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Musical Timeline


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Musical Timeline

  1. 1. Musical Timeline Greek Theatre - 534 BC Greek Theatre was where Musical Theatre began. They used to have a choir which would sing, Church Like songs, to tell a story. It was mainly rich men who would go to see the performances and woman were not allowed to see it on their own. There plays would consist of a Religious theme and would usually use the God’s as characters. Ballard Opera – 1728 Ballard Opera was the first form of Opera and started in England. Unlike Greek Theatre, they would not have a choir but would have a chorus of people with solos. A famous Ballard Opera is ‘The Beggars Opera’ which is still performed on occasions today.Music Halls - 1830Music halls were a place for all classes of people to go and listen to music.Unlike a Ballard opera that would have benches facing the audience, Music Halls had chairs and tables that people would sit around and would chat and drink.When it was made illegal to drink in Music Halls, were killed off.Burlesque - 1860Burlesque Musicals were comedy entertainment showing a funny story with songs.Burlesque used to be a short part of the evening and would be doubled up with another musical type.Burlesque grew longer and longer until it became a musical type which would last all evening.Vaudeville - 1870Vaudeville was a light hearted entertainment and would include a wide variety of acts.There would be a mixture of acts put on in one evening such as Dancers, comedians, acrobats & loads more.Vaudeville died out as if failed to adjust to the changing times and the public lost interest.Golden Age Musical - 1940Golden Age Musicals are, even now, well known musicals.The songs were pacifically written to fit in with a story.They brought in famous actors to take the lead roles.The Golden Age was also when we first saw Musicals take to the screen such as ‘Summer Holiday.’Musicals post 2000The majority of musicals that are around to day are aimed at Children such as High School Musical.Musicals are no longer just stage shows, they are now also major motion pictures, sometimes making millions of pounds.More Golden age musicals such as ‘Phantom of The Opera’ or ‘Chicago’ are now being made into films.