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History of record nosheen zara akthar


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Published in: Education
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History of record nosheen zara akthar

  1. 1. History Of Record<br />
  2. 2. What is ‘Record’? <br />A record is something you could store information or data on. An album is also a source of recording because you are storing music in it. Record has changed through time it has gone through so many different stages and as the years go on it becomes more developed. The purpose of a record is so you could store data on it. It is formatted in a way so the data that is stored on the record is accessible. <br /><br />
  3. 3. The earliest forms of recordings are cave paintings and Runic Alphabets. In the past cavemen use to carve drawings into walls to make a note of events that had taken place. The more recent forms of recording after the cave paintings were the ‘hydropowered organs’ which played cylinders automatically.Runic alphabets were used to write runes and a way of communicating through Germanic languages. Thomas Edison perfected the phonograph which was a cylinder material like tin foil etched onto grooves. This then developed into the gramophone. Record has developed and continues to develop. There are new ways to store information and to record information. <br />
  4. 4. Different Types of Record...<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Print<br />In the past people used caving drawings into walls and caves as a way of recording information and stories. Print has largely developed over time. It has gone from pictures on the walls to written print in magazines and books.Writing was just a form of storing historical events but it has now become a sort of entertainment. People write books or for news papers so other people could read it. It has become a way of spreading information. <br /><br />
  7. 7. Audio<br />The first few devices used for recordings could not even record the sound of voice. Thomas Edison and other famous people have worked in the past to find ways where music and voice or any type of sounds. The phonautograph was the first type of audio that was able to record sound.Now it is very simple to record sound. There are different equipment that can be used to record such as microphones and CD players. Other types of audios are cassette recorders, hard disc recorders, tape recorders and many more. <br /><br />
  8. 8. Film<br />There have been many developments when it comes to recording films. There have been many different stages in improving film for example the kinematoscope which was a rotating paddle machine which you could view pictures through. Film has developed a lot from just viewing pictures it has gone to 3D films. This is all due to the change in technology and the different types of equipment to make this possible. Today they use cameras to record sound and to record people for films. Technology also allows us to edit our films and record over something that has been recorded. <br /><br />
  9. 9. Camera Obscura <br />People do not know about the first science of camera but they have proof of recording from the 19th century. If you put an object in front of the box it s going to reverse and the image in front of the object is going to come out upside down. The light carries into the tiny hole. The light is going to projected back. <br />Gelatime Silver Process is the science of film reel. It is the camera obscura created after the object mentioned above. This reel would be about 8mm long or super 8mm long and the scene depends on how wide the frame of the reel is. The image is caught in the little frames. The first screening of a film was in 1898 by the Lumiere Brothers. People had not watched film before and thought that the picture was moving towards them. After this capturing image meant using CCD which stands for Charged Coupled Device which is the movement of electrical charge. The electrical video signal would turn into a signal and then print into the magnetic tape. Examples of this is VCR’s, Video tapes, Cassettes. <br />
  10. 10. Video and Camera <br />The most recent camera captures 5 images in one slide. HD camera’s are very popular and this means that they are ‘high definition’. This depends on the pixel and how many pixels a n image holds. For example the average image constrains 18 million pixels where as a HD camera contains 20 million. It is said that pixels have increased 6 times than what they use to be. <br />Digital and Analogue<br />Digital is the same as CCD except that it changes the signals into a series of numbers. The difference between digital and analogue is that analogue is doing things in a manuel way meaning that you have to physically do something to start something. Digital is when the programme or camera is computerised and the computer works it for you. <br />
  11. 11. Web-Based<br />The internet is used for many different things for example research, homework, surfing the net, writing and many more productive things. Before computers were invented people used type writes to write letters or stories and before type writers were invented people wrote letters with their own hands. Technology has developed. There are many more advanced technologies than the computer for example the MACs and the iPAD’s. The internet has also developed. The internet is very wide and it has a lot of information on it. It can be used to store information and to receive information. <br />
  12. 12. Future Developments<br />Over the past few centuries record has developed. It has developed into what we now call the internet, computers, audio, print, blogger and many other forms of record. Record will keep on changing over time and we will see many more developments. We have all ready been introduced to 3D films and iPAD's and computer games. In the future we expect to see more spectacular achievements like 4D films and even 4D films. This is a stimulation and as an audience we feel everything that happens in the film for example if water is falling the audience will feel the water but it isn’t actually on them. We could see rather than computers portable screens that come out in thin air. Technology and records are a forever developing business which is always growing. People think that there will be future developments like Holograms which is when you watch movies and the actor and actresses appear right beside you. This is already being experimented. <br />