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Brief introduction to data visualization


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A short presentation on the keys to good data visualization, trends in the market, and how companies are using data visualization solutions.

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  • As always, great content. Favorite slide is #21.
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Brief introduction to data visualization

  1. A Brief Introduction to Zach Gemignani Founder & CEO, Juice Analytics DATA VISUALIZATION
  2. 2,147,483,648bytes 7digits
  3. BIG data data visualization is your life raft in an ocean of
  6. 3 basic lessons of data visualization
  7. How can this data help ME? #1
  8. Pick the right chart Circular Area Chart Line Chart Column Chart Line Chart Scatter Chart 3D Area Chart Bubble Chart Scatter Chart Variable Width Column Chart Table or Table with Embedded Charts Bar Chart Column Chart Column Histogram Line Histogram #2
  9. Keep it simple #3
  10. Bonus: Looks matter #4
  11. in Data Visualization FIVE TRENDS
  12. Communicating with data is a social problem, not a technology problemONE People & skills Communication Leadership Technology More data Tools
  13. TWO Storytelling to make data more accessible to people
  14. THREE Dynamic interactions to make data relevant
  15. FOUR Turning data into action
  16. FIVE Data apps to solve targeted solutions apps to get things donemore confusion
  17. What are other companies doing about… Data Visualization?
  18. Evolution of data tools Gathering data Audience Visual Analytics Tableau Spotfire Qlikview Enterprise platform Dashboards & Reporting SAP (Business Objects) Microsoft IBM (Cognos) SAS Microstrategy LogiXML Corda Dundas Data Storytelling IT Business PresentationAnalysis
  19. Options, options Data gathering and consolidation Data analysis Data presentation Integrated solutions (full service firm) Build it yourself (in-house counsel) Specialized best of breed Specialized best of breed Specialized best of breed loosely coupled loosely coupled
  20. To sum up Data visualization — done right — can make data accessible to a wide audience Start with understanding your problems and building targeted solutions that encourage action
  21. 8 years of thought leadership in the data visualization field 12 professionals designers and developers 80+ clients in many industries from healthcare to advertising to law 2 services offerings design services & Fruition platform