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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. High School Title Sequence 1: 17 Again Mise-en-scene: - Deserted stand - High School Building (natural lighting/sunny) - Athletics track - Basketball Hoop/basketball - Gym - Gym clothes (vest and shorts) Camera: - Movie begins with an establishing shot of deserted stand, High School building and athletics track. - Camera tracking when showing the deserted stand. - High angle shot when steadying himself. - Medium Shot of the protagonist when shooting hoops. - Over shoulder shot during the conversation between the coach and the star player. - Close-up of the water boy Sound: - Characters voice - Peaceful but mysterious music - Basketball Net noise Editing: - Cross cut used when showing the protagonists taking a shot and the ball ending up in the hoop, showing that the pair are linked; this is also a case of eyeline match as it shows the character and the linked object.