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These slides will highlight What really keyboards are ... Furthermore there is little bit glimpse of its historical background. Moreover Kinds of keyboard are mentioned on the basis of key motif, how they are connected and their layout.
Kinds of keys are there too ..!!! Hope You will like this

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  1. 1. Introduction of Computer technology Keyboard Presentedby:- > Afaque Ahmed > Zahir Nabi Teacher: Noor Nabi
  2. 2. Getting to know more about Keyboards
  3. 3. Getting to know more about Keyboards • (Def) Input device used to enter character and functions into the computer system by pressing buttons or keys. • A standard keyboard includes about 100 keys; each key sends different signal to the CPU. • For now and the forseeable future, keyboarding remains the most common way to enter text and other data into a computer.
  5. 5. History of keyboard 1. The history of computer keyboards begins indirectly with world’s first ever commercially successful typing machine, which was invented a man called Christopher Latham Scholes during 1873. by 2. It was further modernized into printing telegraph by Simens and Halske in St: Petersburg Russia(1900).
  6. 6. History of keyboard • First layout of these typewriters was put into alphabetical order. • It worked for some time, it had big flaw; Jamming of keys. • To avoid jamming (increase distance between the keys) Qwerty layout was introduced. Which is still in use now not only on typewriters or keyboards but on virtual touchpads too. • There were no keyboards till late seventies, people used to buy electric typewriters for their mainframes or they had to manually enter the key by keyboard switches on front panel of computer for laborious or industrial work etcetra…
  7. 7. History of keyboard • It wasn’t until the late seventies that standardized computer keyboards finally became available, thanks to far-sighted companies like Apple, Radio Shack and Commodore.
  8. 8. Types of KeyBoards • One the basis of layout, here are few types:- 1) Ergonomic Keyboards 2) Compact Keyboards
  9. 9. Types of KeyBoards (Continued) 3) Multimedia and Gaming Keyboards 4) Virtual Keyboards
  10. 10. Types of KeyBoards (Continued) Types On the Types of Keyboards on basis of connection the basis of Keys order:- type :- 1) Alphabetical keyboard 1) Bluetooth 2) Qwerty keyboard 2) Infrared Keyboards 3) Dvorak keyboard 3) Radio frequency keyboards 4) Azerty keyboard 4) Port keyboards 5) Qwertz keyboard
  11. 11. Types of KeyBoards (Continued) > Dovrak keyboard > Azerty Keyboard > Qwertz Keyboard
  12. 12. Types of keyboard keys The Different keys on keyboards are :- a) Alphanumeric keys b) Modifier keys c) Numeric Keys d) Function keys e) Cursor Movement keys f) Special purpose keys
  13. 13. Types of keyboard keys a) Alphanumeric keys b) Modifier Keys • c) Numeric Keys
  14. 14. Types of keyboard keys d) Function keys e) Cursors keys f) Special Purpose keys
  15. 15. That’s all folks..!! Thank you all for bearing us ;))