Framing Your Message


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  • Soul City’s Model of Social and Behaviour Change Soul City Institute is a health and development communication organisation, which aims to effect social and behaviour change. Change is not a simple or linear process that only affects individuals. Soul City sees behaviour as the product of interactions between components of a complex system, consisting of many sub-systems such as people’s cultural, economic and political realities. Change in one part of the system is related to change in a different part of the system through the process of feedback.  Soul City Institute’s model of social and behaviour change communication uses media, advocacy and social mobilisation to bring about social and behaviour change. Through these interventions Soul City Institute impacts on individuals, communities and the broader society. The intervention components aim to raise awareness, shift social norms and support healthy behaviour through facilitating and strengthening the key drivers of the process of change: dialogue and debate, action and reflections, social learning and efficacy.  The overarching goal of Soul City’s work is to enable people and communities to make healthy choices by creating supportive environments; building healthy public policy; reorientating services; facilitating community involvement and building personal skills – as outlined by the Ottawa Charter.
  • Framing Your Message

    1. 1. Session Map• Soul City’s SBCC model• Message development process• Developing your message through a media vehicle - the case study• Ensuring most effective framing of message and maintaining consistency• Reflection
    2. 2. Identify topic (MMC) Monitoring Target Audience and (Primarily Evaluation men) FormativeImplementation Research & Literature Review Message Pre-testing design
    3. 3. Television Booklets Discussion Tool RadioPosters Z-foldsBusiness Social Social Media AdvocacyCards Mobilisation
    4. 4. • Content outline• Length• Language level, tone, register• Text features• Translation of difficult words
    5. 5. • Opportunity to draw audiences in (p 2&3)• Enhance understanding and support messaging (p3)• Any previous insight into TA preferences?• Need to resonate with other campaigns or see new page 21 elements of campaigns?
    6. 6. • Number of drafts – check each one against message brief and content outline to ensure consistency, send to core team.• Pre-test: with Target Audience and stakeholder team.
    7. 7. The cover page should include a pictureof a woman since you remember in thefirst episode the woman said theyshould talk about it, as a mother andfather of children, so if you excludewoman it can give an impression thatMMC is only about men ...(25-35 years, mixed group; GautengProvince)Soul City pre-test report; September2011
    8. 8. Kwandebele they won’taccept this book because itdiscredit the good workdone by Ndebeleinitiations schools. (25-35mixed; GP)In Free State and Lesothothey won’t like this bookbecause their culture ismisrepresented by thisbook. (25-35 mixed; GP)Soul City pre-test report;September 2011
    9. 9. You will never find awoman talking to anotherwoman about her mancircumcision but it’s goodfor woman to begin talkingabout it with their partner,it would have been nice tosee a couple talking aboutit rather woman towoman. (25-35 mixed; GP)Soul City pre-test report;September 2011
    10. 10. Apologies for this late feedback. We needed to get our outreach team leaders to review and theyhave come back with some useful comments ( I hope J) I hope it’s not too late:….On traditional circumcision: The booklet in some instances raises questions about irresponsiblebehaviours around traditional MC . Our staff felt that this may feel like an attack on TMC andneeds to be tempered and qualified a little better.Page 20 : Block 3 raises questions around traditional MC that could be very controversial. Weunderstand the need to highlight risks but we need to also comment that in well controlled safetraditional environments TMC can be safe and done with condom promotion. If we sound like alltraditional MC is irresponsible and without condoms etc we put ourselves at risk of generalisingnegatively about TMC.THats all from us...Regards
    11. 11. • Distribute as per identified channels.• Monitor feedbackHi Jenny, it is so great to have been introduced to you by Sara.First of all, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for the job well done concerning the malecircumcision booklet. My staff and I did read before passing it on clients and we loved it...So the idea which I have is to keep the client busy by reading the book while lying on the procedure bed (of course for those who doesn’t mind reading) or even better in the recovery room after the procedure, inthat case the nurse will be able to answer any question ask by the client after reading as the book covermost of the essential information needed.Really appreciate your help.Regards,• M&E
    12. 12. Hi Everybody,On behalf of the PEPFAR MC Team, below are data on PEPFAR-supported MCs fromApril-July 2012. The total for the four month period is 89,368. Congratulations! Thatis an incredible number of MCs. Data are also provided by province, district andpartner.We plan to send this kind of information out on a regular basis.Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to share with others. Please emailus directly with specific questions.Regards,PEPFAR MMC Team