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Using animation to enhance ux


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Zabisco slideshare: Using animation to enhance ux

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Using animation to enhance ux

  1. 1. user experience agency
  2. 2. How does animation enhance user experience?
  3. 3. ResearchVideo Content: how does it improve user experience?
  4. 4. • It increases average time spent on a page. Making the site more engaging means that users will tend to stay on your site that little bit longer. This means they are more likely to be receptive to the key messaging you are trying to put across to them (buy this, go here, get in touch). When this is combined with messaging within the video itself this can be a • Video Marketing is the single most ppowerful traffic generation technique. very successful marketing strategy.Video Content: how does it improve user experience?
  5. 5. • Video is, naturally, a more pleasant experience. Videos that provide interesting content that is relevant to a user’s interests will likely be more appealing to them than a similarly relevant website or book or article, surveys suggest. • Videos can add a personal touch. Film which portrays people, in some way, can help give comfort and assist a user in trusting your message. This could be in the form of an interview or filmed presentation, for example.Video Content: how does it improve user experience?
  6. 6. • Information can be more readily understood and processed. Much like the use of infographics, information presented with more than just words will much more readily enter your user’s mind. Videos can help to take this to the next level using clever animation and graphic design, thus improving your user’s experience. • The Power of Data Visualisation motion graphic is a perfect example of this. visualization/Video Content: how does it improve user experience?
  7. 7. ArchitectCommunication of video content
  8. 8. • Videos are easily and preferentially • They help create a good linking shared. We’ve all spread those structure. If uploaded to YouTube, or funny, informative or just plain similar, remember to link the video interesting videos around the office. with other videos you’ve created, as Videos help to get content shared well as to profile and user pages as around the web and get useful well. This can really improve your external links back to your site. inbound links and SEO for your site.Communication of video content
  9. 9. • Using social media platforms to • Use of keywords. Making full use of share video content improve user keywords within your video links is experience. Tweeting and linking essential to ensuring people find your video to social media platforms your video. This includes the file will really help to get the word out. name, meta tags and title. Specific sharing of video content targeted at potential clients via blogs leads to more web traffic and exposure of your brand.Communication of video content
  10. 10. DesignHow Interaction Design aids user experience
  11. 11. • Interaction design • The result: screens • “Interaction design should be started from two and input devices concerned with the issues of separate directions - become one - easily beauty as our environments of Screen Graphics on allowing technology experience become rapidly shaped displays and Input to fit into out by devices. everyday lives. digital, networked, multifunctional artifacts that influence our lifestyle and perceptions.” – Uday Gajendar How Interaction Design aids user experience
  12. 12. • Animation is so much a part of a • A product or app’s interface forms a products personality – not just what it big part of it’s interaction with the user looks like but how it behaves and and directly effects user experience. interacts with the user, making it a huge part of interaction design. • A new age of modern mobile products have ushered in new standards of how we navigate and interact with a product’s interface.How Interaction Design aids user experience
  13. 13. • New technology has meant improved ways of physically interacting with products. This directly links to the quality of user experience in industries such as gaming, for instance. • People create mental models about certain objects and tasks, which is why consistency is so crucial when users build familiarities with a product for future use .How Interaction Design aids user experience
  14. 14. ImplementHow Transitions within animation improve UX
  15. 15. • Transitions are creating fluid experiences. • Animated transitions can be used to convey specific messages to a user - expanding an element on hover, as in this screen within Xbox Home:• Planning for all transitions, controls, chapters, and interactions is important to create a continuous stream without instructions.How Transitions within animation improve UX
  16. 16. • Simple is another example that uses visual animation as a seamless flow to strengthen the products story. • In the case of this iPod Nano, every transition is meaningful, there is a purpose with each one because it helps structure the interface of the navigation.How Transitions within animation improve UX
  17. 17. EvaluateIn Conclusion
  18. 18. • Video content improves User • Information can be more readily Experience by making the site more understood and processed via the engaging, so users are more use of animation and visual input. receptive to the key messaging you • Videos are easily and preferentially are trying to put across. shared.• Videos that provide interesting • Sharing video content via social content that is relevant to a user’s media improves user experience interests will likely be more and generate traffic. appealing to them than comparative • A product interface forms a big part media formats. of it’s interaction with the user and• Videos portraying human directly effects user experience. interaction have a personal touch • Transitions create fluid experiences and evoke trust with the user. for users and aids navigation.In Conclusion
  19. 19. • Animation plays a huge part in improving user experience for the across many mediums.• It helps stimulate ordinary information into more exiting and visually engaging formats so the user can withdraw more from its key messages.• It has a place in all most all modern media and works well to promote, share or sell a product or service to users.In Conclusion
  20. 20. Thank you!Jon WardInteractions Designerjon@zabisco.com0115 948 4454