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Review of Final Peformance

  1. 1. Review of Final PerformanceOn Tuesday the 23nd February, our performance that we had been working on wasperformed on this evening at 4:45pm. This was now the second time we wereperforming this musical as we had already performed it to a smaller groupyesterday inthe day for our dress rehearsal and to our second audience yesterday evening. Eventhough this wasn’t our first performance, as teachers and friends and our Headteacher were now in the audience. I was very nervous as this was our last performanceand I was very worried I was going to lose my voice half way through the performancebut I got my confidence together and was sure that this performance was going to be agreat success.As the audience settles down, the lights went up and the musical begun. We started offour first song which wasn’t too bad except for the fact that I felt we all startedwhistling at different times. Sara and I were on the stage on the front so had to makesure that we had everything up to scratch. I was really pleased with how the openingsong went, however I could tell that a few of the others were a bit nervous and weren’tall in time. Also, I realised that everyone had improved slightly on their facialexpressions in comparison to our last performances.As our first scene had begun, I could feel the nerves kicking in. The first scene in myopinion started of very smoothly and everyone had remembered exactly what to do.However, when I am on stage but not speaking during the first scene, me and the threegirls who are part of my gang are supposed to not watch the play when frozen. I hadremember to do this and had focused my eyes on somewhere else; although accordingto Mrs Saroya, the other three were watching the play which looked unprofessionalApart from that little point, the first scene went perfectly.Second scene in which I was still on the stage frozen and I could feel my legs startingto get tired and my whole body wanted to move as I was frozen in one position for quitea while, but I kept my freeze frame the whole way through. This scene also went quitewell and one issue that we’ve had for a few of the rehearsals was the fact that Georgeforgets to remove one of the blocks from the stage, however this time he rememberedto take it. Also, Parnyan had a habit off up her lines and they didn’t make sense inrehearsals, but she got them exactly correct on the day.It was now the third scene and I was allowed to come of the stage. One issue that Iencountered straight away was that I had told the girls to leave a gap in between themand wait for me to step of first. They didn’t leave a gap and didn’t wait for me to comedown so I nearly bumped onto them. Another issue that I came across was that Michaelwas told not to come between Sara and I and to stay a few steps away. As I could see
  2. 2. him moving forward and was nearly about to block us two off again, I decided to put mylegs out in front to block him off so he couldn’t come any further. I was really pleasedat the fact that I remembered my lines in this scene and at the right time because inthe rehearsals I kept forgetting to say my lines at certain points.Scene 4 and I was no longer in this scene. At the beginning of the scene me and asthmawere meant to imitate Sara’s snoring as she wasn’t able to snore. We were a bitdistracted behind the set and we nearly forgot to do it. The only issue I found withthis scene was that Sara and Prabhleen could have been a little bit loader when singing,but it may have just been lack of confidence as it is quite nervous especially singing infront of everyone.Once the buzzer noise goes off, we are all meant to quickly move onto the set, buteveryone is always slightly unsure about when they should go one. We all rememberedwhere to stand and where we needed to move to when we were on the set. I couldn’treally see what was going on behind me, but I was hoping that everyone was standingwhere they should be.I had to now get changed behind the board for the next scene which was a quite hardas the board was very small. However for the first time ever; everyone was standingstill behind the board, not moving or talking which made it much easier to understandwhat was going on and to move about.Scene 6 and this was our Flashback scene. This was the scene that always goes quitewell the only problem that me and Michael had issues with was where to stand. I had toensure that I was in line with a table that was in the audience and Michael had toensure he was in line with one of the chairs. He was a little more forward then wherehe should be, but other than that, we were both on point. My lines for this section werenever quite up to scratch and because I have to act very frustrated and agitated, it’seven harder to remember the lines whilst pacing up and down huffing and puffing; so Iended up improvising them but as long as Sara knew what I was saying and my linesweren’t too different from the original, then it all went okay.Scene 7 and I wasn’t in this scene. This is one of my favourite scenes as it is very funnyas well as sweet with the duet at the end. One main issue that the boys encountered inrehearsals was the timing of certain movements e.g. when Moorland had to grab thetray or Chandra, Chandra had to make sure he held it in the right place, and Moorlandhad to grab it at the exact time. Michael was a little bit late when needing to grab thetray which left Hassan waiting with it in his hand. Other than that I really enjoyed thisscene, the singing could have just been a little bit louder at the end.
  3. 3. Scene 8 and this scene was one of the most hectic ones. All the characters that weresitting in a line on the floor had to ensure that a space was left behind each person, andthat they blocked this space when Yasmin came to sit down. Not many of them blockedthe space clear enough. Also, me and Also, me and Yasminehad to get our spacingbetween each other exactly correct, otherwise she would turn around too early or toolate. This went better than how I thought. Once the fight started, my only issue is thatI laugh a little bit when I’m trying to fight with the Nicole. The guards had to makesure that they locked our cells at the same time and they did. When it came to mesinging, as I had never sang in rehearsals as I refused to, I decided to on the day as Ididn’t want to stand there and say nothing so I was extremely nervous.Scene 9 and all the other inmates had to show that they were annoyed at me. The onlyissue is that the other inmates weren’t as intimidating which looked a little silly.Nicole’s speech was very well done, especially as I know she had a little bit of troubleremembering the lines during the rehearsals. I found it a little bit difficult to showemotion by just pausing when I walked off as I didn’t say anything at that point.The next scene was very emotional and I think was done very well. All the inmates aremeant to make Chandra believe that Ms Sullivan likes him, this was done really well. Ifeel that the effect that this scene had on the audience was really well done especiallythrough the way Chandra acted throughout this scene.Scene 11 and one main issue that we always encounter is the fact that Rajan alwaysforgets to pass the stereo back to us after he is finished using it which causesproblems later on in the scene. For the first time ever, he just remembered to pass itback which made everything run a lot more smoothly. Other than that, this scene wentreally well.Scene 12 and this scene was meant to be a scene that me a Nicole realise what ouractions have been to doing to our relationship. My main issue was remembering all thelines and giving the audience eye contact. It puts me off when I give people eyecontact, but I did in this scene and it all went fine. I also had to remember to get backinto my previous freeze frame when I sat back down, so I decided to get in a freezeframe beforehand which was easy to remember. I found our awkward moment at theend a bit too awkwardScene 13 and this scene was meant to be all about Nicole and Yasmine, their only issuewas that there singing could have been a little bit more up to scratch as the song wasone of the main bits to the scene.Our final ending to the performance was a good bye to Nicole and then our final song.We were all really enthusiastic when doing this song but I think as we were all very
  4. 4. excited as this was our last performance and we wanted to enjoy it the most we could,we slightly forgot a few of our words. At the end of the song, as the lyrics are quitesimilar to the beginning part of the song, we ended up singing the beginning at the end,which messed up our actions and our lyrics, which then got our whole cast a little bitconfused. But I think as we were having so much fun, no one really noticed that wescrewed up a little as we ended the performance the best we could.Overall I feel this performance was a great experience for me. This performance gaveme a huge boost in my confidence and gave me the change to do something that I don’tthink I would have ever done in my life. We all worked very hard to get thisperformance up to scratch and we all worked very well together as a group. I lovedevery second of this performance and even though at times it seemed like thisperformance was never going to take place, in the end it was a great success.