Evaluation of my animation


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Evaluation of my animation

  1. 1. Evaluation of my animationMy animation was created with three others in my group. Our animation was about themarriages that took places with King Henry VIII. We first started of planning ouranimating which I felt went really well. We were on time when completing all out tasks.We all worked together in creating our own individual tasks for this animation.Our planning then helped us when making our animation. We each helped to create thesets and the models. The models took quite a while to create, but I felt that they lookedreally well designed in thee and as we worked together as a team, we each had our owninput and ideas into the animation. We had to ensure that when creating our modelsthat they were child friendly and not too complicated as our animation was for primarychildren.When photographing our animation we made two main errors. We didn’t take theimages all at the same time so the lighting was slightly different in all our images and wealso had images that were taken at different angles which looked a bit unprofessionalwhen it came to editing our images.Editing out animation was the longest process. I think it was purely because we wereslightly unsure about what we had to do in terms of how to put it together. We cameacross many issues such as the original sounds we were weren’t needed so we thereforehad to get new ones to include. Also, we decided that we were no longer going to usenarration in our animation and so we therefore had to write up text that ranthroughout.Our final animation productOur animation as created for primary school students; I felt we done a good job atensuring that this animation was educational as well as interesting. We made sure thatthere was writing, simple and done enough for little children to understand easily.I felt our models were well created as you could significantly tell that there was adifference between each character. They were funny to look at and they looked reallyinteresting and I felt well made.Also, our animation did include all six wives events and what happened to each of them.Our animation told the story of the six wives in chronological order making sure we toldthe story exactly how it should be told with each wife in order.However, I felt that our animation could have looked a bit more professional as theimages weren’t all in the same place and some images looked totally different from theimage that would have been before which meant the movements of the character werebigger than what they should have been.
  2. 2. Another point was that we realised was that we had mixed up one of the wives headsduring the making process as it must have come off and we must have put the wrongone on each wife. This meant we had to change around the images and improvise withthe last two wives ensuring that you could still understand our storyline withoutanyone noticing what’s happened.Lastly, the quality of the images was not as good as they should have been hence whywe had to delete many when editing the animation. For example: the king henry the VIIIscene had to be totally edited as all the images came out not so good. If we had spentmore time on taking each image precisely, we would have had good shots of each wife,with slick moments.I wouldn’t change our theme of our animation if I had to do it again as I felt I learnt a lotthrough making this animation like the skills of creating characters professionallythrough plasiticne. I also learnt that if you ever come across an issue, it may be quickerto improvise than re-do the whole thing as long as you can still make your product lookgood.It was nice to work as a group and I felt our group worked very well together. I wouldhave spent more time on photographing the images if I ever had to do it again and Iwould ensure that we upload all our images once photographing so we can see what wehave left to keep the whole group on track at where we’re at.We should have spent a bit more time on planning out exactly what each scene will beabout as we had only researched into the main storyline but we didn’t create a properplan for our actually animation. This could have made things a bit more organised.Overall it was hard work creating this animation, but it was a lot of fun and I would loveto do it again. I learnt a lot about different types of animations and I gained group skillsas I usually prefer working individually but this task worked really well with a group.Our animation could have looked a bit more professional considering how much effortwe put into the planning and making, however I was very pleased with the way it didturn out in the end and the feedback that we got for our animation is that it’s veryinteresting and educational. Some even said it made them laugh at some points. Theythough it was really imaginative how we did many things such as the beheading sceneand the only problem was the quality of the animation e.g. the images should have beena bit smoother.