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Zachary Himmer Resume


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Zachary Himmer Resume

  1. 1. Zachary M. Himmer 672 E Whittier St. Columbus, Ohio 43206 (412) 760 – 5633 EDUCATION CAPITAL UNIVERSITY, Columbus, Ohio Bachelor of Social Sciences, In Progress Major: Criminology Minor: Military Science West Allegheny High School, Imperial, Pennsylvania Diploma, May 2010 GPA: 3.5/4.0 EXPERIENCE FLOOR SUPERVISOR, April 2016 – Current Kahoots Gentleman’s Club, Columbus, Ohio • Safety and security of all staff, private contractors, and customers • Security and accountability of club money and debts • Accountability for transfers of large quantities of money CORRECTIONS OFFICER, April 2015 - January 2016 Corrections Reception Center, Orient, Ohio • Accountability of inmates • Safety and security of inmates, staff and visitors • Transportation and safety of inmates from one facility to another SECURITY PERSONNEL, April 2014 – September 2016 Park Street Complex/Woodlands Productions, Columbus, Ohio • Ensure safety of all customers and club personnel • Enforce club rules with customers • Aid other security personnel with customer problems and situations SALES LEADER/MANAGER, November 2013 - June 2015 Oakley Inc, Columbus, Ohio • Opening and closing store operations • Inform and assist customers with products and merchandise • Money handling and bank deposits • Maintain and keep track of store products and merchandise JANITORIAL STAFF, May 2013 -September 2013 LA Fitness, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Assist club members with their requests and complaints
  2. 2. • Organized and maintained club equipment and appearance • Aid in club operations U.S. ARMY ROTC CADET, September 2010 - May 2013 Capital University, Columbus, Ohio • Leadership skills • Professional conduct • Physical fitness leader COMPUTER Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint SKILLS