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Type of             Message                   Audience                  Campaigning Techniques           Success (and how ...
campaign is trying to        very broad target       sites and even a petition sign up box   them. Also, similarly to     ...
The Liberal Democrats        The liberal Democrats    Just like all the other campaigns    Out of all the other           ...
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Overview of 5 Different Campaigns


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Overview of 5 Different Campaigns

  1. 1. Type of Message Audience Campaigning Techniques Success (and how you can Campaign tell how effective it’s been) The main message of This campaign is quite Jamie Oliver used many standard Checking the success inJamie Oliver Jamie Oliver’s Campaign interesting because techniques similar to the Virgin this campaign is lightly(Pressure is to get children to compared to the Atlantic Campaign. He has created more difficult as thereGroup) understand food better others; this has his own website, posters, adverts are no figures or numbers and for parents and three main audiences which are all child friendly whilst that will go up or down teachers to make a which are children, also getting the message across to like the Virgin Atlantic or difference. This message teachers and parents. the teachers and parents through Liberal Democrats differs from the ‘Still Jamie Oliver aims to vital information. One technique Campaign. Instead with Red Hot’ as Jamie Oliver please all three at that stands out to me the most this one the only way is to wants to make a the same time instead that the other 4 haven’t used is check is school dinner difference whereas Virgin of having one main Actual TV shows which actually policies have changed in Atlantic wants to target audience like takes you through his campaign and schools and if a promote their airline. the others. his main aims. difference has been made with children and food. This campaign is a lot Their target audience This campaign is very different in Save the Ghurkhas more serious and wants is mainly British comparison to the other 4 campaigns Campaign has a verySave the to raise awareness to the Citizens who may have as they only have one main straight forward way ofGhurkhas public about the cuts an interest in the technique to promote their campaign checking the success(Pressure that are being made by topic, may have with is through their website. which is to see whetherGroup) the Government on the previously been in the However, this website has all the the Government have Ghurkhas. Similarly to war or may just be information that is needed including changed their mind on Jamie Oliver, this able to help. This is a links to various social networking whether to make cuts on
  2. 2. campaign is trying to very broad target sites and even a petition sign up box them. Also, similarly to change particular views audience in contrast for the public to get involved. They the Liberal Democrats and on a topic; which is quite to Jamie Oliver’s have kept their strategies simple in Plan UK, they can check similar to the Liberal campaign which has order to get their message across how many people have Democrats as they also quite a selected few within one main form of advertising. signed up to petitions and want you to change your groups in which he They want to get the message out take part in protests mind about something. wants to target. to people as easy as possible and which is a unique way of this way it’ll reach thousands. checking the success. Virgin Atlantic ‘Still Red Virgin Atlantic is This campaign has many forms of The campaign will measureStill Red Hot’ campaign has a less aiming their campaign advertising out there in which all their success similarly likeHot serious issue compared to at regular flyers, strategies are as important as the the ‘Because I am a Girl’(Commercial) the others. They still both men and women other. They didn’t have anything campaign. This is because want to persuade your and preferably new extraordinary like any events like that campaign will opinions about something. young flyers. This is Jamie Oliver actually went to measure the success over However, this campaign is quite similar to Save schools. However, the techniques the donations over time all about changing your the Ghurkhas they used were as effective which and this campaign will opinions about a campaign as they only were a TV Advert, a website, measure the success particular product which have one main target posters, billboards and much more. through the sales over for this campaign is – to audience which is They all have sexy images of men time and whether or not fly with Virgin Atlantic. quite broad. and women and the same colour of their sales are going up or red which all associate with Virgin down. Atlantic.
  3. 3. The Liberal Democrats The liberal Democrats Just like all the other campaigns Out of all the other have the campaign which have the most unique they have a website which is very campaigns, they have the is part of the National target audience. easiest way of telling useful and you are able to accessLiberal Elections has the most Predominantly they whether or not they have various pages with all theDemocrats straight forward aim to target anyone been successful. This is(Political) campaign. They aim over the age of 18 information you would want to know purely by the outcome of purely to win over the which is the broadest about this party. However, they the elections and whether public’s views in order to target audience out also use one technique which none of or not that part wins. gain the most votes. The of all 5. However, the other campaigns use which is However, similarly to the particular parties will they also aim to speeches. This is a good way as Plan UK’s campaign, they have different aims that reach many smaller can see just how many they can get a lot across in one go they set out to achieve. groups such as local people supported them and to a larger audience. communities. through their website and Facebook page. Plan UK’s ‘Because I am a Plan UK’s target Their main technique is a website in This campaign will have anPlan UK Girl’ Campaign has one of audience is very which they have created a UK ongoing success as they‘Because I the most serious topics similar to the Liberal website as well as an international will be able to measuream a Girl’ out of all the others as Democrats. They website which is helpful in order to every year or every so(Charitable) they want you to make a have a broad target reach a broad audience with a wide often, how many donations difference to mainly the audience of anyone range of issues that need resolving. they’ve made or how many uneducated girls across who is over 18 who is The website is very informative, people have signed up on the world. Unlike the able to donate. emotive and all its features link to Facebook. His could others, they don’t aim to However, they also the topic. They also use a TV gradually go up or down change your mind about aim to reach out to advert which is very effective as over the years whereas anything, they just aim smaller groups such well as a Facebook group to keep the Liberal Democrats to make you more aware as women in general the public able to stay in contact campaign measures the and they want you to as they would feel easily. success purely the help make a difference. most sympathetic. outcome.