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Nuage Designs Marketing Insights


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An overview of the current and recommended strategies for Nuage Designs. Includes brief brand voice overview, customer personas, content strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Newsletter and LinkedIn, and A/B Facebook testing insights.

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Nuage Designs Marketing Insights

  1. 1. ABOUT Nuage Designs is the leading provider of luxury linen and furniture rentals for weddings and events. Our current client list represents the top tier of industry professionals in the United States and abroad.
  2. 2. BRAND PERSONALITY Trendy Design-savvy Cosmopolitan Contemporary Detail-oriented VOICE Knowledgeable Relatable Inspirational Calm VALUES Collaboration Teamwork Creativity Boldness MISSION To elevate events through the creative use of textiles so that they are an extension of our clients’ best self. PROMISE To be an accessible event rental company that inspires creativity and delivers a high quality product and unparalleled customer service
  3. 3. VALUE PROPOSITION For event designers looking to create a unique atmosphere utilizing linens and furniture crafted from quality materials and supported by luxury-level customer service, Nuage Designs is an event rental company that carries distinctive pieces to complete your look. Unlike Wildflower Linens, the products are never dated and fully customizable.
  4. 4. CUSTOMER PERSONA & EMPATHY MAP Jennifer the Event Planner PROFESSIONALLY •Places trust in her vendors •Focuses on building relationships •Enjoys feeling creative •Attention to detail •Loves praise •BFF with her clients PERSONAL LIFE •“Hostess with the most-est” •Fashionista •Interior Designer •Loves color •Sociable and fun-loving •Coordinates girls-night EVENT GOALS: •Flawless execution •Picture perfect décor •Inspirational – great for social media •Talk of the town •Never before seen OUTSIDE OF WORK: •Mother •Wife •Loves Martha Stewart •Watches E!, Bravo, Food Network •Dresses casually •Always on the go •Active on social media
  5. 5. CUSTOMER PERSONA & EMPATHY MAP Julia the Bride-to-Be PERSONAL LIFE: •Works a 9-5 •Educated, some college •No design background •Late 20’s – mid 30’s •Not the final decision maker •Not paying for the wedding (may be helping) •First marriage WEDDING GOALS: •Stress-free •Wants everything done early •Imitating pinterest images she’s seen •Trying to wow all her other recently engaged or married friends •Wants her vision to come to life, also fighting with her mothers/friends/groom opinions •Recently unaware of all the options out there PERSONALITY: •Enjoys online-shopping •Leads a casual lifestyle •Middle/Upper class demographic •Has nice taste, can’t always afford it
  6. 6. GOALS •Increase Brand Awareness •Expand to New Domestic Markets **set measurable goals
  7. 7. CUSTOMER CYCLE AWARENESS: •Promoted Social •Partnerships •Sponsored Events (Photoshoots, Galas, Celebrity weddings) •Earned Media ENGAGEMENT: •Social Media content strategy •Newsletter •Influencer Marketing RETENTION: •User Generated Features •Blog •B2B thought leadership •Rewards Program •Community Management
  8. 8. CONTENT STRATEGY Concepts to Feature • Events •Behind-the-scenes set up •Professional images •Diversity of event styles (colors, designs, themes, occasions) •Brand Personality •Behind-the-scenes office shots (showcase personal aesthetic) •Funny out-takes •Production shots (shows quality and process) •Textile Shots •Inspiration shots (MIA, NYC, ATL, textile shows) •“Who wore it best” (Textiles seen used on clothing) •User Generated •Client features (professional pictures, blog features) •Clients having fun with product (wearing as a dress, etc.) •Client selecting textiles – swatches, etc. Rules of Thumb •Don’t interrupt – use native content • Be relevant – what’s going on in pop culture? • Address holidays – both real (Christmas) and silly (National Hotdog Day) • Make sure content across channels aligns (but do not just repurpose) • Create a content calendar for consistency across platforms and themes
  9. 9. FACEBOOK • Visually Driven • Use images that stand out in a newsfeed (vibrant, uncluttered, central focus) and look professional (no blurry phone shots) • Story-driven but limited text (keep it concise and interesting) • Explore Videos • Encourage Interaction •Ask questions, contests, advice/help from clients (ex. Which do you like best, what pattern works, etc.) • Make sure community management is in place • Build trust and brand identity, limit direct/obvious sales-pitches •Optimize for Mobile (30% of users log in exclusively on mobile devices) • Sponsored Posts • Optimize posts with above average “like” rates, or those tagging companies or influencers in the wedding space •Company Page • Avatar should be easy to identify – perhaps a logo or single item • Update company information for accuracy and refresh content (i.e. address, about us, etc.)
  10. 10. Great example of content: • Imagery is clean and aligns with the brand (modern, luxury, inspirational) • Text voice is spot-on, talks about Miami (company HQ) as a popular destination thanks to the weather/view • Tagging venue and event planner involved helps to increase exposure and “share” potential • Above-average number of “likes” makes this an ideal post to sponsor I recommend adding an logo or text to the image (unobtrusively) to allow for easy identification when users are scrolling through their news feed – particularly on mobile
  11. 11. Room for improvement: • Images are beautiful but grid-format is cluttered – ideally select strongest image and link through to the rest • Text is not engaging – very informative but could use an attention-grabbing tag line • I would test for impact of sharing content versus re-formatting and posting directly • Tagging is well-done, including all vendors and venue to maximize re-posts, etc.
  12. 12. PINTEREST Quick Facts: • 68% of users are women • 27.4% of users are 25- 34 (average age in US for marriage: 27 women, 29 men) • Huge driver for e- commerce relative to other social networks • Potential to drive traffic for months since pins don’t “disappear” • Boards • Board names should be fun and witty (ex. “Beach vibes” instead of “Beach wedding”) • Feature product lightly within other relevant re-pins (ex. Aqua sequin linen with images of beach sunset, hearts in the sand, seashell centerpiece, dream resort) • Feature one “sales” board without pushing sales (ex. Style of the month, Pantone-inspired, etc.) •Strong Visuals • All product shots should be professional and clean • All re-pins should be crisp images, no stock photos • Text • Product text should be descriptive (never just the sole product name i.e. Blush Sequin Taffeta) and conversational • Make sure you link back to correct URL if featuring product • Voice • Should be fun, friendly, positive, aspirational (boards are essentially wish lists), and advice-seeking • Make boards with zero product to reflect company personality (related to Miami, NYC, Cavalier King Charles dogs, travel inspiration)
  13. 13. • Great concept, art deco is a very popular style currently trending • Additional inspiration pins are on-point, very luxe and feminine • Board is very product-heavy (16/33 images, or 50%) • Board name and description is bland, doesn’t really inspire clicking in to • Try adding other art deco pictures (buildings (Miami art deco), décor, fashion (wedding dresses), cocktails and food • If using product images, try to incorporate event stills or set-ups versus stock images – shows the client how to use the product (gives them ideas and inspiration)
  14. 14. • Product images are vivid and fun, never flat website stock images • Boards have a great variety of related content (not direct product) • Behind the scenes textiles show company personality • Healthy recipe boards related to their mission for a healthy lifestyle • “Retreat Yourself” board is a true wish-list driven by the healthy lifestyle mission
  15. 15. INSTAGRAM PICTURES • Good shots – nice cropping and alignment, natural (and minimal) edits/filters • Behind-the-scenes event pictures • Product selection and production (work in progress, textiles, sewing, etc.) • Office shots (day-to-day, desk layouts, office dog) CAPTIONS • Keep it short • Make it witty, relatable, and use to create a conversation – questions, which do you prefer?, etc. • Ask customers to hashtag & mention us on their images HASHTAGS • Do keyword research to tag with the most popular and relevant hashtags for brand, product, industry to drive real traffic and engagement (versus random “likes”) • Also consider trending hashtags if applicable • Should portray authenticity, give a more human element to the brand • Cross-pollinate campaigns - drive traffic to other channels where conversions can be made (i.e. blog, pinterest) • Regram customer images (no regram app!) and tag appropriately – show appreciation! • Create a regularly themed posts for days of the week (ex. textile Tuesday, wedding Wednesday etc.) • Engage with new users following similar accounts to increase followers – like, follow and comment to increase user interest
  16. 16. • Great imagery – showcases product without being a standard product image • Caption is somewhat bland but echoes the voice of several other industry account • Cross-pollination is great here – picture posted hours after newsletter with same content was sent, driving back to site in caption • Other vendors are tagged and credited, and 2/3 are engaged in the comment section • Great combination of content and accurate tagging led to a regram and shoutout from @cecinewyork to her 16,800 followers
  17. 17. Strong content – Shows brand personality and dimension, features products in use, tags clients, vendors and events, engages users, never pitches a sale
  18. 18. Room for Improvement – Make sure images are good quality and focus on the subject you want highlighted, don’t clutter images – better to split into multiple posts than to pic-stitch, align brand voice across all channels
  19. 19. BLOG • Categories/Themes • Current weddings featuring product (either first-time feature on our blog or repost from other publications – the Knot, Style Me Pretty, etc.) • Inspirational Photoshoots (either in-house or repost) • Trend Reports (what’s current in wedding trends and how our product compliments, can drive to/from pinterest as well) • Work in Progress (Behind-the-scenes, new items, textile shows, sketching, etc.) • Establish frequency (to create and uphold client expectations) • Cross-pollinate channels to drive traffic between blog, social media and site • Text should be concise and align with brand voice (let images drive the inspiration with text acting as a description/how-to use for our products)
  20. 20. Blog format is somewhat confusing to follow and layout is not as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the website. Consider one long column with larger image and less text – increase CTR to full blog post.
  21. 21. LinkedIn • Create a Nuage Designs Company LinkedIn • Promote Pablo Oliveira as Nuage Designs owner, especially in newer satellite markets where clients are not as familiar • Increase company awareness and legitimacy • Great platform for B2B, explore as an option to target wedding professionals (instead of brides) • Channel to explore hospitality professionals (hotels, venues, caterers) who work in a more corporate setting versus sole-owner of their business (ex. Luxury hotels, restaurants, in-house planners) • Thought Leadership • Can identify and shape current and upcoming trends in wedding design • Wedding industry professionals look to a small set of well-known designers, florists, planners, etc. to guide trends • Pablo Oliveira has 10+ years of established relationships working with these professionals and can use LinkedIn to increase his visibility as a tastemaker in this space
  22. 22. NEWSLETTER • Trend-driven • Images should be large scale and inspirational • Cross promote campaign (drive to other channels) • Tie-in with website campaign (ie landing page) • Keep text short, encourage CTR • Consistent email schedule (every two weeks, on high-performing day/time for opens) • Create attention-grabbing subject lines (so far subject lines have been flat and descriptive rather than interesting and engaging) • Emails have been promo-heavy which can create customer expectations going forward • Promos have been hard to implement, need to make it easier for clients to use (ie an email-specific code, etc. – will also help track)
  23. 23. NEWSLETTER INSIGHT 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% 30.00% 35.00% 40.00% 45.00% Open Rate Click Rate Unique Clicks New Website Earth Day Art Deco • Highest performing email was promotional (“New Website”) • Second highest click rate was inspiration + promo (Art Deco) * • Did no promo in “Earth Day” email cause disinterest? • How can we increase CTR? **at time of slide, email had been live for 6 days
  24. 24. INFLUENCER MARKETING • Targets: • Venues (luxury hotels, destination locations, outdoor spaces) • Designers (Mindy Weiss, Preston Bailey, Todd Events) • Florists (Tantawan Bloom, Hey Gorgeous Events) • Vendors with similar styles/target market (Prop rentals, furniture, invitations, cakes) • Blogs/Magazines (100 Layer Cake, Loverly, Brides, the Knot, Marthe Stewart Weddings) • Events (sponsorship possibilities – the Knot gala, Martha Stewart Weddings, bridal shows) • Concepts: • Instagram Takeover • Curated Pinterest Boards • Collaborating on photoshoots, events, media weddings (celeb, etc.) • Creating a series of blog posts (ex. How “Influencer” would style their wedding – using our items and other vendors and selecting influencers to participate) • Influencers • Be selective with targeting (location-specific, number of followers, align styles, align target market)
  25. 25. WEBSITE UX RECCOMENDATIONS • Landing Page • Incorporate current campaign images and click-thrus • Remove clutter (too many different and/or repetitive things pulling attention in all directions) • Products • Consistent product images across categories • Consistent (and helpful) descriptions • Include all dimensions, color references, pricing • Add “filter” function (filter by size, color, style, elements – sequins, lace, etc.) • For furniture, list all pieces included in lounge images to clarify what is included • General • Keep text minimal • Add easy CTA’s • Email sign-up (lightbox?) • Acct sign-up • Social Media Follow/Like buttons • Include in header and footer of site
  26. 26. RETENTION STRATEGY • Strong brand on social media • Consistent engagement • Relevant concepts • Beautiful imagery • Community management – ask for customer feedback and address concerns • B2B Tools • Blog posts and LinkedIn Influencer articles • Ex. how to use our products, how to increase upsell on décor, how to work with a budget, trend pieces, coordinating your florals and textiles • Promos • Free shipping • Package deals on items that are used together • Rewards program • Early access and insider deals • Industry Discounts • Dedicated blog or social media posts of events using our products
  27. 27. MARKET EXPANSION First target market is Texas – Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. We’ve seen a lot of high-end weddings in this area along with clients we’ve worked with sporadically in the past who place large (often custom) orders. We are aiming to capitalize on the impending move from Miami to Texas of a sales team member to establish a presence in the area.
  28. 28. Google AdWords Wedding Ad Group • 91 total clicks, • Highest performing keywords: • Wedding rentals • Wedding table décor • Wedding decorations • Wedding decor Ran 7 day campaign • Total Clicks: 120 • Average CPC: $1.51 • Average Bounce Rate: 53.47% Linens Ad Group • 29 total clicks • Highest performing keywords: • Wedding linens • Table Linens Highly targeted keywords performed best with average/or better bounce rate and and average/or better pages per session. High CPC in comparison to social channels which I believe is a better fit for the wedding industry when it comes to consumer discovery and trust.
  29. 29. FACEBOOK PAID CAMPAIGNS • Ran 3 campaigns: • Image testing • Content testing • Landing page testing • Target: • Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin • Women • Ages 25-54 • $15 max daily budget • Scheduled Monday morning 11 am – Sunday night 11 pm
  31. 31. IMAGE TESTING • Total Clicks: 258 • Total Reach: 13,769 • Cost per Result: $0.38 • Highest Engagement: Ages 25-34 • 92% site clicks on mobile newsfeed • 97% reach on mobile newsfeed Highest performing image (43% of all clicks): • Relevant trend • Overhead shot (popular style for setups) • Clear and uncluttered visual • Neutral color palette • Details shot
  33. 33. CONTENT TESTING • Total Clicks: 288 • Total Reach: 14,144 • Cost per Result: $0.34 • Highest Engagement: Ages 25-34 (clicks) Ages 35-44 (reach) • 97% site clicks on mobile newsfeed • 95% reach on mobile newsfeed Highest performing image (53% of all clicks): • “Original” text • Voice was positive and intriguing • Non-specific, didn’t alienate anyone • Other campaigns targeted specific areas (brides, industry professional)
  34. 34. LANDING PAGE TESTING • Linens & Overlays Product Page • Elegance Collection • Homepage • Glamour Collection • Print Collection
  35. 35. LANDING PAGE TESTING • Total Clicks: 493 • Total Reach: 21,955 • Cost per Result: $0.20 • Highest Engagement: Ages 45-54 (clicks) Ages 25-34 (reach) • 94% site clicks on mobile newsfeed • 90% reach on mobile newsfeed Highest performing landing page was Linens & Overlays (product page) followed very closely by Elegance Collection: • Product specific landing pages • “Glamour Collection” landing page (also product) – low performing but similar bounce rate and engagement • “Print Collection” landing page – lowest performing, very different style possibly less of our market • Homepage had highest bounce rate – possibly too dense with information
  36. 36. Google ANALYTICS 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 March 30 - No Ad April 6 - No Ad April 12 - No Ad April 20 - Image Ad April 27 - Content Ad May 4 - Landing Pg Ad Houston Dallas San Antonio Austin Total User Sessions per Location
  37. 37. FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATIONS •Have high quality images • Detail shots work really well • Overhead shots translate to screen easily • Keep text light and fun – don’t pitch a sale • Make sure your landing page ties directly to the ad • Don’t take customer somewhere unexpected (false advertising) • Optimize for mobile newsfeed viewing • Add tracking pixels • Ensure UTM tracking is set up for each ad within the campaign • Create targeted campaigns for different segments (based on location, age) • Keep images fresh on ad campaigns – tie them back to current newsletter, etc. • Test different CTA buttons (shop now, book now, learn more, sign up)
  38. 38. THANK YOU!