Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine Cover Analysis


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Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine Cover Analysis
  2. 2. Masthead: The masthead for this magazine is placed in the middle at the top of the cover, it doesn’t stretch across the whole of the page. Even though it is quite small, it is still recognisable as the magazine and stands out with the white font amongst the dark blue background. The microphone from the image of Lil Wayne is layered on top to maybe show dominance of the issue. Selling Line: This issue does not have a selling line because this issue is a tribute issue however the main attraction is in the coverline. Although the text in the red box could be seen as a selling line as it further explains the cover line. It is yellow with a red background which is the brightest use of colours on the page which will draw the readers attention to this. This is so that the readers can have a further insight into the issue. Cover line: The cover line “Behind The Mic Featuring Young Money” is placed in the middle of the magazine, and takes up most of the cover. It is extremely noticeable that the issue is about Young Money, because the typical Young Money font is used on the cover, therefore fans will automatically recognise it.
  3. 3. Main Image: The main image is of Young Money’s three main artists Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. They used these artists instead of other artists under the Young Money label because they are most recognisable. The image used are three different images that are not taken by the magazine. The images are layered together onto a different background layered slightly on top of the masthead but underneath all other text. Colour Scheme: There are quite a few different colours used on this cover but the main colours used are different shades of blue and white. There is red and yellow which is quite loud which is to draw the readers attention to that section to read the text. The different colours have been layered accurately so that no colours blend in together and so that each colour stands out against the colour underneath it. Button : There is no button used in this issue but that could be possibly because this is a one-off tribute issue whereas usually they might use a button to advertise certain things.