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Ahmed Jassat South African Oracle User Group Presentation 2012


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Ahmed Jassat South African Oracle User Group Presentation 2012

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Ahmed Jassat South African Oracle User Group Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Saving Millions using OracleE-business suite with dataguard 11g Ahmed Jassat APPS DBA
  2. 2. • R12 E-Business Suite Customer• South Africas Largest Managed Care Services Provider• Largest Medical Scheme Administrator In South Africa• Service Over Three Million People Through Network Of Branches Located Throughout Southern Africa And Mauritius
  3. 3. Target AudienceOracle APPS DBAsOracle DBAsTechnical ManagersOracle SysadminsDisaster Recovery plannersTechnical Project ManagersTechnology architects
  4. 4. Technology Used
  5. 5. What is Active DataGuard ?The ability to use your Physical Standby for much more than just High Availability or Disaster Recovery!
  6. 6. Sent to Bryansto n 3 Hours to restoreBackup done to from Tapetape
  7. 7. Current setup ToArchives Shipped DGuard
  8. 8. Implementation of Data Guard and Oracle RMAN Archives shipped to Data Guard - Archives backed up every 30 minutes – Database backup every Friday
  9. 9. Medscheme Return on Investment•No need Linux admin assistance•No need APPS DBA assistance•No need tapes•Saving Additional Servers {2}•Saving network•Server Room saving {aircon,rental, space,security,ups…}•Saving on software Licensing•Go Green
  10. 10. With DataGuard
  11. 11. We have noticed the following cost saving to•• business No requirements of tapes No requirements for assistance of Linux admin• No requirements for restores• No human interaction , only to check logs• No functional support or super users on production• Time saved from 24 working hours to 20 minutes for clones• DR available immediately• DataGuard environment is read only which means it can be used for reporting• Production Servers are up and running 24 X 7 X 365• Clones to DEV, UAT, Training and dba environments takes 1 hour as clones on local servers• Users and support team can test anything at anytime• Copy of production available 7 days a week.• Backup of production can be verified by dataguard.• Rman backups can be run from the DataGuard instance.• No need to purchase expensive software for cloning.• Daily copy of production which functional support team can use• Assistance with OWC with Oracle as scripts and updates can be tested with production data immediately• We noticed a reduction in TARS as support team could test solutions from metalink• Patches can be tested immediately using Production data• No more P1 SRs• Super users can test changes to the system• Demos can be given to Directors using latest data• Training can be given with data from Production• Disaster recovery environment is available immediately• Changes can be made on TEST system and user acceptance testing can take place easy• Emergency changes can be tested• No additional money was spent on this solution
  12. 12. P1 SR 3-6274167101 : +I5 No tax rates available after new tax setupClone Completed in1 Hour ….
  13. 13. Internal Costing assumptionsCost of DBA per hour R 650.00Cost of Unix/Linuxadministrator per hour R 550.00Cost escalation per year 7%Number of clones done permonth 4Number of hours spent byDBA per traditional clone 5Number of hours spent byUnix/Linux per traditionalclone 10Number of additional tapespurchased per period 5Cost per tape R 2,000.00
  14. 14. Cost we not could calculate 1.Server room 2.Hardware 3.Networks 4.Facilities 5.Resources{Network ,Microsoft & Linux admin}
  15. 15. Traditional clones 1st month costingDBA Time R 13,000.00Unix Admin Time R 22,000.00Tape Cost R 10,000.00Sub-Total R 35,000.00Tax Impact R -9,800.00Total R 25,200.00Cumulative Total R 25,200.00
  16. 16. Traditional clone 37st month spend Cumulative Total R 1,001,196.00
  17. 17. Re-active Pro-active
  18. 18. Get Proactive and Maximize the Value of Your Oracle InvestmentPrevent Resolve Latest
  19. 19. Old Process of HR TRACE OracleHR user request HRpicks up trace fromproblem medscheme Once Trace is Once running on Request is server user is completed called DBA is called to stop trace DBA uploades file to Metalink and this process can take place a number of times
  20. 20. New Process by using Patch14051237 Oracle Support and Medscheme Support can work with each other without the need of a APPS DBA Saving a lot of steps and time Functional Support User can do traces without the need of an APPS DBA
  21. 21. Advantages Functional User can do tracing without the need of APPS DBA From 7 steps to 2 steps Quicker SR resolutionSaving on Overtime for everyoneFrom 2 client resources to oneNo more ftp of filesAn OWC can be taken immediatelyOracle can see the issue immediately No miscommunicationImproving the Oracle ProductThe more proactive you are, the less reactiveyoull need to be!
  22. 22. PayrollIssues wherePayroll could only be run after hoursPayroll ran for extremely long timeA lot of testing and hours spend due topayroll running along timeOvertime for payroll adminAPPS DBA needed to be available all thetimeIf a issue is pickuped, payroll could only berun after hours which means time is wastedPlanning … Planning … Planning
  23. 23. PayrollBenefits arePayroll can be run anytimeNo more working at night for payroll adminNo more working at night for apps dbaNo more overtime for payroll adminNo more overtime for apps dba`Payroll issues can be fixed during the day and run again duringthe dayHuge improvement for Oracle EbusHuge improvement for payrollAll South African Customers benefit
  24. 24. Payroll
  25. 25. PayrollIssues faced with the above process1. Payroll Users had to e-mail the apps dbas for files2. Payroll users had to have the apps dbas available if running payroll afterhours3. Auditing risk as the apps dba have access to these files4. Too many steps involved to retrieve .mf file from server, 5 steps5. If payroll is rerun the apps dba needs to extract the files again6. Payroll User dependent on APPS DBA7. Overtime for both APPS DBA and Payroll User8. APPS DBA needs to be available all the time9. Miscommunication causes issues between Payroll and APPS DBA10.Customers is not happy with the above process
  26. 26. Payroll
  27. 27. PayrollNew process benefits1. Saves on resources2. No more required to e-mail APPS DBA3. Complies with Auditing4. No more storing the files on PCs for APPS DBA5. No more storing the files on PCs for HR USER6. Adds feature to Oracle ebus7. Saves costs on overtime for APPS DBA8. Saves costs on overtime for HR user9. Saves costs no need to purchasing a FTP tool10. Customer will be happy11. I have spoken to HR users & APPS DBAs … all of them want this feature12. Oracle ZA clients want this feature13. Users will be kept working in the application14. Single point of failure
  28. 28. • Environment Health Script• : Ahmed Jassat Medscheme Oracle E-Business DBA ICT Infrastructure / Operations
  29. 29. Summary of Environment
  30. 30. Thank You Ahmed Jassat APPS 076 44 11 873