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Campaign StrategyCampaigningDates                        Campaigning Activities:                 Who                      ...
Date Completion: 22/03/12               Poster                                  Parnyan                                   ...
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Campaign Strategy


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Campaign Strategy

  1. 1. Campaign StrategyCampaigningDates Campaigning Activities: Who WhereDate Completion: 23/03/12 Website Launch Everyone In other strategies of our campaignLaunch Date: 29/03/12 A website will be created which will Parnyan will be the main designer The website will be included in ourThe Website is to be finished by the be our main strategy for our for the website and will create the Facebook page and our PowerPoint incompletion date above in order for it campaign and should be ready to be main layout. However, each of us order to make our target audienceto be included in the PowerPoint and included in our other aspects of our within the group will create one or more aware that the website exists.other aspects of our campaign. The campaign. The website will be two of the pages and interpret our The website may be shown aroundwebsite should be launched to the informative and the audience will be own ideas into the layout and the school however it may not bepublic on the second date above. able to get involved due to the information. necessary as we have the PowerPoint website. which will include most things.Date Completion: 22/03/12 Assembly Promotion Zahra In all year assembliesStarting: 26/03/12 During year assemblies, our group I will be the main organiser for this The PowerPoint will be presented inThe PowerPoint and preparation for will promote our campaign with the form of promotion. I will be emailing all year assemblies from year 7 tothe auditions should all be done by use of a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint form tutors, creating time tables, a year 13. The PowerPoint may also bethe completion date above. The actual will include any vital information PowerPoint, a script and various emailed to all head of years and yearpromotion in assemblies should start that is needed for our target other tasks will be done for the managers to be shown in the beginning of the week on the audience. Preparation will need to be preparation of the assemblies. Our Also, the PowerPoint may be shownstarting date above and will carry on done all before the starting date in whole group will be helping out on around the school to emphasise thethroughout the week. order for the promotion to go ahead each day of the actual assembly importance of our campaign. successfully. promotion dates.
  2. 2. Date Completion: 22/03/12 Poster Parnyan Around the schoolPromotion: 23/03/12 A poster will be made to reinforce Parnyan will be in charge of The poster will be distributed andThe poster is to be fully completed the message of our campaign. The designing and creating the poster, put up around the school in placesby the above date. The promotion poster will include vital information ensuring it gets completed in time that students will be able to view thedate is by when the poster should be about our campaign and will be made and making sure all vital information poster easily. The poster might alsostarting to be made aware to our to purely target our audience. The will be included. It is down to her to be sent to all head of year and yearaudience by placing the posters poster will be placed around the do all planning and making of this managers along with the PowerPointaround the school. school once it has been completed. poster. to make students aware that this poster will be around school.Date Completion: 23/03/12 Facebook Page Sara On FacebookLaunch Date: 26/03/12 A Facebook page (group) will be Sara has been made in charge of the The Facebook page will be madeThe completion date above is when made to enable students to keep Facebook page and all preparation aware through Facebook. Studentsthe Facebook page should be track of any updates, videos and and making that is needed. She has from around the school will be askedcompletely finished. The launch date much more valuable information for to make sure that the Facebook to be added to the page, which willis by when the Facebook page should our campaign. Students will be able page is ready in time as it is also therefore spread the message of ourbe made aware by our target to keep in contact with others who needed in the PowerPoint. It will be campaign throughout the school. Theaudience by adding them to the have joined the group and we will be down to her to ensure the Facebook page may also be included in theFacebook page. able to track our success through page has been made aware by our PowerPoint to ensure everyone is this page. audience. aware of the page.Date: Completion 22/03/12 TV advert George YoutubeLaunch Date: 23/03/12 An advert will be made to educate George will be the main organiser The TV advert once completed will beAll preparation and the final product our audience about what our for this advert. He will ensure all his published onto Youtube. The videomust be completed by the completion campaign is about. The advert will be planning is done and all his resources may also be included in our websitedate above. The actual release of the purely designed to attract our are available. He has to ensure he is and our Facebook page so all ouradvert to the public should be done target audience and will be filmed keeping track of time as the advert audience can view the advert. It willby the launch date in order to give and created using many different will be included in the PowerPoint to also be included in the PowerPoint toenough time for the advert to be techniques. be shown to the school. Others may ensure the whole school views it.made aware. help out as actors in the advert.