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HubSpot Inbound 2015 Recap by


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A recap from HubSpot Inbound 15 conference in Boston. Seth Godin, Brené Brown, Aziz Ansari Keynotes plus several great sessions on marketing, sales, branding, storytelling, and inbound methodology. Produced by HubSpot partner,

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HubSpot Inbound 2015 Recap by

  1. 1. HubSpot Inbound 15 A Partner / Customer Recap Zack Olson | CEO & Co founder |
  2. 2. These are condensed ‘Street’ notes from sessions and Keynotes from Inbound15, HubSpot’s annual conference for Inbound Marketing Professionals, held in Boston Sept 8-11
  3. 3. Day 1 Keynote - Seth Godin • Author: Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, Linchpin, the dip, All Marketers Tell Stories • “There is no writer’s block, because there is no talker’s block” - Seth Godin • Today is about weaving the fabric of connections. • The purpose of business is to throw the ball in order to get it back. We must connect to get the ball back. • Customers are always asking for things to get rid of you! • Ex: The Wizard of Oz asked Dorothy to bring back the Wicked Witch’s broom in order to help her, did the Wizard really need the broom? • Does your customer really need whatever they asked you for in order to move forward?
  4. 4. Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot dropping in on the Seth Godin Keynote Where I gave him an FU shirt. #boom Get Yours Here
  5. 5. Day 2 Keynote - Brené Brown • Researcher and Storyteller - • Daring Greatly, The Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong • Viral Ted Talk - The Power of Vulnerability • Which story are we making up? • We all make up stories about what’s happening around us and to us, that are based on fears, insecurities, and past experiences. These stories are almost never true. • Recognize the emotions of interactions. • Living Brave means falling down, and that’s okay. Trying new things will come with failure and that’s brave. • “Choose courage over comfort” - Brené Brown • Be vulnerable to grow. • You have to be willing to be uncomfortable. • The brain wants certainty.
  6. 6. HubSpot Keynote • Went public last year, HUBS • Over 1000 employees • Over 2500 agency partners • Over 15,000 customers • Inbound at the intersection of technology and philosophy • helps connect marketers, find companies, find talent, etc. • Rethinking the way we sell • Built-in prospecting data with HubSpot CRM • Sequences, Meetings, easy setup within HubSpot sales tool Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah Watch the Keynote
  7. 7. HubSpot Keynote Localized in 5 New Languages Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish New Features 1 2 HubSpot Website Platform WYSIWYG Interface for Website Editing 3 LinkedIn Ads integration Create, measure, analyze inbound ads Predictive Lead Scoring Better qualifications for leads 4 5 Reporting Add-On Pre-built reports, dashboard 6 HubSpot Connect Built-in Integrations with popular software Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
  8. 8. Day 2 Notable Sessions • Disrupting Digital Business with R Wang of Constellation Research, Inc. • Fireside Chat with Mike Gamson, Head of Global Solutions at LinkedIn • The Future of Sales: The Customer Now Leads the Sales Process with Tiffani Bova of Gartner • State of Influence Marketing: How New Advances Are Driving Significant Results with Lyle Stevens of Mavrck • The Intersection of Inbound Marketing and eCommerce with HubSpot • The New Era of Customer Relationships with Mikkel Svane of Zendesk
  9. 9. Day 3 Keynote - Aziz Ansari • Comedian • Co-Author of Modern Romance with sociologist Eric Klinenberg • Discussing dating and relationships in the modern age of technology • Our grandparents met people via proximity • Today we connect over apps, internet, gaming, across the globe. • Texting is new medium for communication • It matters what you text, people are judging based on a text (which may or may not be a good thing) with Co-Author, Eric Klinenberg
  10. 10. Day 3 Notable Sessions • Using Analytics to Create Content with Jeremy Goldman of Firebrand Group • Effective Use of LinkedIn Groups in Your Marketing with Viveka Von Rosen of Linked Into Business • Taking it Personal! Using the Hidden Power of Story to Transform Life and Business with Tamara McCleary • Brand Positioning: How to Tell Your Story with Mike Troiano of Actifio • Stop Guessing & Start Selling with Predictive Lead Scoring with HubSpot • Technology Trends Disrupting Consumer Behavior with Kyle Lacy of OpenView Venture Partners
  11. 11. Day 4 Notable Sessions • Alive and Amplified: A Rock N Roll Guide for Developing Your Personal Brand with Jason Miller of LinkedIn • Design for Action - A Blueprint for Content Marketing with Tamsen Webster of Oration • Facebook Marketing Success: Proven Ways To Generate More Traffic, Leads, and Profits with Mari Smith of Mari Smith International, Inc. • Inbound Recruiting: How to Use Inbound to Source, Interview, and Hire Talent with Patrick Biddiscombe of New Breed • Capturing the Millennial Market with Sharma Hyder of The Marketing Zen Group • How to Leverage Marketing Automation with Paid Social Ads for B2B with Sahil Jain of AdStage Inc.
  12. 12. Session Notes
  13. 13. Disrupting Digital Business • We are in a Post-sale, On-Demand generation • We battle for experiences. • Selling experiences versus products and services. • Pricing and models based on experience • Insights business will continue to grow • What is the smallest portion you can sell? This is the on-demand portion, product or service. • 20% of business should come from Insights • Math and Design together will win • Digital delivers mass personalization at scale • Judge by digital proficiency not by age, see image on following slide. R ‘Ray’ Wang - Constellation Research, Inc.
  14. 14. Disrupting Digital Business R ‘Ray’ Wang - Constellation Research, Inc.
  15. 15. The Future of Sales: The Customer Now Leads the Sales Process • There is no single journey to purchase today. • Find patterns and bring predictability to sales. • Identify entry points and maneuver. • There’s a mismatch between what the sales team wants a buyer to do and what the buyer wants to do. • Sales reps need a ‘play’ for handling leads, each lead is different and should be treated accordingly • Shopping. Are customers shopping? Yes! On price, value, features, etc.  • Make the shopping experience better to win. • Being unaware of needs or future needs, so customer is not looking! • Customers may be aware of problem and don't know how to solve.  • Allow sales to be smarter with customers. • Hear feedback from sales and what they go thru everyday with customers in order to get better. Tiffani Bova - Gartner
  16. 16. • In order of traffic referrals: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube • Create an Instagram landing page so you can track traffic. • Understanding the Spectrum of Influence • Celebrity and Stars: large audience, easy to identify, expensive to get • Micro Influencers: hard to identify, small reach, great for engagement and conversion, want brand related rewards, scaleable, higher trust of influence • Types of Content • Branded content sponsored by influencers • Influencer generated • Co-created content *most effective • Lyle Stevens - Mavrck State of Influence Marketing: How New Advances Are Driving Significant Results Facebook Pinterest Tw itter LinkedIn YouTube
  17. 17. Brand Positioning: How To Tell Your Story • A brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers • Your logo/image is what triggers your brand • Go deeper with your brand as you move along in the journey • Start simple and small • Begin with Emotion then Rational then back to Emotion • Emotions are brands • Brands offering an Emotional Value Proposition • Reflect on the Customer > Simplify message > stay consistent  • Brainstorm > pick a position that is easily remembered and shareable > see how customers respond > refine, confirm, anoint the imperfect > focus on it Mike Troiano - Actifo
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