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Where Are All The Sales Hunters Oct08 Slides 1 37


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Evaluating Your Current Sales Force

Z/Three can help you evaluate your current salespeople. The assessment results are designed to be read by your employees. The evaluation reveals a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, examples of how they may affect the salesperson's behavior, and specific directions regarding how to overcome weaknesses and erase blind-spots.

In order for training to be effective you must provide the right training to the right people. Z/Three evaluations suggest who to train, how much training to provide, the Return on Investment to expect. They will also serve as a guide for selecting the required content and the appropriate expectations for growth.

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Where Are All The Sales Hunters Oct08 Slides 1 37

  1. 1. Where are all the Sales Hunters? Joe Zente Z3 Performance Development, Inc
  2. 2. Recent Questions from Successful Business Leaders If my Salespeople performed well last year, why aren’t my forecasts looking better today? Is my Sales Team composed of the Right People for this Slowing Economy? How can I create profitable growth and consistency while protecting my company from risk?
  3. 3. More Common Questions How do we Identify, Locate and Recruit Winners? Where are all the HUNTERS? If I have Good Salespeople, is Sales Management Really That Important? Assuming we have some of the right people, WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THINGS NOW?
  4. 4. The enemy of GREAT is Good - Jim Collins
  5. 5. The UnCommon Sense © Formula for Success Step One: Diagnostics Step Two: Processes • Sales • Sales Management • Sales Recruiting
  6. 6. Process (pro’ ses) n A series of actions that bring about a particular result.
  7. 7. Are YOUR Salespeople… • Consistently Exceeding Revenue Goals? • Upholding Margins? • Forecasting Accurately? • Reporting Effectively and Timely? • Contributing to the overall TEAM effort? • Generating enough NEW business? • Providing you with an excellent ROI?
  8. 8. The Statistics Aren’t Pretty Less than 10% of people seeking jobs as Salespeople today will be able to provide your company with an acceptable ROI. “Sales force turnover rates vary from industry to industry and firm to firm, but research finds average industry sales force turnover rates as high as 53%.”
  9. 9. Are you seeking Order Takers or people who hunger to Hunt for NEW Business? 24% of candidates will not prospect—AT ALL 8% of candidates score well enough to be considered Hunters 1% have the complete Hunter Skill Set data based upon evaluations of 350,000 candidates
  10. 10. The Bare (Hunter) Necessities Hunter Attributes Present Prospects Consistently Gets Past Gatekeepers Gets To Decision Makers Gets Appointments When Prospecting Receives Plenty of Introductions Will Prospect Has No Need For Approval Recovers From Rejection % of Traits 37%
  11. 11. Typical Sales Candidate possesses only 27-52% of Hunter Attributes
  12. 12. And what about CLOSING? 45% will not close Less than 1% have the complete set closing attributes The typical candidate will possess less than 23% of closing attributes
  13. 13. The GREAT News for You! Over 80% of private companies rate their ability to hire and retain effective salespeople as “poor”
  14. 14. Recruiting and Hiring Sales Superstars TRADITIONAL EFFECTIVE (Subjective) (Objective-Behavioral) ♦ Resume ♦ Identify ♦ Interview ♦ Search w/PreScreen ♦ “Record of ♦ TEST (Custom) Accomplishments” ♦ Qualify (dual phone) ♦ Industry Experience ♦ Panel Interview ♦ Past Earnings ♦ Hiring Interview
  15. 15. Identify What is it about your business that makes it difficult for a salesperson to succeed?
  16. 16. Search Start with a HUGE candidate pool Be patient (Over-Achievers ONLY) Killer AD – Must Have… – Should Have… – What is DIFFERENT about it? – Hunters love a Challenge
  17. 17. Search Postings - Frequency - Variety - Jobsites - Geographies - Industry/Classification - Remove the Fluff - Don’t make it so easy
  18. 18. Qualify Use Criteria from Identification Step – Hunter? Farmer? Closer? – Channel Manager or Direct Sales? – Phone Sales or Face to Face? – Sales Cycle
  19. 19. Qualify Keep it BEHAVIORAL Use a Score Sheet – Selling Skills • Experience Meets Criteria • Technical Background • Closer • Handles Putoffs? – Phone Skills • Articulate, Warmth, Presence, Rapport
  20. 20. Different Ways to Evaluate Salespeople • Psychological Tests • Personality Tests • Behavioral Tests • Aptitude Tests • “Will Sell” Test
  21. 21. Test An OBJECTIVE View of a Salesperson’s: – Competencies – Conditions – Hidden Weaknesses – Priorities
  22. 22. Interviewing
  23. 23. The Voices in Your Head… Need For Approval Fear of Rejection Call Anxiety Perfectionism Performance Anxiety
  24. 24. More Limiting Self-Talk The Money Weakness Emotional Involvement Buy Cycle Overbearing Ego Head Trash
  25. 25. Who am I REALLY about to hire???
  26. 26. Voices Can Cost a Fortune! Hidden Improvement if Weakness Overcome Buy Cycle 50% Need For Approval 35% The Money Weakness 40% Emotional Involvement 40%
  27. 27. Benefits of Using a Sales Recruiting Process Repeatable Proactive, Not Measurable Reactive Scalable Trainable Manageable Predictive Improvable Efficient Effective
  28. 28. More About Assessments… Sales and Sales Manager Diagnostics Existing Employees or Candidates The Executive Summary and The Management Overview---The ROADMAP to Upgrade Your Sales Team A HUGE opportunity for you to generate more profitable revenue
  29. 29. On Boarding • Create a 90 Day Plan • Demonstrate a Clear Path to Success • Demand Execution of the Basics • Communicate CLEARLY • The Revenue Goal • Specific Activities • Reports • Meetings & Schedules • Preparations • Communications
  30. 30. Keys to Effective Recruiting Recruit Regularly Recruit Often Recruit Effectively – Develop a Gigantic Candidate Pool – Question First, Educate Later – Use an Objective, EEOC Process – Make the Process BEHAVIORAL – Remove Bias--Use an Effective Test – Use a Proven On-Boarding Process
  31. 31. How do I Begin? Raise Your Expectations and COMMIT to having the Best Sales Force in Your Industry Adopt an Effective, Objective Sales Recruiting Process Use the UnCommon Sense Formula For Success to Upgrade Your Sales No need to re-invent the Wheel, so CHOOSE TO BE GREAT and START TODAY!!!
  32. 32. Lost opportunities cost big money- GET STARTED TODAY! “I don’t know anything about music, but in my line you don’t have to.” Elvis Presley “Great Organizations demand a high level of COMMITMENT by the people involved” Bill Gates
  33. 33. Continued Success!!! Z3 Performance Development, Inc. Austin, Texas