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Comparing Campaigns


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Published in: News & Politics
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Comparing Campaigns

  1. 1. Type of Message Audience Techniques Success / EffectivenessCampaign The main message of a The audience for As these campaigns tend to mostly This type of campaign is commercial campaign is to these commercial depend on the creative and media very effective as theCommercial promote, and advertise a campaigns is usually industry, they use these following techniques used to specific product (i.e. everyone. But the techniques for their campaign convey the campaign is perfume) /event audience can vary and view by the mass public. (Olympics). Also these differ depending on 1. Media advertising So as people see an campaigns help with the the product 2. Adverts/commercials advert, they tend to balance of the economy promoted/event itself 3. Celebrity Endorsement buy the product and as buying the product (i.e. – perfume for 4. Radio broadcasts/posters near this attracts more promoted by the campaign women – aimed at bus tops/train station/public customers and it also will increase sales levels. women, Toys – aimed areas increases sales They aim to increase at children.) 5. Banners/billboards levels,which therefore revenue of the products They may have a very 6. Websites/ trailers played at means more income. being sold; increase broad audience which the beginning of a film in the They will usually awareness of the subject can even be cinema measure their success and raise company international 7. Stalls set up in shopping malls through the increase in awareness. depending on the etc. sales. product. However, it 8. Social Networking sites can also be a never 9. Posters and banners in narrow audience. supermarkets or shops related to a product (i.e. Food, Perfume)
  2. 2. The main aim of a This type of campaign Charity campaigns usually have Charity campaigns are charitable campaign is to is usually targeted at techniques which are more hands on quite effective as theirCharity fundraise and to promote different people but and practical. For instance: main aim is to help a good cause. predominantly those people e.g. people with Charity campaigns usually who are able to 1. Events, stalls, have a money cancer. As these raise awareness and donate. Charitable collection box, have a prop to campaigns are striving money in order to support campaigns have a identify them (eg: red nose for to help people, there either people, or animal tendency to specify red nose day), posters etc. messages are quite welfare etc. For at school as they are 2. Fund raising activities appealing. These types instance, the children in able to raise money 3. Media Advertising of campaigns have been need charity campaign on a larger school. 4. Celebrity Endorsement effective because every raise a huge amount of The school will put on 5. Exhibitions year huge amounts of money and it funds the events and the money 6. But some charities use the money have been raised money to different raised will go to the commercial technique where a and small donations have organisations that help charity. The campaign video may be created for more saved many lives! thousands. Charitable will look at who is the effect. They measure their campaigns get an audience best audience to aim The money raised from these success through the to donate, sometimes for before starting TV commercials is usually in amount of money raised looking for particular their campaign. the form of donation cheques, and the amount of organisation contribution. monthly donation (e.g.: £2 signups for petitions. per month) etc. 7. Websites 8. Social Networking
  3. 3. A pressure groups’ main The audience of a Pressure group campaigns mostly Political campaigns arePressure aim is tochange policies pressure group rely on targeting the people that effective to someGroup or behaviour within a campaign can vary as they are aiming their campaign at. extent. They are certain company or school each individual’s They also use the following methods effective because these for instance policy change campaign can have to get their message across: campaigns tend to have or behaviour change. different aims and high motives and their They look to promote motives. Usually the 1. Public protests – holding target audience is awareness of issues or target audience for banners and marching in the usually the government. change a situation or these types of streets etc. The government might view. campaigns are very 2. Set up a stall outside the change their policies due targeted and specific office of their target audience to public pressure, but An example of this is depending on the 3. Display posters and distribute sometimes these Jamie Oliver. He aims his issue. However, they the leaflets to members of the campaigns do not get campaign to a particular also target someone public their way due to audience (children and who is in a higher 4. Media Advertising, Commercials financial or other parents). In which he position For example 5. Websites issues. then tried to change Jamie Oliver’s 6. Emails to the public They measure their their views on healthy Campaign – as well as 7. Interviews with people who success through the eating by using different it being aimed at support the campaigns views in attendance to their techniques to get through children and parents; the form of radio broadcast, protests, the impact to the children and the he also intends to television interview slots they had on their parents. make a change within 8. Social Networking changing policy and the the government and in 9. Performance – TIE (theatre in number of people who schools. education). signed up to their petitions.
  4. 4. Political A political campaign aims The audience for a Political campaigns usually have Political campaigns are to raise awareness of political campaign are extensive methods in order to get most of the times political issues and always over 18’s. their message across as an election. successful for example influence a certain policy. They target those the Barack Obama They want to gain support with an interest in 1. Fundraising activities - Campaign – running for from a particular various political meetings with large donors who US president. audience to gain support issues. As the issues are interested in the motive of for a particular political affect society the If the message is the campaign party. They seek to audience is most likely crafted carefully influence a specific the public as the 2. media (newspapers, radio, throughout the campaign group’s decisions and impact of the television, etc the candidate will gain opinions. campaign is reflected the success that he or 3. Mass meetings, rallies and through their votes. she aims for. The The aim/message of a In some cases the protests winning candidateis political campaign contains audience could also be 4. Speeches and Debates refined and then the ideas that a the government. becomes his or her 5. Modern Technology and the candidate wants to share Their audience is very political agenda in with the voters. The targeted due to the Internet (mass communication - office. message often consists of issues of the i.e. podcasts and websites.) The campaign will mainly several talking points campaign, whilst the 6. Voting through mail, website measure its success about policy issues. The audience is also quite through the outcome of forums etc. main issues of the braod. an election and the campaign are repeated 7. Social Networking sites number of votes. frequently in order to have their desired effects on its audience.