ Fabric ○ AppStore reviews Safety nets
  13. 13. ● Ensuring quality is a multi-staged process ● Test automation is a key component ● Code reviews and bug bashing before release ● Crashes and app store reviews iOS Summary
  14. 14. Android espresso - “a fun little Android UI test API” ● few unit tests ● espresso based UI-tests (run on emulators) ● manual testing on real devices
  15. 15. Zalandos mobile website For users that do not have the app installed Targeted from Google searches Initially developed by a dedicated team We faced several challenges
  16. 16. Quality by organisational changes Responsibility moved to multiple teams Each team has to think about mobile Establish “mobile first” mindset
  17. 17. Testing the mSite ● Manual testing ○ browser developer tools ○ physical devices ○ saucelabs ● Automated ○ Appium ■ local ■ saucelabs
  18. 18. Conclusion ● Quality is a team responsibility ● Automated testing plays important role in ensuring quality ● Use all kind of testing: unit tests, end-to- end, manual ● Implement development best practices to have safety nets