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Should Higher Education be limited to Bright Students?

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Higher education

  1. 1. should only be students HIGHER BRIGHT ACCESSIBLE to Muhammad Zahid Aslam Usman Mahmood Zeeshan Tahir Virk Waleed Liaquat UG CE – 2011, National University of Sciences and Technology, NUST. EDUCATION
  2. 2. Higher Education Defined….  “An education beyond high school, especially at college or university levels.”  “The education consisting of theoretical foundation, the qualification which would enable someone to qualify for a professional field, taught in an environment which includes advanced research activity.”
  3. 3. What is the aim???  “The building of professionals in their respective fields, who are morally active, and socially fulfill their responsibilities & who can impart their learning of years in to practical use, resulting in betterment of their country.”
  4. 4. Defining Bright Students Now as topic suggests  Higher education should only be accessible to Bright Students.  Who are these “bright students”?  Competent learners.  Determined to achieve.  Aware of their goals.  Upon whom we can rest greater responsibility.
  5. 5. Who are the Bright Students?  Good Basic education  Company (Difference between what is good and what is bad)  Guidance from parents  Guidance from Teachers  Freedom from financial issues  Physically and Mentally Sound Results  Capabilities Polished  Refined human being
  6. 6. Picture Connects  Connecting the definitions we get a clear meaning.  The capable and willing students should be allowed to continue for higher students.  The availability of higher education should only be limited to bright students.
  7. 7. Why only the Bright Students? Long- Term Results Progress of a Nation Grooming of the Next Generation Economical Issues Standard of Education
  8. 8. Why only the Bright Students?  No early University Dropouts.  Recourses are well utilized.  The output is higher than input.  Society moves from Hooligans to Gentlemen.  The Economic value is unimaginable.
  9. 9. Why only the Bright Students?  The “Bright Flight” Program  The way of developed countries.  The system cannot be blamed for failures  Nature holds merit, why can’t we?  It explains why people end up like XYZ
  10. 10. Student Selection System The Primary Goal of Colleges: Students who could contribute to nation’s progress The Application System ( America & Europe ) Entry Test Examination ( Asia )
  11. 11. Problems & Issues How bright students are denied access? The mother of all Evils: Corruption Selling the nation: Bribery
  12. 12. Remedies Reality Check: Do we really want to hinder the progress of our nation? Higher Education Corruption Monitor (HEMC)
  13. 13. Ensuring Bright Students…  Programs to facilitate Bright Students: 1. Scholarships  University based  Government & Private Organizations HEC, British High Commission, USAID, various Embassies (US, UK, Chinese, German etc.) 2. Financial Assistance 3. Schedule Planning
  14. 14. Just Imagine….. If Higher Education was available to every Tom, Dick & Harry  Lack of Professionals  Lesser Jobs, More Applicants  No celebration of Merit  Decrease in Educational Efficiency & Standard
  15. 15. Solutions: What Should Be Done?  Proper Guidance  Encouragement of Bright Students  Encouragement of Ordinary Students  Facilities  Unbiased System
  16. 16. Putting it all together… Higher Education Should Only be Accessible to Bright Students