AS Media - Snows Hill Pitch


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AS Media - Snows Hill Pitch

  1. 1. Treatment for Snows HillWorking Title: Snows Hill, I have called the TV Programme ‘Snows Hill’ as it is thefictional village where the programme is set.Synopsis: In 2032 a meteor struck earth in the middle of the South Pacific Oceanwiping out most of South America and Australia while creating serious earthquakes allaround the globe, leaving the whole world in shock, misery and broken . Weeks laterhuge aircrafts fell from the sky hovering over and inspecting what had being left of theplanet. These aircrafts landed and tall creatures from other planet with heavy armourand artillery exited the aircrafts, human approached them in anticipation that theywould save the human race, but the creatures shot down anything they crossed. A fewweeks after the extra terrestrials had landed all the emergency radio stations hadbeing shut down and everyone now knew of the new race on planet earth. The planetwas then divided into two; the Disciples: those that believed that the aliens were Godsand had come down to destroy earth because of what it had become, and the Cynics:those that didn’t believe in the Gods and gave them the name, the Slaughterers. Thestory follows a small group of Cynics living in an unharmed village in England . Thegroup have to put aside there differences to become a stronger unit, work together tosurvive though out the up and coming winter and defend themselves against theSlaughterers and the Disciples.
  2. 2. Format: Shot with a Nikon D1300 and will be distributed though YouTube and ourWebpage for the programme.Estimated Duration: Short clip will be 2 minutes but the overall episode 30 minutes longIntended Audience: The programme isn’t really targeted at any gender as there isstorylines with include hunting missions which male audience would find interesting andothers that include romantic storyline that would appeal to females as well. The intendedtarget age for the programme would be somewhere between the ages of 15-35. This isbecause we are aiming for a show targeted at the same demographic as E4 and suchshows like Misfits and Skin, but also we want to target it at older audience as that wouldexpand the popularity of E4 because are research shows that the ages 15-35 are the agewith the highest viewing ratings.Style: The show is sort of a cross between The Walking Dead (FX) and IndependenceDay (film starring Will Smith). It’s a Science Fictional / Supernateral Drama. The showhas a running storyline though out each individual series however there is a differentmain storyline throughout each show. The show has elements of humour and element ofcomplete drama.
  3. 3. Rationalise: The target audience from my research told me that they would like to seemore dramas on E4 similar to those of Misfits with the comedy side to it. My ideashould be commissioned because it is an originally idea never done before on E4 andcould make an interesting dramatic show which could attract a wide audience.Feasibility: This show would be workable as when I was thinking of the storyline I wasbasing it around an area where I lived or knew about so there would be now cost oftransport or location as the setting is literally right outside my doorstep, so this wouldspeed up the efficiency of our production. Props we may have to spend money on butnothing major need to be spent.Budget: For the 2 minute clip location would be sorted so the only thing we need tospend things on is props which wouldn’t even cost that much, and we may already asa group have some of the props we need or may know people with items we could useas props.Deadlines: Pre-production and getting everything ready to film should only take about3 weeks or even less, and soon as that is finish we can start working on productionstraight away which should only take about 1 week to film. Post-production the editingstage should take a few weeks to edit up and we should aim to finish 3 or more weeksbefore the deadline as this gives us plenty of chances to clear up any mistakes andcreate a will designed show to the best of our ability.