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Mobile Usability Testing


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An insight into how we conduct mobile usability testing at Zabisco and a review of best practise.

Mobile Usability Testing

  1. 1. user experience agency
  2. 2. Usability Testing for Mobile Devices
  3. 3. • Best practise usability testing is carried out during development stages of a new website design, to evaluate its functionality and the user experience.• This evaluation early on helps to iron out any issues before implementation of the new design, minimising the risk of failure when launched and costly changes being needed at a later stage.• Mobile Usability Testing is different to desktop usability testing, because mobiles have fundamental differences to desktops.• Mobile internet is used in different contexts and mobiles have different physical and functional characteristics. This must be accounted for in testing.Usability Testing for Mobile
  4. 4. EvaluateHow to do lab usability testing for mobile
  5. 5. • Lab testing does not factor in contextual issues surrounding mobile internet usage, such as user location and activity, lighting and noise.• It does enable observation of the user whilst they are testing the new site, any clarification needed by either participant or researcher and allows the opportunity for probing questions.General Setup Advice• Set out the testing desks in an L-shape with participant and researcher facing each other. This allows observation and communication without the researcher seeming obtrusive, putting the participant at ease.• Test on the user’s own mobile device; then they are testing the site alone. Using an unfamiliar device will interfere with the user experience.• Use appropriate testing equipment…Lab Mobile Usability Testing
  6. 6. • A common method of carrying out mobile usability testing is using a ‘sled’.• This equipment allows recording of the screen and user actions when interacting with the site. • Another webcam is set up to record users’ facial expressions. Observation of this can indicate moments of frustration, clarity, confusion, p leasure and displeasure with the site.Other examples of equipment used to conduct mobile usability testing
  7. 7. • The problem of using a sled is it can • It changes the weight and shape of change the natural usage of the the device, which may alter the mobile device and ultimately effect user’s handling and comfort. the user experience. e.g. it may appear awkward for a user to operate the site, but this is an effect of the sled.Issues of equipment
  8. 8. • As outlined in the Zabisco blog on mobile usability testing, a freestanding object that the webcam can be attached to and angled is a beneficial method of recording the screen and user actions.• This allows the user to hold the mobile device alone and interact with it naturally. In this lab test, a SatNav holder operates as• A separate webcam placed infront of the webcam equipment; a relatively the participant records their facial easy, effective option. expressions, as mentioned on slide 6.Zabisco Mobile Usability Testing Lab
  9. 9. How we do Mobile Usability Testing:• L-shaped desk setup• Freestanding webcam for screen• Webcam recording user’s face• Morae observation softwareZabisco Mobile Usability Testing Lab
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