Social media outreach. Leveraging social to go beyond blogging


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Social Media presentation to resident bloggers with tips on using social beyond blogging to extend audience and increase influence.

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Social media outreach. Leveraging social to go beyond blogging

  1. 1. Social Media Outreach Leveraging social to go beyond blogging Zach Jory April 3, 2014
  2. 2. Blogging is just the start • Blogging is a great way to share expertise • “Sharing” expertise is an even better way • Share what you blog on other social networks. Don’t stop once you’ve written the blog. Promote yourself and help others find your work and engage with you! Image credit: Flick user C4 Chaos
  3. 3. Want your social media experience to actually be social? Social media is a powerful tool for making connections, showcasing expertise, and building influence…. But you actually have to be social! This is social This is not
  4. 4. Follow these steps to get social 4
  5. 5. Listen Successful social interactions start with listening. The value of social listening is twofold. 1.Understanding the conversation • Social channels are filled with experts. There is always someone who would love to call out your lack of understanding. 1.Taking appropriate action based on understanding • Once you understand the conversation, and the tone, your contributions are much more likely to be noticed and engaged with.
  6. 6. Leverage listening tools • Use Twitter Hashtags • Set up a stream in Hootsuite or search in Twitter • Tagboard • Search by hashtag across all networks • Google Alerts • Latest web results, news, blogs, etc. by keywords - delivered to your inbox • Google Blog Search • Same as Google search, but only yields blog results • LinkedIn groups • Join relevant LinkedIn groups and monitor the conversation
  7. 7. Join the conversation • Share your expertise, but don’t forget to listen and respond to others • Be authentic. Authenticity matters in social! • People want to connect with people • Brand accounts already exist, you don’t need to be another one of those Image credit: Flick user Andrea Stenberg
  8. 8. Share content pertinent to your audience • Chances are you have a good idea of who is in your network • Be mindful of them and share content you think they would find valuable Image credit: Flickr user thinkmedialabs
  9. 9. Share content pertinent to the platform • Make sure what you’re sharing is appropriate for the channel • Links do well on Twitter, and don’t forget hashtags • Google+ and Facebook posts should almost always include an image • Articles are well received on LinkedIn, SlideShares do especially well Image credit: Flick user Lee Traupel
  10. 10. Share outside of your network • Conversing with your colleagues is fantastic, but even better is conversing with a wider network that will grow your opportunities • Leverage listening tools to get into organic conversations and reach outside of your networks • Sharing expertise in 3rd party communities is a great way to be recognized as an expert Or you can just buy this shirt Image credit: Flick user jgarber
  11. 11. Pay attention to how your content is responded to • Monitor whether or not what you share is being responded to/engaged with • If it is being engaged with, great. Keep at it • If not, try new things. Social media is meant to create a conversation
  12. 12. Participate in social happenings • Take advantage of Twitter chats, Hangouts, interactive webcasts, etc. • These are great ways to identify peers with common interests and extend your network
  13. 13. Acknowledge those who engage with you • Continue a conversation whenever you can • Even favoriting a tweet or liking a post shows you are engaged with your audience
  14. 14. Keep listening • It’s easy to get complacent and stop listening once you become a “social guru” • Make sure you keep responding to others and engaging their ideas Image credit: Flick user jeffrendick
  15. 15. Take advantage of all the opportunities • Social media opens many avenues that would otherwise be out of reach. • You’ll be amazed by how social media allows you to become known as an expert, exchange ideas with peers, and identify new opportunities in your career and personal life