Facebook Application tutorial


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This presentation will you basic knowledge of how to set up a facebook application with some detail insight.

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Facebook Application tutorial

  1. 1. user experience agency
  2. 2. ImplementHow to write a Facebook applicaiton
  3. 3. • Adding the Facebook developer application• Adding your app into Facebook• Setting up with Heroku• App settings• Authentication settings• Downloading of the application• Development of the application• Test your application• Publish and create your application page• Adding the app to other pagesPresentation flowchart
  4. 4. • Create a new account with Facebook if you don’t have one.• Go to http://developers.facebook.com/ and login to your account. You’ll be taken to the Facebook developers application. Add the application to your account.• Congratulation you are a Facebook developer and you are ready to develop your application!Facebook Developer Application
  5. 5. • Once you’ve logged in to Facebook developer application, click on “apps” in the top nav. Here you’ll see all the list of applications that belong to you.• You can either edit an application or create a new application by clicking “Create New App”.• In “Create New app” you’ll see a form with three fields. “App Name”, “App Namespace” and “WebHosting”.• Give your app name(Compulsory) and app Namespace(optional)(Namespace is the value of the url which will come after www.facebook.com/(namespace)).Adding your application to facebook.
  6. 6. • Web hosting is also optional . If you have your own secure web hosting you don’t need this option but if you don’t have a secure web space then it is a good start.• Heroku provides a webspace with a 5mb database. But you can use different services with it and can increase the size of your plan as the application grows.• Heroku gives you secure web hosting so from the start you don’t have to worry about complications with security certificates and can start working on your application.Adding your application to facebook.
  7. 7. • On the left hand side click on settings and then basic link.• You’ll see all the basic settings of the app and more importantly “App ID” and “App Secret”. These are the key information you need to implement your application.• Also in basic settings, you can make you app available to different platforms. You can make application for only desktop, mobile, iOS or andriod.Basic settings
  8. 8. • Authentication settings gets the permission of the information you want to use in your application.• Also, you can provide the links of your terms and conditions, privacy policies and information about the application. So users have a better idea what your application is about.• In Advanced settings, you can restrict your application i.e. country, age and content restrictions.• One thing to keep in mind is that while developing your app enable “Sanbox Mode”. This will keep it private until you’re happy with your app. No one can access it other than the owners and developers of the site.Authentication and Advanced settings
  9. 9. Authentication and Advanced settings
  10. 10. • After making the settings you want you can start working on your app. You can download you app files to your local machine using this url: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/facebook• You need to download the hero toolbelt: https://toolbelt.herokuapp.com/• Open your command line and login via Heroku credentials (Command >Heroku login). Here I am assuming you have an account with Heroku.• Use this command to download the application: $ git clone git@heroku.com:furious-robot-218.git -o heroku• To commit changes use this: $ git commit -am "changed greeting"• For uploading the application use this command: $ git push heroku masteDownlaod application
  11. 11. • After downloading the application have a close look into the index.php. Very basic information is given.• To start you application development use this tutorial: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/appsonfacebook/tutorial/• This’ll help you understand more closely and give you some sample snippets of the code to start with.Application Development
  12. 12. • You need to test your application, the best here idea is to go to the roles (link in left hand site nav) and create some test users. So your app doesn’t go to spam list.• You can add developers, administrators and insight users.Test you Application
  13. 13. • Once you fully test the application, the next step is to make it live and adding it to different pages. So people can reach to your application.• First in settings you need to uncheck the sandbox mode and that’s make you app live to millions of users. They now can access via search or direct link to your application.• Make a fan/application page on Facebook and attach your application to it. In this way you can make your application more sociable.• For attaching to any of the Facebook fan/application use this: http://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=YOUR_APP_ID&next=YOUR_ URL• You’re all setup and live!How to make and add to the pages.
  14. 14. Thank you!Naseem Sarwarnaseem@zabisco.com0203 1511 330