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Creating a simple motor. open office only


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Creating a simple Motor W/O the use of magnets.... By Melchor Omaking Cariño..

Source: OLD book titled "Energy"

Published in: Technology, Business
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Creating a simple motor. open office only

  1. 1. creaTing a SiMPle MoTor PrePared by: Melchor cariño b.S.i.T(icT) iTfndS1 Thu 11:30 – 2:00
  2. 2. brief deScriPTioncreaTing a SiMPle MoTor iS juST SiMPle.
  3. 3. MaTerialS Two 3 and Copper nails ●●Insulated 1/2 inch ● Electrical Tape Paper Clip Plier Thumb Tacks Long-Nose ● ● ● Wood Cutter, or Scissor Knife, ●● Battery ●
  4. 4. STeP 1Get two of the clips Bend each clip using the long- nose Pliers This is the Process
  5. 5. STeP2Place the 2 the first tacks a Place second clip with Place thumb clip distance of 1 inch
  6. 6. STeP 3Use the insulatedends totoWrap Bend both copperon Use the knife or cutter the electrical tapeCut both endsthird clip Get the of the copperboth ends asclip tightly remove the insulator wind the shown below Perpendicularly 20 turns 20 turns
  7. 7. STeP 4Remove thenail with wire 6 inchWrap each Insulator using knife Wrap each nail leaving leaving Get the two Nails going up to the middle aboutor inch of wire 9 cutter
  8. 8. STeP 5Get theHammer it down nails two electromagnet Put the rotor clip and put it beside the arrow shown below
  9. 9. STeP 6 ThePutConnect tackswill be left the wire that are 2 connectionsandon it Put thumb C thatB Connect A D will serve as + the rotor clip connected to and – for the battery A B C D-+
  10. 10. ouTcoMe