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SHRM HR Competency Model comprises of 8 BEHAVIOURAL and 14 TECHNICAL competencies. Our job is to ensure that our members have state of the art learning platform.
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  2. 2. SPEAKERS CEO & MD Bayer Pakistan Amir Iqbal Group Head HR Habib Bank AG Zurich Sitwat Husain SHRM-SCP, GPHR Head HR UBL M. Merajuddin Ahmed CEO HR Metrics Zahid Mubarik SHRM -SCP, GPHR Professor of Practice IBA Leon Menezes
  3. 3. HR Competency Day03 CEO & MD Bayer Pakistan Amir Iqbal (Chief Guest) Amir Iqbal gave a practical and holistic view on how HR can provide support to the C-Suite and play a strategic role. In order for HR to have credibility, it must have a clear understanding of the business requirement and the customer. It will unable HR to figure out to meet business requirement. HR must endeavour to help CEO in achieving business KPIs. CEO’s Expectations from HR
  4. 4. 04HR Competency Day Group Head HR Habib Bank AG Zurich Dr. Sitwat Husain SHRM-SCP, GPHR There has been a tremendous shift in the concept of leadership. It has evolved from being transactional to transformational, more participative and shared decision making. However, a true leader also needs to have managerial attributes in order to coordinate and get the work done. It is about how the leadership navigates the people through cultural nuances, political structure of the organization and leverages the strengths to the best of the organizational interest. The leader has to be persuasive, inspirational and change agent. Leadership & Navigation
  5. 5. Head HR UBL M. Merajuddin Ahmed He emphasized for that HR needs to ensure following to better business acumen. Ÿ Understanding of products, margins, revenue and how the organization makes money. Ÿ Assessment and measurement of organizational performance, an understanding of the strategic and operational plan. Ÿ Clarity on the short term and long term plans of the organization Ÿ What keeps the CEO awake at night? When HR has an understanding about mentioned aspects, then the rest of the stakeholders and departments will acknowledge its value and genuinely believe that consulting HR would add value to their decision. Business Acumen HR Competency Day05
  6. 6. Senior Practitioner, Writer & Professor of Practice IBA Leon Menezes Leon emphasized on personal rapport building, establishing credibility and acceptability of HR in order for it to get seat to strategy table. Active listening skills matter because one should not only listen to respond, but listen to understand. It is essential to know the client. When it comes to relationships, always choose the right path without challenging the ego of other person HR Consultation 06HR Competency Day
  7. 7. CEO HR Metrics Zahid Mubarik SHRM-SCP, GPHR, SPHRi “HR teams are required to assume a greater leadership role, contributing to and advancing their organization strategic direction. The new SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP credentials recognized this trend and take a fresh and current look what HR professionals need to know and to put that knowledge to work. The certification program covers behavior all competencies and functional knowledge areas within the themes of HR competencies, people, organization, workplace and strategy. ” SHRM body of Competency & Knowledge HR Competency Day07
  8. 8. 08HR Competency Day
  9. 9. HR Competency Day09
  10. 10. HR Metrics provides evidence based analytics for workforce management to leverage employees' performance and organization productivity in verifiable terms. Our services include consulting, training, benchmarking and technology support to meet organization change imperatives. HR Metrics is SHRM Partner for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certification preparatory courses in Pakistan. We are also SHRM Recertification providers and our training programs are approved for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification credit. About HR Metrics
  11. 11. 11HR Competency Day “A very good learning exposure and hats off to speakers for highlighting the importance of HR Competencies- Leadership & Navigation, Business Acumen & Consultation. The way they have linked these competencies with business has definitely given HR Fraternity a new perspective/thought pattern. Even this reiterated the hard work behind formulation of such a lovely HR Competency Model. Keep up the good work Eager to attend the next session” Salman Pasha Group HR Manager Compensation & Benefits Habib Bank AG Zurich
  12. 12. 12HR Competency Day “It is a wonderful session to listen legends and experienced professionals. Would like to always attend to get more as have jolted down some ‘To Do List’ in this session” Raazia Sanam HR Manager Dewan Motors Ltd