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Loud and clear


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Loud and clear

  1. 1. Loud and Clear! Internally Focused Digital Signage Jeremie King & Zach Phillips Western Carolina University photo credit: Stefan (Flickr)
  2. 2. Inception – The need for communication • A team retreat brought about the idea – We need new ways to communicate • The need as requested:    Publicly Visible Global Availability (at least to our immediate team) Low Complexity
  3. 3. Turning the idea into a functional product • The idea couldn’t really be considered new if it mirrored existing communication platforms • The product had to stand apart from:    Email Instant Messaging Phone
  4. 4. Initial Thoughts • Something we could display on a large screen within our office space – 32” displays and up • Something quick and informal – Short messages in the vein twitter • Global access – Something web based to allow for easy transmission – Low technical requirements on the client • Something hosted on the campus network to avoid the possibility of public access to our messages
  5. 5. Finding The Solution Surely we can find something that’s FREE
  6. 6. Open source options • Lots of half baked options • We found that StatusNet met our needs fairly closely ( But didn’t work out in the end….
  7. 7. If you want something done right… • After a week of complaining about the open source software market, we broke down and decided to build our own tool. • The goals were the same as before, but with a focus on:  Readability from a distance  A focus on the final product being displayed on a large screen  Making it as easy as possible for people to post to the boards
  8. 8. A work in progress • This Blabber 1.0 • For our team it meets the needs that were set in our initial planning • Blabber has been running in our organization at this capacity for about 3 months
  9. 9. Lessons Learned • Students really like the system • Being public has a way of dragging people into the conversation • Just like traditional digital signage, content is still king. However, content has different goals.    Informative – Redistribution of traditional communication Fun – Team members exchanging thoughts and ideas Open ended questions – Broadcast messaging with no obligation to follow up
  10. 10. Expansion • The time to realize the initial goal was shorter than expected • The system was expanded with several unplanned features that make it work better in our environment • New opportunities present themselves as good uses for the system
  11. 11. Future Additions • Release the project as open source on Github • Syndication of existing content • Mobile App • Introduce new technologies to improve graphics/ reduce overhead • Whatever great ideas present themselves
  12. 12. To us, Blabber has emerged as a form of Social Signage
  13. 13. Questions? Jeremie King – Zach Phillips –