Exploration of Initial Ideas


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Exploration of Initial Ideas

  1. 1. Exploration of a few of my Initial Ideas
  2. 2. Message – Our message is to inform our target audience about the upcoming production. We also aim to promote the production in order to interest our target Negative – Everything wouldPositive - We would raise audience to buy tickets. need to be double checkedmore awareness about the by the manager.production We are unable to changeThere would already be information that is alreadyinformation available on the existing.production. Barnum ProductionSuccess – The success of our (Commercial) Audience – Our targetcampaign will be measured audience would be Cranfordpurely by the success of how students. We chose this asmany tickets were sold and our target audience as thehow many people turned up, success would be easy to Techniques – The techniques measure and also youngalso how many joined our face that we will use to put ourbook page and viewed our web teenagers are the main users campaign are: assembly of face book putting them atsite. promotions (with the use of a risk. PowerPoint), posters, emails to teachers for them to inform students, separate PowerPoint to be shown around the school website and a Facebook page.
  3. 3. Message - The message of this campaign would be to target certain groups in order to raise awareness of certain issues that the party intend to resolve. ThePositives - We would be main aims will be to get people to Negatives - We may notsupporting the party which vote for the party that they feel agree with the policy of thecould make a difference to will make a difference. party that we are helping tothe community or country. promote.This campaign would increase We may not have the desiredour knowledge on various effect that we want on ourpolitical issues. audience. National ElectionsSuccess - We would measure (Political) Audience - Our targetour success mainly through audience is predominantlythe amount of votes that our anyone over the age of 18particular party gets. Also, who is eligible to vote in thethrough the amount of people UK. However, we would also Techniques - We would use be aiming our campaign atthat have either signed up o many different techniques totour our petition, amount of local communities and more put across our message such local issues as we would bepeople who have viewed our as: our website, promotionalwebsite or even our able to track the success products, rallies, TV adverts, and raise awareness a lotFacebook page. posters, leaflets, a Facebook easier. page and even speeches in any community events.
  4. 4. Message – Our main message for our campaign is to inform all students about what will bePositive – Without happening or the day of the prompromotion, we may be able to and any initial information will be Negative – There is alreadyencourage students who put across. We aim to persuade a too much being organised forweren’t going to change their lot of our audience to come to the this event.views on prom. prom as there have been many Everything we do would needWe are able to relate to the mixed opinions about this event. double checking with theaudience as it is our year school prom organisers.group.Success – We will measure School Prom Audience – Our targetthe success of the campaign audience is only students inthrough many ways: (Commercial) our school year 11 – purelyMeasuring the amount of because this is a verytickets brought, keeping important event in year 11track of how many people and we felt the originalviewed our Facebook page and organisers needed help. Techniques – The techniques Therefore we would helpwebsite. Questioning certain that we will be using are:students on why they promote this event and as Power points, Presentations in the prom is only for our yearchanged their views about Year 11 form groups. Website,going to prom. group, we will only aim our Face book page, and emails to campaign at year 11. form groups to keep students up to date.
  5. 5. Message – The main message would be to inform people about the charity and what there message is. Our aim is to raisePositive - We would be money from anyone who is able tosupporting this charity and donate; to support people in under Negative - As there arehelp a global issue through developing countries that need quite a few sensitive issues,this campaign our help. we need to be careful withWe would be raising more any information we use.awareness about this charity There would be a high costthrough with the help of the for the events that we wouldcampaign message. put out for this charity. Sport Relief Audience – Our main targetSuccess - We would measureour success of the campaign (Charity) audience would be companiesthrough the amount of and schools as they are abledonations that have been put to give larger donations offorward over a period of money. However, we are alsotime. Also by the amount of Techniques - We have many aiming our campaign at overviews we may get on our techniques that we would use for 18s who wish to raise even a our campaign such as: a website, little bit of money. Ourwebsite or Facebook page. poster, TV advertisements, audience is quite broad but Leaflets, events and activities, quite limited at the same promotional products and time. assembly promotions with the use of a PowerPoint.
  6. 6. Message – Our main aim is to make students more aware on how to be careful on face book. We also want to educate them on how face book is easily manipulated toPositive - As there is not create an identity that is not Negative – Many may notmuch awareness is not there, necessarily real. take notice of our campaign.this may help. Our campaign We may not have our desiredwill be based in school effect on our audience.making any resourcesaccessible Dangers of Facebook Audience – Our targetSuccess – We will measure (Pressure group) audience would be Cranfordour success by creatingquestionnaires on whether students. We chose this asthis was helpful, viewing how our target audience as themany people view our face success would be easy to Techniques – The techniques measure and also youngbook page and keeping track that we will use to put ourof any comments on our teenagers are the main users campaign across will be: a of face book putting them atwebsite. Website, a TV advert (with risk. the use of a PowerPoint), posters, assembly promotions and a Face book page.